On the fence? Bill Pepitone running for NYC Mayor..


truth today @ the bunker HzB has no political or religious affiliations nor endorses any party ( I put principles before personality in all aspects of my own life ) today is the NYC election day and as an Independent engaged with the movements in NYC I have captured the actuality of our current happenings. I have not received any money for the media I am producing I am an independent this is the 1st amendment in action. Bill Pepitone has been at many of the rally’s in support of the people. Watch this piece of media and see and hear Mr Pepitone speak for himself but also stand with the people as they speak. You will see him address a large rally in NYC outside city hall but also address a group of 20-30 teachers mother fathers in Staten Island with no fan fare and another large rally. This is not a political endorsement this is a document of fact. You have not seen this on the main stream media and if you are on the fence or debating to vote you should hear this man out. I have received NO money for this media. 1st Amendment as well as the principles of Freedom are under attack… https://truth-today.org/

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