The Domestic Terrorist campaign being started in America is not about protecting Americans it is about protecting Treasonous policy makers and Foreigners, Zionist invading These United states through “SOFT WAR” tactics. Americans declaring and standing up for their fellow American’s rights ( and in doing so honoring their own ) will be charged as ‘DOMESTIC TERRORISTS” The zionist are great at creating “Wars” or Smear campaigns charging their Targets with their own crimes. Example “Terrorisism” The Zionist of israel have created an Apartheid state in Palestine (FACT) as well as drag America into “The war on Terror” ( with British Zionist alliance and NeoCons by terrorizing the middle East in the shadows till their victims respond in self defense and then charge those defending themselves as Terrorist. We have allowed this bad behavior or murderous conquest to go on unchecked and in fact FUNDED IT . Zionist have gotten so use to getting away with murder Israeli zionist are attacking Americans on American soil . For property, personal whim of the aristocrat with Cyber torture tactics in NYC ( FACT) . I’ll put links below…

Our policy makers and politicians have committed treason. What is treason? To know what treason is one must understand what America is. Lets start by saying what it is not. It is NOT the wall street pension system it is not the 50 states and it is certainly not the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM and its public private partnership with the CDC. Nor does Zionist cyber security and their BETHLEHEM DOCTRINE PRE EMPTIVE ACTION policies have anything to do with the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States of America; in fact they are inherently against the principles of Freedom and are treasonous. America is the Declaration of Independence. When These United states where founded there where 13 states. Not 50. Borders are a secondary condition and a benefit of the successes of freedom( and before you start bitching… that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be protected- of course they should … idiot) it means Inalienable rights endowed by the creator is Freedom. The principles of freedom cannot have a lien put upon them by the government or any economic mechanism or “Health ” mechanism designed by man. Your freedom cannot be barred today to protect someone in the future from an invisible threat whether that be terrorist or a virus. That is that. Israeli’s walk around the Gaza shooting Palestinians like fish in the barrel & now their offspring are walking around NYC with the same attitudes. The 8200 which is an elite intelligence branch of the Israeli military have 400 cyber security companies in NYC alone. Can you say treason or Espionage. Also the 8200 and their Israeli cyber security industry have offered their services to ALL the hospitals in the United States FOR FREE… Did I mention “SOFT WAR TACTICS”. FOR FREE… They call their local cyber security amongst their own “Sonic Gates ” and they target who ever they like without any due process like they are in the Gaza shooting fish in a barrel or humans in a cage. They are targeting Americans in NY with the weapons of Cyber security “neuroweapons” ( I’ll put links below). There is No civil War. Their are traitors in public office and SOFT WAR invaders acting through Corporations and Cyber Security in the name of Safety and Public Health. They are weaponizing the Health system and they will kill your children and they are killing American children through “SOFT WAR ” tactics …FACT… They are the enemy of Freedom and the reason why every Principle of Freedom is under attack. Hows your mask doing ??? … Isreali and British and American Zionist are the front house of the enemies of Freedom… FACT… It will not be a civil war it is simply protecting America, Freedom, our Inalienable rights. Hang those for treason and throw the rest in Guantanimo Bay or let them swim home to britain or israel…

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