Placing principle before personality is part of any “solution”. If you are unaware the people of the world are, voluntarily or not, participating in THE GREAT RESET. The front men of this global agenda [ WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ] are in the process of resetting the worlds economy, national government(s) to global governance, and resetting an individuals relationship to such. That means your individual rights endowed by the creator are no longer the principle, [ as an American this is the principle of freedom that IS the blood running through the veins of These United States of America – The Declaration of Independence is the Standard not the economic #’s of the day ]

The Federal Reserve Act must be repealed. Get back to assuming our inalienable right to freely exchange value with our fellows by getting back to our Constitution: ARTICLE 1 SECTION 8 CLAUSE 5 STANDARD – To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign Coin and fix the standard of Weights and Measures. We deny the CBDC [ Central Bank Digital Currency ]. We The People deny the WEF GREAT RESET and have our own Great Reset by taking back the powers that are our right, as stated. The fear is of the pensioners and those with skin in the game. In this reset we End the Federal currency though we honor all the money in the system. [prior to the jump to the Billion era ] All the direct deposit is already digital. Though it stops there. We create a digital currency to honor that money but go back to a monetary system that puts the money back in the hands of the people We the People literally. It is that simple. The bail outs were not bail outs they were failures and robberies. All that have those ill gains lose. There are solutions. We begin to learn to place principle before personality [ in our own lives which is your affair ] in our country We the People’s affair. Freedom is under attack. There is a war upon us in the guise of benevolence and Global Sustainability and Equity. Inalienable rights endowed by the creator existed before the word bio tech was manufactured. We must not let Global players reset our world.

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