… one of the main reasons you & your children are being mandated to take a mnra shot relabeled as a vaccine is because you are part of a Global corporate business plan, unwillingly . Its called pre emptive action and cyber security industry, bio security HEALTH market a con glom er ate termed Technocracy. But that`s not all folks Freedom is on the chopping block for repackaging the new product DOMESTIC TERRORISM a pre emptive Cyber Bio Security Industry brought to you by the Israeli 8200, Cecil Rhodes trust, Rochefeller foundation, World Economic Forum ( the global hub of “PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS” [ your new boss, technocratic Lord of the manor]), minions & friends putting your children further into wage slavery syphoning your childrens future money and time [ freedom] through the treasonous public private partnership Homeland security ( enjoy your pensions traitors) but thats not all folks… domestic terrorist maybe getting trained with the technology Dr Giordano talks about in this West Point lecture ( i dont care what uniform your wearing if you take orders that are against basic principles of freedom you are a traitor) prisoners in Guantanimo bay being brain washed and released to be domestic terrorist in order to get the Cyber Bio Security industry up on its legs and public The 5I War on Terror here today. Just like they did with the twin towers to drag America into the war on terror decimate the middle east ON YOUR DIME central banks & cyber tech infrastructure strategically placed installed. Thank you Israeli 8200 and Cecil Rhodes and company for Making America Great Britain Again.

… ??? … HIROBOT NYC … ??? …

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