Everyone( ny) seems to want to hang the blame on one man Cuomo. i believe he is responsible but there are many other factors. The 8200 is an Elite foreign intelligence agency (Israel) and they have over 400 front companies in NY city alone and they are taking it over with Cyber Security which is an offensive tactic- They are perfecting Neurwoeapons. Ill put the link below. Do you want to know WHY so they can RESUBJUGATE the free people of America and extend their house servants to the public spaces. its called the great reset. Where global bankers and tech companies take over the world and NY is now a Settlement of the Great Reset – Put on your mask step in line be surveilled in your home and be told where to stand and how many people you may have in your home or place of business. What ever they say for their safety or rather because they ordered it so. That is the difference between the protect and serve police of a community and the ENFORCEMENT of orders from the Czar, Fuer, King, fill in the blank………………

CYBER SECURITY is another term for TROJAN HORSE= sneak attach. Imminent Threat is now conveniently defined as a think tank that has intelligence, information or a round table concoction in order to take acts of aggression, land grabs, economic leveraging maketed, labeled or NGO’d as a benevolent hero of safety “resets”. When in actuality, here in America, it is an economic leveraging tool to coerce Americans under financial duress and through fear and arm bending compliance into taking the subservient role; as is expected of the subjects in Suadi Arabia and the lower class (es) in Israel and other caste sytems as in India – all under the chain of command of good ol’ Great Britain and who ever it may be behind that veil of power & if you are unaware due to political sway. Palestine is an Apartheit state. There is no doubt.
its in front of our eyes (WIDE SHUT) … what nation is attacking America’s 1st amendment and freedom of speech … ??? …
Who is undermining American principles ??? was America afraid of the sniffles or viruses before we allowed … ??? … you fill in the blanks… American’s need to think for themselves and speak there minds. We can no longer bend to Israeli Neurosis and weakness. If they would like to live in a hermetically sealed bubble let t hem do so. We the People need to fight – NOW- for our Freedom. Even if these cowards seek refuge in cubicles as they attack We the People from behind cyber security laptops, homeland security public private partneships, infragaurd and citzencorp and CERT trailers charading benevolence and safety as they psychologically terrorize American citizens at the Fusion centers the covert bases that have infiltrated our country ( The Hospital and Health Industry the espionage center and the infiltration of America) … TERRORISM FUNDED BY AMERICAN TAX PAYER DOLLARS TURNED ON AMERICANS … AREN’T THEY INTELLIGENT … AREN’T THEY SO VERY CLEVER … ??? …

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