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… Truth Today and JINGI productions is an Independent Media source. The 1st Amendment in action. Freedom of Speech and of late an address of grievances from We The People. The site has been completely self supported with out any commercial funding and seeks to produce media free of leverage in service to the principles of Freedom Declared in the Declaration of Independence – Inalienable rights endowed by the creator ( understanding the principle of separation of church and state )…

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Israeli 8200 intelligence and the 81 have infiltrated our government and is a main force behind the Covid 19 response and are acting Globally to bring in vaccine with bio tech and AI surveillance tech and subjugate American’s and destroy the Constitution of These United States. Look at the evidence here are two fearless independent reporters that will point you to the facts if you can take your head out of your ass long enough to listen. Israel is the enemy of the free people of America . There is no doubt.

WHY??? WHO??? Do you know who Klaus Shwab is??? Do you know they have declared in the WORLD HEALTH FORUM THAT AMERICA WILL NO LONGER BE A SUPER POWER??? Have you heard the term Technocracy??? Have you heard the term Technopoly??? Do you know that the whole covid response is a “rule” of mandates that are outside our checks and balances and do not adhere to our basic American principles of freedom??? Did you know these guidelines, mandates are illegitimate, Executive orders or not, the government can NOT assume authority over an Americans body, their property, THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL??? Our government cannot take away Our inalienable right(s) to secure anyones security in the future for “safety” – whether the possible threat be a virus or a terrorist or any other figment of imagination ,invisible threat the Bethlehem doctrine round tables and cyber security tech co’s can come up with and brand as an “IMMINENT THREAT”. But beyond this Thom F*ckery do you have any idea what these people actually want to usher in for you, your children and the human race – It is insanity and it is a pre-emptive crime against humanity and it’s all written in Klaus Shwabs Book(s) it is there Declared of the Fourth Industrial Age and THE GREAT RESET??? – Well watch this and get a taste.

you are the virus its about control

This is a Global conquest through military health management a 24 7 weaponized media. and P.R campaign of silent aggression blitz with a smile and a Mister Rogers sweater to have as many global humans comply to arbitrary orders and bio tech vaccines ( a transhumanism roofie ) before they demand compliance through force. They will say those who do not comply are a risk to the collective and that will be the end of the principles of freedom when the “Blue” & the military attack the free men and woman of America to enforce a Global Con enforce a miltary mandate and conquest through Global corporate Health armies. and strategists. That will be the end of These United States of America. This is a new type of war and We the People are under attack NOW…


World Economic Forum 549K subscribers Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Artificially-intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Genetic editing. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. Previous industrial revolutions liberated humankind from animal power, made mass production possible and brought digital capabilities to billions of people. This Fourth Industrial Revolution is, however, fundamentally different. It is characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human. http://www.weforum.org/

We have powerfull nations, organizations, power structures outside of the separation of powers and checks and balances of These United States who have used corporate power as a tool. Public relations, advertising media, pension and health industries the food supply to put We the people in a compromised position. They have done so. They are currently forcing people to comply to signing away or actively complying to handing over their inalienable rights endowed by th creator [The Declaration of Independence]. In so accepting illegitimate rule of law that contradict the inherent role of Our Constitution as the guide to protecting the principles of freedom; Declared by our Fore fathers. These principles are being reset by WHO, CDC, “Health security and Cyber security industries backed by Global bankers.

How did we get here??? American citizens that have Dual citizenship in which their country of origin demands mandatory service should be bared from public office and service within those corridors. The reason being is that it that 1. they have already taken an oath to another country 2. It is impossible to trace whether they have served in their country of origin’s intelligence agencies. Israeli intelligence groups such as the 8200 are at the forefront of cyber security and the new pre-emptive health technologies surveillance industries that will benefit greatly from the “pandemic pre-emtive security apparatus” being sold to replace Our Constitution. China is another country that obviously has their own interests. Henry Kissinger stated nations do not have friends they have interests. I am not saying Israel is bad or good I am saying they have their own interests and put Israel before America. Also Israel does not practice our principles. Seperation of church and state for instance. Also one must understand Israel is the size of our State New Jersey. Israeli intelligence is and does what it is intended to do serve Israel – the 8200 the cyber security elite of Israeli intelligence become the CEO’s of all Israeli tech companies in a vety blurred line. Microsoft of Israel’s CEO is an 8200 agent, to give an example. Bill Gates is pushing Global vaccine-put the dots together yourself. It is estimated the Isreali intelligence, elite, group the 8200 alumni have 0ver 500 companies in NY alone. So the fact our country is in lock down and being coerced into Bethlehem Doctrine type pre-emptive security and rule is clearly a result of Israeli intelligence influence. It must also be noted Daniel Bethlehem who wrote the Bethlehem doctrine ( justification of pre-emptive aggression and measures that went against all previously agreed global social contracts and law ) worked for both Netanyahu and Tony Blair. It is not a stretch to say they are not acting from We the Peoples Constitutional principles. That is not saying they are bad or good it is saying We the People are responsible for being vigilant in protecting our Constitution against both foreign and domestic threats and these powerful groups and their agents, assets, dual citizens are both. They are currently branding American citizens who are standing on and for our inalienable rights “domestic terrorists”. They are taking away our freedoms with covid 19Global guidelines and as Americans stand and fight for Our Constitutional rights they call US domestic terrorists so they can profit from the pre-emptive security systems sitting in the warehouses in Israel and China waiting to rolled out and used on We the People for their monetary gain. AND YOUR TAX DOLLARS WILL BE PAYING FOR YOUR OWN SUBJUGATION. GOOD JOB. See any patterns regarding the entire war on terror??? So an investigation needs to be made into all public officials, Covid health industry representatives that are pushing for “pre emptive ” “safety” “guidelines” that trample on the American Constitution and all the treasonous traitors to the principles of FREEDOM.

CORPORATIONS ARE TERROR CELLS: Corporate status does not protect OR GIVE THE OWNERS IMMUNITY, whether the owner’s be Israeli, Guamanian, British or treasonous Americans, from intentional acts of terrorism. As stated in this lecture at West Point the tactic being taught is WMD squared [ weapons of mass destruction & “DISRUPTION” , “DISRUPTION” with the intent of influencing the targets behavior – that is the definition of terrorism- that is what terrorism is and they are doing it today on American soil – yes they are doing it on Thanksgiving – Now if these corporate perps of this crime be based in Guam or Israel it is an act of War and in the age of the war on terrorism they should be put on the list before Iran because they are actively attacking Americans. Also any corporation or public official participating in such crimes / “terrorism” should be held for treason and tried accordingly… If intelligence homeland security dual citizen subcontractors are terrorizing Americans with this new W.M.Dsquared tech & tactics they cannot hide behind a corporate status and say we are simply a “GLOBAL” cyber security business and that it is legal for them to use their “terrorist” tactics in “Guam “Israel or Britain or China wherever here in America… Nor can it be excused as a few bad apples using this technology as the cyber security of say a local hospital just as an example… though we must be considerate of the fact that these stategists may be using these neuroweapons on our citizen, police and soldier – take the George Floyde incident it would be foolish not to consider that the irrational police officer killing a man in public in front of people holding cameras knowing he was being recorded not possibly being “influenced” by and with neuroweapons W.M.D squared – global chess players commonly create division to influence outcomes and this is the exact intent of the neuro weapons being described in this lecture…


TREASON and the attack of American woman children, men on American soil. The NEUROWEAPON FORCED RENDITIONing or subcontracting of non touch torture off shore does not liscence treason or terrorism. No pre-emptive ( Bethlehem Doctine-Patriot act ) law can be written to “fight” terrorism to make ACTUAL terrorism on Americans legal. Here is a young Americans story a Nuns story and Dr James Giordano’s lecture @ West Point introducing the cadets to this technology. That is not an accusation it is the factual evidence that this technology exists and is being used by the military and the private sector. It is happening in Staten Island NY and all implications point to compartmentalized cells within HOMELAND SECURITY’s FUSION CENTERS and the unconstitutional GLOBAL PRIVATE PARTNERS… Hospitals and Health seem to play a major part in this treason and ACTUAL terrorism….

click link below for DR James Giordano’s evidence and lecture at West Point






Do you see any patterns???





a https://nypost.com/2020/11/12/sound-beaming-technology-will-play-music-directly-to-your-head/ + https://cyber-torture.com/ DUAL CITIZENS-DUAL TECHNOLOGIES-THE WEAPONIZATION OF TECHNOLOGY-THE WEAPONIZATION OF NEUROSCIENCE- THE REAL ATTACK ON AMERICA: Americans are being attacked through there oxygen levels. LINKS below to an inventer of this technology and an academic neuroscientist MD. The new tech being put in the ground and in the hardware of our street lights can be harnessed to direct energy hence DEW (directed energy weapons) oxygen cells obsorbs 60 hz and fiber optic cables use light to transfer all the information coming through your screen- they can send information through light- that is how your though process operates. We, humans are a series of electric magnetic fields. There is an on going experiment or simply a completely organized attack on Americans and it is aparrent that it is happening globally. This may sound far fetched but it is happening. They are interfering with human beings natural electromagnetic fields. The tech/weapon ( dual use weapons) can interfere with a human’s heart center because it is as much of a electric center as it is the pump of blood and the natural distributor of oxygen in our bodies. I will not speculate who is behind this but it is being done via technology so it is the companies implementing and the operators and order givers who are doing it. Wuhan China is under a complete technological tyrany and if you look at the images of the technology being used to subjugate the Chinese people we have that same exact technology hanging right on the utility poles outside our houses. It is more frightening than you may imagine these devices can be weaponized to target individuals and alter the persons/targets thoughts mood by beaming directed energy directly into the humans brain – the whole body is saturated – it is the same as the new cars; they become the reciever of the phone call through you cars receptors – if you have noticed the entire automobile reverberates with “voice”- the same thing is happening to the human body – also all of your audio commands have digital replications of your own voice and they can beem your own voice pattern back into your own brain – (look up NY post article :MUSIC IN OUR HEADS BEEMED RIGHT IN-they are sneeking it in to justify it comercially to cover their tracks – they have been using it on citizends for years – just as Covid 19 reponse is; as bio tech is being justified – Israeli industry and 8200 companies are behind these dual and unconstitutional inhumane weaponized technologies as well ) think of the implications of that-thoughts or frequencies we recognize as thought can be manipulated in real time in our brain through out our entire body. They have hacked the human brain and phsysiology through the electromagnetic feild. This is a crime against humanity. This sounds far fetched. American people are being targeted as are Human beings all over the world. Look at the George Floyde murder. It seems wrong that a man would do that out in the open. Mind control through the manipulation of thoughts and emotions may have played a part. It needs to be investigated if the WMDsquared tactics of disruption are being used to manipulate human beings mind to aggravate emotions and thought patterns to the degree of driving a human to kill. They can drive a human to suicide. These are tactics of pschological warfare. Please look at the Dr James Giordanno video below. This is mind control. It may be China, Israel but it is the tech and bio tech companies and the hospitals alliances with military and public private partnerships via homeland security, HAARP, DAARPA that are working with and implementing this technology as weapons. Its happening. If you are not feeling strong and have loss of your wind your breathing capacity and strength try the free Wim Hof’s breathing exercise below. I’m not selling you anything they are attaching our oxygen levels to impliment this type of subjugation. Israeli tech read the NY POST article MUSIC IN OUR HEADS,beemed right in: directing energy into your brain so only you can hear your music. What if that is hacked??? Music into you brain as entertainment think about the ramifications if that technology can be weaponized. Get outside away from the wifi. We naturally filter out oxygen while exercizing breathing and it frees our electric magnetic field of these manipulated waves. It sounds crazy but this is happening. Americans are being and have terrorized with V2k – voice to skull or the voice of God weapon for years. https://cyber-torture.com/ Look at audio spot light for a commercial use of this duel use technology. Vzk along with the directed energy weapons is a modern type of shock therapy. Modern behavior modification. At one time these Nazi type experiments were being done in asylums such as Willowbrook of Staten Island NY. They are experimenting on Americans via this modern digital technology as the targets sleep in their beds unaware. I’ll put a link to a past example of Willowbrook. I’ll put a link to the Wim Hof exercise for yourself and facts of the technology and patents below.. Also a link from Dr Duncan and his presentation to MIT as well as Dr Giordano’s lecture at West Point military academy. It is a reality it is happening today. Israeli tech companies which is their 8200 military intelligence branch is preying on American citizens attaching Americans this is an act of war. Also Look at the NY POSTS article Nov-11-2020- MUSIC IN OUR HEADS …audio technology developed in Israel. Dual technology is being weaponized and Israel is not America’s friend they are an individual nation with their own interests and priorities. I believe in the seperation of church and state and that all who practice Judaism should do so in peace. We have to consider that Covid 19 is a tactic of soft war on our soil to implement Bethlehem doctrine pre-emtive measures that coerces Americans into handing over their freedom under economic duress to manufacture security guards (homeland) and health authorities outside our checks and balance system of and by WE THE PEOPLE not the Dr from Guam because he has a degree or the WHO secretary not the the Isreali 8200 intelligence officer CEO of Microsoft – those who seek a new norm rule that to be stategically implemented by and through Global organizations, round tables, agencies outside our seperation of powers of government – an abohrence to our principles of the Constitution and the natural law, inalienable rights our forefather Declared in a our Declaration of independence. It is a worse attach than the the attach on the towers on 911 and it is most likely part of that same campaign to conquer America – AMERICA IS THE CONSTITUTION AND THE PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM. NOT WALLSTREET – NOT YOUR PENSION PLAN AND NOT YOUR POLITICAL PARTY AND DEFINITELY NOT ISRAEL OR THEIR INTELLIGENCE OR THEIR CYBER SECURITY AND HEALTH INDUSTRY. OR CHINA’S AND DEFINITELY NOT BRITAINS – NEVER FORGET THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION HAPPENED BEFORE 911…






https://cyber-torture.com/ Global Corporations are the modern day funders of terrorism and that terrorism is the weaponization of neuroweapons. They are the Global tech companies – the bio-tech companies cyber security companies, the pre-emptive health industries. Look up The Times of Israel and read their articles regarding their cyber security industry. Also how they make it clear that their cyber security industry is going into health. Also they speak about Israel’s “partnership” with communist China who is currently subjugating Wuhan China under the tyranny of a total technological totalitarian state. These are the same Israeli soldiers that are terrorizing the Gaza strip. These are the people infiltrating Homeland security and our government. They are behind pre crime pre – emptive security and they are siphoning billions of American tax dollars through home land security. Why not? They are capitalists and they are not American WAKE THE F*CK UP- They are terrorizing / Americans with cyber torture every day. It does not matter if the Cyber Corporations that are terrorising Americans are based in Israel or China it is happening and it is happening because we are allowing UNCONSTITUTIONAL PRE – EMPTIVE SECURITY Home land security is and has been an infiltration of our Government in which foreign interests and traitors are establishing “SECURITY AUTHORITIES” to have you comply into handing over your individual sovereignty to these glorified security gaurds because you are economically terrorized into duress and compliance. HOMELAND SECURITY IS ESPIONAGE. The virus infecting America is these corporate intelligence agencies alliances and their safety soft & silent weapons campaigns . The Constitution is America. The inside job is Homeland security and Israeli ; corporate stooges in public office writing in UNCONSTITUTIONAL legislation; such as the Governor of Georgia having Independent contractors signing oaths of silence regarding Israel. You can’t sign an oath in America to dismantle the Constitution. Any attack on the Constitution is simply treason. It is not politics. This is America it is not Israel or Afhgahnastan or Britain. Also every Israeli citizen serves in the military. The 8200 is the elite intelligence group that specializes in hacking and cyber security. All 8200 alumni are the CEO’s of the Israeli tech cyber security industry and there are 500 8200 in NYC alone. Is that not espionage. If BLACK CUBE has been found to be an Israeli Massad security company that has attacked Americans on American soil. Is that not an act of war. Also their tactics are tactics of terrorism. Look up cybertorture.com. If all Israeli are part of the military and Israel a military state and it is clear they are pushing our country into pre – emptive security and pre crime tactics WHICH ARE UNAMERICAN & UNCONSTITUTIONAL, isn’t that an attack??? IF THIS IS SO THEY ARE ENEMIES OF THE CONSTITUTION AND THEN INHERENTLY OF WE THE PEOPLE AND WILL HAVE TO BE DEPORTED AND THOSE FOUND GUILTY OF TERRORISM AND TREASON TREATED AS ENEMY COMBATANTS. THE INALIENABLE RIGHT OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THESE UNITED STSTES TAKES PRIORITY OVER FOREIGN ILL GAINED PROPERTY RIGHTS. THEY ARE ATTACKING AMERICANS ON AMERICAN SOIL AND AND THEY ARE MAKING AN INDUSTRY OUT OF IT – IN NY NORTHWELL corp & its ISRAELI PARTNERS HAVE TAKEN OVER A LARGE PART OF THE HEALTH INDUSTRY IN NY YORK – IS THE CONFLICT OF INTEREST NOT CLEAR – IS IT NOT CLEAR THAT THE COVID CRISIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO BRING CYBER AND BIO SECURITIES INTO HEALTH IN A PRE EMPTIVE MANNER WHICH IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND UNAMERICAN. TO ESTABLISH AN AUTHORITY THAT ADHERES TO “RULES” NOT TO THE PROTECTION OF the PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM of THESE UNITED STATES – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ENFORCEMENT; TO PROTECT AND SERVE – THIS IS A HOSTILE TAKE OVER OF AMERICA- WE MAY HAVE TO CONSIDER DEPORTING ANY DUAL CITIZEN THAT HAS TIES TO THESE UNAMERICAN INTELLIGENT AGENCIES AND CORPORATIONS WHETHER THAT BE CHINA OR ISRAEL OR BRITAIN OR GUAM… YOU ARE SOCIAL DISTANCING BECAUSE THEY ARE ATTACKING YOU WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR FARE. THERE IS A 99% RATE OF RECOVERY FOR COVID. YOU ARE NOT WEARING A MASK FOR YOUR PROTECTION YOU ARE WEARING A MASK FOR YOUr RE-SUBJUGATION. THERE WAS A 70% NEGATIVE REACTION FROM PERSONS BEING TESTED BY THE COVID VACCINE. WHY WOULD WE SUBJUGATE 70% OF PEOPLE TO GET SICK TO PREVENT A VIRUS THAT HAS A 99 % RECOVERY RATE. WHY? BECAUSE IT IS NOT FOR THE VIRUS IT IS BIO TECH SO THESE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS CAN SUBJUGATE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. WHAT IS THE PROOF. EVERY “GUIDLINE” of the WHO & CDC RESPONSE TO COVID IS & HAS BEEN AN ATTACK ON THE 1st Amendment. AN ATTACK ON AMERICA ON AMERICAN SOIL. Read the first amendment. This is psychological war fare and they are using neuroweapons on Americans TODAY. THEY ARE THE TERRORISTS…


From: Del Bigtree<delbigtree@icandecide.org> 11/10/2020 (3 days ago) From: Del Bigtree<delbigtree@icandecide.org> 11/11/2020 (2 days ago) To: Friend This message is from a mailing list Learn more

Reject the COVID Mandate! Dear Friend, You and I both know forced vaccines are a bad idea.   You and I both support common-sense exemptions to any vaccine–like exempting those who may have adverse reactions–or those who have pre-existing health conditions where a vaccine may make their health situation worse. There are many thousands more who have religious reasons for avoiding a mandated vaccine.  There are those who are conscientious objectors–and they lean on the right to say no or opt out.   These are all legitimate reasons — and reasons that have always been supported by our U.S. Constitution and understood to protect all citizens from tyranny.  But what if the vaccine itself is unproven.  What if the vaccine itself is hurting people–making them sick, and risking the very lives of those it claims it will save? This is what ICAN is discovering right now. In fact, our legal team led by Aaron Siri, sued the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Moderna to receive a copy of their Covid Vaccine Phase 1 Trial Safety Summary Report and what we found will create an avalanche of opposition to any forced vaccine. In our initial reporting, we discovered that 70% of trial participants reported adverse events–some of which are extremely concerning. As promised, I wanted to make sure that you have a copy of this report yourself–so you can be armed with the truth about the Covid 19 vaccine–the truth that the NIH and Moderna DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE. This is why I do what I do every day. You see, you and I deserve to know what we are putting into our bodies; I want answers, not stonewalling.  And sadly, the FDA, the NIH, Big Pharma, Big Government, the MainStream Media, Silicon Valley, all of them are COVERING UP and CENSORING THE TRUTH!   The only way ICAN and our weekly television program, The HighWire, can survive is with your support.  If you believe in seeking the truth, if you believe in maintaining your liberty and your rights as an American citizen, if you believe in a free and independent press that is unwilling to compromise or cover-up the truth, then I hope you will consider joining our cause today. Please sign up to receive our weekly email; consider contributing a gift of $25, $50, or even $100 or more todayPerhaps you can join our monthly donor supporter program.  Whatever you can do will be a godsend. Our weekly news program takes zero advertising and because we don’t want any corporate control of our content. We do that for one reason and one reason only: ICAN seeks to protect YOU, not our advertisers! Thank you for your consideration. Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Bold!

THE ROAD:is a 2006 post-apocalyptic novel by American writer Cormac McCarthy. FILM:

A father and his young son journey across post-apocalyptic North America some years after an extinction event. The land is covered with ash and devoid of life. The boy’s mother, pregnant with him at the time of the disaster, committed suicide some time before.

Realizing they cannot survive the winter, the father takes the boy south along empty roads towards the sea, carrying their meager possessions in their knapsacks and a supermarket cart. The father is suffering from a cough and knows he is dying. He assures his son that they are “good guys” who are “carrying the fire”. The pair have a revolver, but only two rounds. The father has taught the boy to use the gun on himself if necessary, to avoid falling into the hands of cannibals.

How does this relate to our Covid 19 response??? Watch this clip from the movie…

This is what happens when our economy has us eat our young. Actually and metaphorically. Health is a personal responsability and there is no institution that can be established that gives a DR or a Health Round table “authority” over the INALIENABLE RIGHTS declared in the Constitution of These United States. They have you eating your children and saying thank you…



HITTING z BRICKS BABBLE from the RABBLE: The CONSPIRACY THEORY : BILL, JOE & TIM the asshole from marketing and his personal sized pizza…. Guest appearances from Selma Hyack, Brooklyn, NY ; a whole lotta BULLSHIT….


HzB BABBLE from the RABBLE. 11-2-20… MY STORY REGARDING WMD’squared and targeting of American citizens. [ PLEASE watch the the lecture by DR.James Giordanno @ West Point titled Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future. Pardon me for making this a personal episode, I put principles before personality in my life – though due to the clandestine nature of these tactics and the technologies being used and funded by American tax payers – I though it a responsible choice in addressing this serious situation We the People are in – as well as the people of the world – We the People…


BABBLE from the RABBLE 18. ‘money don’t grow on trees’ QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY, BULLSHIT LINE of the DAY…

Amend the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. We The People take back our control over our National currency as it was meant to be as it was first agreed upon and penned in We the Peoples Constitution of These United Stats of America.. Perhaps the Gold Standard. We may still honor the federal reserve old agreements ( perhaps not the frauduelent post 911 and post covid debt but all pensions and current holdings it will simply no longer be our central bank ) we can still deal with the new Global Federal Reserve and their intended digital cashless currency. We simply maintain our sovereignty by trading our own currency of hard cash within our borders…

BABBLE FROM THE RABBLE 17. QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY, BULLSHIT LINE of the DAY… We need “right” THINKing people… [ anything in this conversation that draws your attention to Pres Trump or the upcoming election is secondary – placing principles before personality will be the tag line of the OBSERVATIONS summary ]


‘We need right thinking people.”


To place principles before personality.

pardon production value : digital gremlins with monkee wrenches…


This is the right way the only way to do it.




NYPD motto”Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect” replaces “To Protect and to Serve“… ???



‘Two foriegn actors Iran and Russia took specific action to influence public opinion related to our election…’ FBI SPOKESPERSON

– correction Richard grove was not a soft ware engineer he was a corporate software sales man – please click link below for OBSERVATION –



We need right THINKing people.


QUOTE: Thomas Jefferson – Here is the first two paragraphs from the first draft of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE that Thomas Jefferson wrote in his own hand. He brought this to the founders and they observed it worked on it till they printed final draft.

‘When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a people to advance for that subordination in which they have hitherto remained, & to assume among the powers the equal and present station to which the laws of nature and nature’s god entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind that declare the causes which impel them to change.

We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of life,& liberty & the pursuit of happiness : that to secure these ends, governments are instituted, governments are instituted amongst men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed;


I do not see anything about “protecting” “health” and “wealth” as I heard dr Fauci declare was his duty to America. Click link below for livestream observation…

click this link. https://studio.youtube.com/video/n973URdWuUs/livestreaming


Vera Sharav, renowned champion of human rights and expert in biomedical research ethics, Ms. Sharav offers rare and valuable insights into the public health arena and state of emergency affecting each and every one of our lives.
( interview Stand for Health Freedom: https://standforhealthfreedom.com/blo…, https://standforhealthfreedom.com/act )…

QUOTE(s) :

1.’When medicine veer away from the hippocratic oath that promises to respects the individuals right to do no harm to the individual than you are going to harm the community as well because…” [opening of video/ interview]

2. ,,, history has told that story not fully but to a great degree … it’s un heard of that this should happen today in 2020 and this is called a civilized way to deal with a public emergency … I think each one needs to evaluate it themselves , it doesn’t matter whether I link it to Nazis… that’s not the point the point is what was done, what were the policies, what was the rational – they had a similar rational, remember, they wanted to get rid of what they called “worthless eaters”… – there economy was very bad at the time, this was war time, everything was going for the war and civilians didn’t have enough to eat, as well, there were shortages. This was their way of dealing with the folk. Forget the individual… what I am saying is when you eliminate the sanctity of the individual person you are crossing that line – you’re no better… [ 20:00 on video time line]

3. … it makes absolutely no sense in a medical way but if you have contracts and business to worry about I guess it makes sense – these babies are being used … it begins in the public health arena public health is government and that is what happened in Nazi Germany all of medicine ended up being “PUBLIC HEALTH” once you have medicine in partnership with government* there is no individual care the hippocratic oath goes out the window and since you have the government behind you the DR is not responsible for their actions they are working together with the state. THAT’S WHEN MEDICINE BECOMES WEAPONISED…AND WHAT I HAVE DESCRIBED IS WEAPONISED MEDICINE. IF THEY DICTATE WHAT MEDICINE IS GIVEN TO YOUR CHILD AND YOU DON’T HAVE A SAY THAT INVITES ALL KINDS OF SERIOUS VIOLATIONS OF YOUR CHILD AND YOUR ROLE AS THEIR PARENT AND GAURDIAN…[33:03] * (DR JAMES GIORDANO WEAPONIZED NEUROSCIENCE)

4. … the media is very much a part of the business empire that is “RULING” that vaccines are an empire… and now they really want to do a vaccine globally – do you know what kind of a market that is? More than 7 billion people for a vaccine canyou even count the kind of profits no matter what they charge for it – that’s what there goal is thats the whole allure of the covid 19 vaccine. ITS THAT MARKET… BILL GATES SAID IT ON CAMERA RECENTLY ” WHAT’S A FEW BILLION DOLLARS WHEN WE ARE TALKING TRILLIONS”…


Generally in health care our current problem is not covid 19 but the conflict of interest that exists between the * hippocratic oath taken by Drs in which the health of the patient is the priority ( individual rights) and comes before all else and the inherent conflic with law bound corporate priority of putting the corporations profits and share holders before all else * ( your individual rights)


Gatherings: Non-essential gatherings must be limited to 25 people maximum for both indoor and outdoor settings…

*( Mussillini’s definition if fascism is the merge of corporate & government )

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N02SK9yd60s


*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpQYsk-8dWg ( the corporation documentry )



QUOTE: Dr. James Giordano, lecture @ Modern War Institute, West Point

… so the idea of the brain as the battlescape is very important and more importantly is this other acronym up there (projection screen) which is W.M.D’squared please get use to this because this is going to be part of an idea of regular warfare and an ongoing “innovation” in your careers. Weapons of mass destruction and disruption. Disruption and influence will be the key to creating peer capabilities and “asymmetrical engagements”… DR. JAMES GIORDANO *[I” put link to video of lecture below with others]


Does “asymmetrical engagements” mean that the target can be hit with out the soldier being present??? Drone? Lap top warfare; laptops wifi satelites 5g 6g Cyber???

The new term is W.M.D’squared . “WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION & MASS DISRUPTION. One tactic of targeting is to hit a target with D.E.W (directed energy weapons) at strategic times. In a 9-5 world the target will be hit at 2:30 in the morning. That means hit with energy – tazed – enough to keep target awake ( = disrupt normal sleep pattern ) to make target uncomfortable “disrupt” normal energy distribution so that target will shake but not be electrocuted to injury in that present moment but the electronic attack will ware at the body incrementally for the long term injury and health damage – Being hit with D.E.W (directed energy weapons) initiates energy at un wanted times so as to “disrupt” natural use of natural energy when needed – “disrupts” cognitive continuity in targets tasks, occupationally “disrupted”, lively hood related obligations “disrupted” . Targets miss dead lines, time sensitive meetings. “Disrupts” targets life with family and friends “disrupts” work relationships. This is done in secrecy – the target doesn’t know these weapons exist ( until now ). Target is unaware they are being systematiclly attacked; The tactic is called DECOMPOSITION a new form of *Zersetzung. These I believe , I may be wrong, are the, so called, non touch torture tactics whispered about in our clandestine( Homeland security???) corridors and they are being used on American civilians. If a Dr can take a cataract off of the cornea of the human eye with a laser and a LRAD mounted Humvee can hit a group of protestors with an ear drum rupturing audio blast to disperse a crowd it is not a far stretch to see that D.E.W (directed energy weapons) can be used to target an individual sleeping in their home or any where else. Do you know what all these wifi devices on lamp posts and buildings do??? Perhaps they have dual uses. Perhaps they do more than simply run youtube video and cable t.v. Is it weaponized as Dr James Giordano suggest in this video??? I say it is – I know it is; because I have been targeted for years BUT never mind me – Is this happening to Americans on American soil??? Watch this and see for yourself. Can you handle the truth???*https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zersetzung


Has the Homeland Security model been taken from the STASSI??? Please check the wkipedia link in nest line to compare


BABBLE from the RABBLE EPISODE 11. QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY, BULLSHIT LINE of the DAY… & accompaniment…


‘ What we are here to talk about today is the fact that the brain “IS” and will be the 21 ‘st century battlescape in many ways. End of Story. We can stop it there and I could let you go back to your respected units and think about that for a while but I’m here to tell you, absolutley, as much as there is a big old Tyrolean nose on this face. That you will encounter some form of neurocognitive science “THAT AS BEEN WEAPONIZED” not only in your military career but in your personal and professional lives. Irrespective if those two things coincide or not. So the idea of the brain as a battlefield is very important and more importantly is this acronym up there ( projection screen )WMD D… ( weapons of mass destruction and disruption ) [ please watch full video ] Dr. James Giordano


Personal experience:

This is happening. I was targeted while living in Staten Island NY and have been a target for years. I am a civilian and have never served in any branch of government. ( I’ll put links to neuroweapons patents and DEW – directed energy weapon patents at the footnotes )

General Observation:

These weapons are a crime against humanity. In this lecture to the West Point cadets, Dr Giordano speaks in a manner as if the idea that manipulating the natural organic process of the biochemistry the manipulation of the nature electrical field (s) of the human being is justifiable. It is not, As he states above they have already declared the brain a “battlefeild”. This is unacceptable. It has already been turned on America civilians as well as people all over the globe. Cyber- security is what it is peddled as.


In the past after war there are soldiers who had aquirred skills and tools of war. The hired sword the hired gun. Men became law men, outlaws. showmen. Now in our modern age, in areas like Israel they have an elite cyber – security and hacking unit called the 8200. The once hired guns are the CEO of the Israeli top corporations in cyber security and tech industries and they are Global. They are well established here in the United States and New York city. They have stated “health bio securities as the next market. (* I’ll put link below). It seems homeland security is running on this type of government intelligence corporate intelligence partnership. It seems that these relationships get strategically muddled in the local fusion centers and may act in the shadows through local infra guard and citizen corp groups. Actually where ever the tentacles of this homeland security intelligence artificial mechanism can reach: the homeland security ties with the local police dept, fire dept, hospital and health care units. As long as a unit can be connected with a citizen app or the Homeland security citizen / gov app then they are plugged into the 24 / 7 surveillance grid we are currently living in aaannnddd it can all be weaponized as the good Dr states in the West Point lecture. I’ll put a link to the Staten Island CERT video ( start at 7:30 on the timeline of CERT video.) in which contact tracing and surveillance is being used for a good cause though the implications of what the negative uses are regarding this discussion and the misuse of this technology seem evident. It is very easy for a hacker to hyjack such a system. They can literally hyjack the system and watch those same screens in their own living rooms, if they chose to. Tracking and tracing people who have not volunteered for contact tracing. It has also been suggested that this is being done to parolees and welfare recepients with out their consent. That brings up the issue of bio tech and contact tracing. I’ll put another link below that maps out from the OBAMA ADMINISTRATIONS BRAIN INITIATIVE – I’ll also add link to the new yorker article that speaks on how Israeli Massad and 8200 cyber security companies have targeted American for hire and actually use the fact that they are based in Israel and outside American law as a selling point on their websites.

We must begin to consider that irrational events such as the George Floyde murder may be the result of neuroweapons??? That does not justify the action or the part that racism plays in America. It suggests Global players may use such events to effect the hearts and minds of the American people. It needs to be questioned. It is the point of neuroweapons to strategically manipulate emotions, thoughts, behavior for outcome based actions…


We are all in this together….




Technology patents: https://targetedmassachusetts.org/patents.html



QUOTE: visual reference JP, How Social Distancing Rules Are Created:


All one needs to do is stop for a moment and look at the words our government is using to communicate to us. “SOCIAL DISTANCING”. I first noticed something awry, as it were, ( insert Richard Attenborough impression ) when i saw ( years ago ) the P.R sign for “VISION ZERO”. Take into consideration NYC is the epicenter of the business world ( or was ) . NYC . gov has an a team of public relatiion professionals, lawyers, strategical planners. Every detail is worked out in a think tank or board room systematically before given ” the go” “the ok” by the “boss” before any political campaign is launched whether it be for social good, safety or the subverion of the foundational principles of These United States of America. So there is no mistake in the word choice. No mistake in the syntax. The syllables are measured as a beer commercial OR cereal commercial would be – so it resonates with the public – lingers in the brain- whistling while they work. For example: “Tastes Great – Less Filling” “Glove Doesn’t Fit You Gotta Aquit” . ” The Nag Factor” [ watch this link in regard to manipulating children for the sale ]

“VISION ZERO”. What is that saying??? Zero vision??? Blindness??? This is an ambiguously negative statement. That may sound like a stretch though every time you see those words you are exposed to those words and the references your mind makes in “NANO SECONDS”. Also “GROUNG ZERO” has the same amount of letters and the same syllable structure the exact spacial setting as “VISION ZERO”. If you watched the video above on child advertising you will see how the prostitution of such things is simply a business maneuver. I’m not making a judgement it is simply the fact of the advertising and Public Relations mode of operation [ I may have just did it myself]. Again don’t take my word for it; watch the experts speak for themselves in the video. “VISION ZERO” sound like “GROUND ZERO” so their is a resonance of the political narrative and prostitution of the event. The advertising and P.R teams have Dr’s and Psychologists on their teams with the specific intent of performing these psychologically strategic maneuvers [ i repeat watch video above]. “VISION ZERO” is intended to be a safety governmental mandate to protect walking pedestrians while enforcing driving laws on Drivers [ I am not judging this just pointing out factors ] We have to understand there are climitization factors happening incrementally ( boiling frog syndrome ). We may agree that speeding is irresponsible and for the reasonable safety we create “regulations”, “laws”. We the People must remember: The automobile is the owners property and at one time that was simply the case – you own it your say so- no one else’s business- unless you trespass against another in the operation of your property. Though because of the dangers of automobiles we decided to have people take tests for licenses in order to make sure they were capable of this task. Then car registration was mandated and insurance as well. Is this what we are going to do with the human body??? Is their goal to give every human being a digital registration via a vaccination for virus safety??? As we mandated car regulations and “law” to protect the safety of walking pedestrians from reckless driving are they suggesting we regulate man walking for the safety of walking pedestrians from recklessly walking pedestrians- via the “Cindy has the Sniffles Pandemic??? Take a moment an look at this before you discount this. I don’t need or want to be right & I don’t give a F… what you think of me. This is important, the future of America is at stake. If I’m wrong- I’d be happier than the nay sayer. Principles should be put before personalities here [ if not always ]. The principles of the Constitution. Not my or your political stance or pension plan.


They are playing the same game as stated above. If you have read this far there is no need for me to explain any further. George Orwell termed it “double speak”. I had a friend once call it out simply as “Baffling with Bullshit”. Some one has a white coat on so we must comply to what he and the manicured man on the boob tube sais. Hard working civil servants sent their kids to college to get degrees; to become P.R men, Adverting execs, BULLSHIT ARTIST MD’s so we all must comply; comply dutifully like good soldiers, with out validated or peer reviewed source material or FACTS. FACTS not necessary when we need to feed the pension and health care insurance system ( goddamn illegals adding to the 51 Billion dollar debt we are writing for this years Homeland security budget- how much of that tax payer money is going to Israeli cyber security 8200 companies??? Both here in the U.S and in Israel itself or the Suadi and Afghanistan Pre-emptive security groups, or hell, the whole middle east – all for your safety – goddamn undocumented workers… ). Principles of the Constitution simply words to be forged, words to be debated in competition, to WIN, to show how good a degreed collegiate can debate – win a position win the girl and win to make Mom and Dad proud and show much their college tuition has paid off, how much their parents hard work has paid off, [That’s what it is to be American??? Right???]. Constitution be Damned 1st amendment be damned, hell freedom be damned. Hows my designer mask look??? Does it match my clip board??? “I can’t see it from over here- show it to me when you get your Biotech cyber-security one love vaccination HERO shot…” “TASTE GREAT” vs “LESS FILLING”…



“Covid 19 does not equate contagion.”

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny


We are not in a “PANDEMIC”. If some one gets covid 19 as one gets a cold they will be sick for a couple of days and be well. The death comes from secondary complications in those that are old and already sick with weak immune systems. As it does with every type of illness this is no exception. People it’s part of nature – people get the flu – people get the cold – this is no different except for how the Global power brokers responded to this planned crisis…

We have been conned by the media machine. We have been hit from all sides by a multi faceted P.R campaign with a budget in the high millions if not billions. A GLOBAL Media machine. FOX news the “AMERICAN PATRIOT CHANNEL” is owned by Rubpert Murdoch who owns similar bullshit delivery systems in every country on the planet. CNBC is in the same manure game. ( So people know there is plenty of bullshit being imported and exported to Americans from both sides of the political digital isle) In Australia Rubpert Murdoch headed off the Australian compulsory vaccination campaign: No jab, no play. No tickie No shirtie… Catchie little jingle.. taste great less filling… these colors don’t run [ unless we are standing 6 feet apart and are wearing our compulsory masks ]

“FLATTEN THE CURVE” is the jIngle of the DAY in The Home of the Free Land of the Brave. Great sell. Selling We the People a bunch’ a’ Bullshit. Knut Wittkowski PHD called it out early.*( I’ll add 2 links below.) Knut Wittkowski has over 20 years of experience explains in the videos below that when dealing with a virus such as COVID 19 (any for that matter) what is wanted is a spike in the curve. Everyone who will get it should get it ASAP and go through it as soon as possible [ CHICKEN POX PATIES FOR CHILDREN] ; the old and weak should take extra precaution THOUGH the sooner “HERD IMMUNITY” IS ACHIEVED THROUGH THE SPIKE IN THE CURVE THE SAFER THE OLD AND WEAK WILL BE. WE DID THE OPPOSITE. We didn’t know what the terms being used meant. No one defined the terms for We the People. No one was honest with the public. In a crisis it is responsible to stop all normal behavior in order to asses all the factors of the possible dangerous situation. THOUGH after it is assessed one simply returns, responsibly, to the freedom of their daily lives in – THESE UNITED STATES IT IS CALLED INALIENABLE RIGHTS ENDOWED BY THE CREATOR. We are not being dealt with as fellow Americans. We are being dealt with like the help. You are being handled by middle-managers and handled poorly & lied to. Don’t take my word for it here’s some links to the DR’s & EXPERT: DR SHERRY TENPENNY






“Know Thy Self”

The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself”, is one of the Delphic maxims and was the first of three maxims inscribed in the pronaos of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi according to the Greek writer Pausanias.




It starts with “humility”. Though We must come to understand “humility”. Humility is not humiliation, as I had once “thought” as I had once learned from others who had mis understood this. Humility may simply be the understanding that what I believe I know to be true may not be accurate. That does not mean it is not, though, if I am to be honest with myself, I may be wrong. The information may no longer balance out with the situation, as the earth rotates around the sun , that which we call life is always growing, moving. I had been stuck myself in a severe manner and a gentleman shared with me an experience that made me aware of my own rigidness in this aspect (“thought”). I was seeking to stop a behavior that, not only, was not serving me but limiting all aspects of growth. There was information being share and I understood the words but the “truth” that it would pertain to, that the words were delivering, made zero sense- did not translate to me. I asked a man who seemed to have an understanding of this non sense. The non sensical suggestion was this:

– that one turn their life and will over to the care of god as one understands him.-

I told this man in asking. “I am not trying to knock this and this may work for you but this doesn’t make any fucking sense to me. How can anyone one give their “will” to any thing or any one never mind a “god” something that does’t exist in my reality. I’m not trying to punch holes in this – it just doesn’t make any sense and seems impossible.”

He responded: ‘ Well… forget about the ‘god’ thing, for a moment, can you accept you’re not the center of the universe???… In which I paused and responded with a measured “sure I can” and made sure He knew I may have a response, not so measured, to the following statement if He was breaking my balls on this matter.’

In which He responded ‘O.K… you might want to look at it like this? : our will is simply the way we “think” & our life is simply that, our life from our birth to now, till this moment that we’re having this conversation.’

I realized that ‘I DID NOT KNOW’. I realized that what he shared with me was no where in my realm of thought at that time. The thing I had thought impossible a moment before had become possible. An understanding.

I have never had or do I have a personified “idea” of “god”. Though I understand that “I” am not the center of the universe. That for me: that which we call ‘life’ is beyond “thought” it simply IS. Like gravity is an immutable natural law and in fact simply IS before We put THE WORD “gravity” on it. You can call gravity apple pie jump off a bridge and no matter what the word is you will fall… Don’t do that… Eat an apple pie instead. And if you can’t afford a piece of pie go outside and stand by a tree – go by the river or the ocean. Nature IS that which IS, WE are IT you are IT. Through observing the false for the false and allowing it to fall away we come upon “truth”= “that which IS”. Know Thy Self.


“That can’t be done.”

humility :



Quote: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society.” Krishnamurti.


Quote : “An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” unknown…




Did you know the 8200 was an elite intelligence branch of the Israeli government akin to our CIA??? They have been said to be the best hackers in the world. When the 8200 leave Israeli military service they go directly into CEO positions of Israeli tech , CYBER SECURITY industry. I say this because, do to our government private Homeland security partnership structure… ???

Israeli’s have basically moved a Branch of 8200 to NYC as cyber security start ups and companies like Black Cube. I say this because they do not answer to our Constitution and they may be influencing our current COVID 19 Health Authority coup de etat, the undermining of the foundational principles our country [ 1st Amendment for starters] . But take it from the Israeli’s themselves… Click link below for THE TIMES OF ISRAEL ARTICLE:…




QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY, BULLSHIT LINE of the DAY… 10-3-20…


2 parts:

“For if you [ the rulers ] suffer our people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first educated disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make theives [outlaws] and then punish them.”

-Sir Thomas More( 1478 -1535 ), Utopia, Book 1

“Would you first break the legs of a lamb and then kick it for not standing?”


A fact. Our system is based on the manufactured restriction of access to a natural process. Eating. Before we became civilized food grew on trees . Hunter and gatherers would forage the land. An example: Man would walk through the woods and find mushrooms growing at the base of trees and apples hanging from branches and other sources of food naturally growing. That which we call nature… People know money does not grow on trees but forget food does. Know this is not a nay or yay OBSERVATION but observations of a progression. So tribes would at times get territorial and fight over water sources and plentiful food areas. Though many would live nomadically and migrate according to seasonal cycles. Hunters wold follow selected animal migrations. In some areas warlords claimed territory and they became kingdoms. Here are examples of initial restrictions of the natural resources granted freely by the creator of the earth. This is not a yay or nay simply a statement of facts. So the Lords of the manor needed to maintain their rule over their territory in doing so they would hire security and enforcers – to enforce their Rule of their territory; If a peasant was caught by one of the land lords security taking twigs off the ground ( peasants had no rights on the Lords land ) say, to start a fire for the need of heat to maintain a living body temperature or perhaps for food. He was considered a theif stealing the land lords property. The Lord would pass judgement. Some areas the Lords enforcement would cut off the peasants hand or hands; depending on the Lords disposition that day [ no balanced trial by a jury of peers]. Another cute story: an Irishman mentioned it was common that tourists would pass old cottages and proudly compliment to the locals of how quaint and charming the tiny windows of the thatched cottages were. In which the local would reply ” Yes, very quaint – the Lords taxed the air so they built the windows as small as possible.” Another interesting tid bit: I was told the traditional past time we Americans share in celebrating with our Irish brethren for Saint Patricks day, the food fare of corn beef and cabbage, had changed a bit when the day was celebrated in NYC. You see in NYC, in the early days, the Jewish community did not deal in ham they dealt with corned beef ( best in the world ) . You see in Ireland they would eat ham and cabbage not corn beef and cabbage. The reason they boiled the ham with the cabbage was if one of the lords security guards came bye the cottage, doing surveillance for the lord, and saw the peasants were eating ham – the the security guard would quickly report to the land lord this fact. The land lord would soon raise their taxes, because if they could afford to eat ham they could pay more tax- and the rat would get a cookie – So the peasants hid the ham under the cabbages as they boiled. God bless the security guards and the enforcement of the manor for keeping the peasants safe … Remind you of anything today ???…………

Though the generational problem becomes that there are to many elite in the population and not enough natural resources to restrict. Like today the elite have gone through a couple of generations of s*cking and f*cking the, Our nation and the Globe dry that they need to manufacture a crisis for their children to be able to restrict some kind of nature source. Though there’s nothing left to s*ck and f*ck dry- so they create crisis to manufacture an another artificial restriction.

-Heeelloooo covid 19.

-911 was prostituted till she can’t pucker Lady Liberties lips any more…

…but the Pre-emptive security industries of lets fight them over there so we don’t have to over here has run its course – no where else to bomb- no more terrorists to create] So we need a new invisible threat – wow a virus – pre-emptive HEALTH security industry- we don’t have to bomb the invisible threat abroad – your neighbor can be carrying the invisible threat, Now the restriction of nature can be you and me We the People. They can scare people into handing over their inalienable right endowed by the creator ( NATURE & NATURAL LAW ) actually restrict the free movement of We the People, for your safety. The don’t answer back to your Father because I said so blind obedience ESSENTIAL HEALTH AUTHORITY now are assuming authority of the biology of the American people. The covid 19 virus has changed the world ??? the principles of individual freedom- the inalienable rights endowed by the creator are now a threat to the “COLLECTIVE HEALTH OF WE THE PEOPLE…THE COLLECTIVE???…HUH… THE CONSTITUTION NEEDS TO BE PUT ASIDE FOR GOOD BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO MAY GET COVID IN THE NEXT 5 MINUTES OR NOW… NO…NOW…NO…NOW…NOW…NO… WELL IT CAN HAPPEN ANY MINUTE AND YOU JUST CAN’T BE TO CARE FULL.— CITIZEN APP —THE GUY CROSSING THE STREET MAY BE A JIHADI WITH COVID 19 — HE DOES NOT HAVE A PENSION OR HEALTH CARE — HE WORK OFF THE BOOKS— SHOOT HIM ON SIGHT —– HE’S AN IMMINENT THREAT — ….LETS TAKE A MOMENT OF SILENCE AND PRAY I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE- MASKS ON PLEASE- The NEW NORM, covid 19 Port , sorry I mean, Health Authority assumes authority over the biology of human being as health experts. A new type of religion where we blindly listen to the Father, the Health Priest or The Father of the CDC parish, the Pastor of blue Cross Blue shed all answering to the Cyber Jesus Bill Gates [I’ll add a a reference to Judaism, Muslim and other religions later to appease…]. Covid 19 nurse contracts for every building in America – American flag printed thermometers for your head and anal thermometers for you to bend over and drop your pants and take it in the ass during the next phase according to the Global health savior baptismal rights. This may hurt a bit. Ok. Thats it were done. That wasn’t so bad was it. On the way out you can send your wife in,, just give me 15 minutes and make an appointment for your daughter first thing in the morning. I.T. contracts for the internet of all covid 19 pre-emptive security devices. Control centers. Bio technicians. Contact tracers. Hand painter designer anal thermometers with matching masks. Phone apps. Digital Healthcare security insurance agents. Neuro cyber security corps policing the thought process, pre-emptively. Behavior modification through cyber securities health divisions to insure the mental health of citizens for the safety of the collective pre-emptively. Continuing the continuity of the war on terror, preventing the invisible threat, business model. Rolling it , seemlessly into the war on covid 19, preventing the invisible threat, business model… Keep the problem going and keep the money flowing ( William Binney, NSA ). Though it is all based on a foundation of fraud and debt…

…We have a Constitution because the founding Fathers understood the human condition. Our constitution is derived from this natural understanding. We are fallible. The character of an individual is developed through trials. One develops through an honest appraisal. Only then can a healthy foundation be stood upon. The economic model that is driving our economy is based on our war on terror economy. We the People are in 27 trillion dollars of Debt. We are repeating the same mistake going into the war on covid 19. They are using the same model. Be honest. It hasn’t worked . It is built on decisions that are not derived from our constitutional principles. The principles of freedom. The fore fathers declared our Independence and penned the Constitution to protect the body of individuals We the people, THESE UNITED STATES- IT GOES AGAINST EVERY FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE TO RESTRICT SOMEONES NATURAL RIGHT TO SECURE THE COLLECTIVE FROM A POSSIBLE INVISIBLE THREAT IN THE FUTURE…


Essential workers are heroes. No they are workers. There is no threat to Americas freedom accept for the restrictions of We the Peoples inalienable rights. A lot of people get sick and die. People in the medical field act heroically every day related to covid 19 or not. They have done so long before an will so long after. Men and Woman of character act according; derived from their principles and do not need politicians, corporate P.R campaigners 24/7 model teleprompter readers to blow smoke up their asses.

Thank you for all my fellow Americans that live their lives and extend themselves to our fellow Americans in the capacity that they can. No CDC or National certificate or NYC needed for approval TO SAY THANK YOU. All the signs and banners are all BULLSHIT by PROFESSIONAL BULLSHIT ARTISTS .MD…

( for a limited time only restrictions may apply )

QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY, BULLSHIT LINE of the DAY, sept. 2, 2020…




In all situations, from an overwhelming catastrophic event to a broken shoe lace type bump in the road. It is our responsibility to answer the question “WHY?” with a degree of honest understanding. That does not mean one does not seek outside information other than the fighting monkees in me cage [ brain/thought] – it actually demands such. Though we do not listen blindly to the “authority figure” whether that be the manicured caricature on the boob tube, the expert on your dad’s and uncles news channel, the coach or the priest, the guru twisted in a pretzel reciting verse even the guy wearing the white coat. We need to develop a degree of critical thinking for ourselves; individual discernment, people have been working so hard they get in ruts ( which we are convinced “IS “LIFE” ) and are flying on auto pilot most of the time taking care of business. Also We may work in a situation where my job demands I receive orders for my tasks of the day and in so we haven’t exercised those muscles in a long time. Its time to get them back in shape.

The questions to ask to begin such:

WHAT? what is the identity of the event…

WHO? what is the identity of the person, people, group …

WHERE? what is the identity of the location…

WHEN? what is time of…

WHY? ….???



“Why? Because I said so… “




” They scorn them for blindness after ordering their eyes to be poke out …”


NESCIENCE -the state of not knowing because the information was never made available. This is different than ignorance – the state of not knowing because one chooses to ignore fact , avoid addressing, confronting, investigating the factors.

We live in a world of illusion. We live in a construct of thought. The constitution derived from the declaration of Independence is derived from natural law; the actual. Generally speaking: We have gone so far into the secondary world of thought that We can barely utter a natural word. Every statement is derived from a political stance the image one has of oneself and the line of BULLSHIT inherent in such – my personalized P.R campaign. Whats in your wallet? FOX NEWS, CNBC, SPORTS CENTER, THE TIMES, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Our sense of self is completely dependent on the beliefs and Ideas one has accumulated from these authorities from start to now – my kindergarden teacher to my coach to this expert and that expert my friend his uncle my girlfriends / wife’s shit show circus with its traditions belief system but she has really great tits so???. These are natural states but we must understand { this is a general statement of course } that sometimes we gotta call out our own bullshit because we all got it. We need to as a country to move on. We need to get honest with our part in this mess. The truth is some people don’t know wtf is going on because they haven’t been given a second to breath. You may or may not understand things. All one has to do is stop for a moment – step back – get off the ride and take a moment a breath and look for ones self. We have come to a point in our country that We are so committed in backing up our BULLSHIT this country is being taken right from under us. REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATS ARE EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE…


“We’re all in this together”



…‘The standard view of how the system works is at serious odds with reality….

 ‘In this book, we sketch out a ‘propaganda model’ and apply it to the performance of the mass media of the United States . This effort reflects our belief, based on many years of study of the workings of the media, that they serve to mobilize support for the special interests that dominate the state and private activity, and that their choices, emphases, and omissions can often be understood best, and sometimes with striking clarity and insight, by analyzing them in such terms.’ (xi)- ‘The standard view of how the system works is at serious odds with reality.’ (xi)- ‘We do not contend that this is all the mass media do, but we believe the propaganda function to be a very important aspect of their overall service.’ (xi)- ‘Institutional critiques such as we present in this book are commonly dismissed by establishment commentators as ‘conspiracy theories,’ but this is merely an evasion. We do not use any kind of ‘conspiracy’ hypothesis to explain mass-media performance. In fact, our treatment is much closer to a ‘free market’ analysis, with the results largely an outcome of the workings of market forces. Most biased choices in the media arise from the preselection right-thinking people, internalized preconceptions, and the adaptation of personnel to the constraints of ownership, organization, market, and political power. Censorship is largely self-censorship, by reporters and commentators who adjust to the realities of source and media organizational requirements, and by people at higher levels within media organizations who are chosen to implement, and have usually internalized, the constraints imposed by proprietary and other market and governmental centers of power.’ (xii)- ‘The mass media are not a solid monolith on all issues. Where the powerful are in disagreement, there will be a certain diversity of tactical judgments on how to attain generally shared aims, reflected in media debate. But views that challenge fundamental premises or suggest that the observed modes of exercise of state power are based on systemic factors will be excluded from the mass media even when elite controversy over tactics rages freely.’ (xii)- ‘The propagandist naturally cannot reveal the true intentions of the principal for whom he acts….That would be to submit the projects to public discussion, to the scrutiny of public opinion, and thus to prevent their success….Propaganda must serve instead as a veil for such projects, masking true intention.’ Jacques Ellul (xiii)

Noam Chomsky Edward S. Herman, Manufacturing Consent


A Street wise street fighter, fire fighter, small bar business and building owner Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY once said ” they baffle them with BULLSHIT.”

REALITY TELEVISION: Has nothing to do with reality and a whole lot to do with BULLSHIT.

As a person that understands media. I know how its grammar is used. I understand the pre production – production and post production process.

Reality television is propaganda and it a great business model for the media company.

I am currently listening to a show a friend left on the television the content Homicide detectives. I am currently turning it off. Observation: there there are interviews of individual reality show people I noticed the speech patterns of the homicide show I was just listening to is exactly the same as multiple shows I have viewed. I first noticed they were directing the speech patterns for effect years ago when I viewed a reality show about a family customizing motorcycles. I saw the pattern emerge in a series about antique pickers and multiple others. I’ll add to this observation the television competition of independent artistries. Men and woman who make shtuff. Knives food shtuff in their own shops in their own kitchens. This reality television BULLSHIT brings them under the control of the corporation by directing them in this manner.

Also any show that takes place in a court room is a prostitution of our legal system which is intent to be derived from our Constitution but LOOKIE HERE : when it is put on television it is directed and controlled by – you guessed it – or not – the corporation.

Now you have homicide detectives in their sunday best being directed and under the authority od – you guessed it – or not – the corporation.

You have media crew taking a homicide detectives actual experience – having the detective tell the story in his words then coaching him to say it in the new reality TV speaking model- They are controlling the narrative – controlling it to an extent that they are altering the detectives speach patterns- only for entertainment purposes, of course. It reminds me of When Ronald and Nancy Reagan live in General Electrics “house of the future “- on the arm of the company as their representatives – good training for the White House. They are augmenting We the Peoples perception of reality and making it a norm if want of pursued achievement to all be controlled bye the corporation – like an ass puppet- for more shtuff $$$$$$$$$…. Whats your price???

How is it a great business model:

Television does not have to pay writers to create content they can plug into an independent lively hood such as commercial fishing. Media company pays boat owner and captain a fee – hire a camera crew and let the people do what they do.

to be continued…


“What do you have to worry about if your not doing anything wrong?”

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” I am the light that is above them all. I am the all; the all came forth from me, and the all attained to me. Cleave a (piece of) wood; I am there. Raise up a stone, and you will find me there.”









… Smile Jesus loves Ya…

another quote from a beloved friend who will remain anonymous…

HITTING the BRICKS : ROBERT,sept. 25th,2020…

Video issues corrected. Meet Robert, Brooklyn, NY. Join the conversation…

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Society is is born out of the “good” attributes of human nature; Government is of the ill’s of man the “bad” attributes of human nature”….

…Thomas Paine…


Geopolitics is a Global chess game. The white pieces lined up on one side of the black & white checker board and black pieces on the other side of the isle. Though once the board is recognized and the rules of the game understood , the pieces can be any color and shape; they will all adhere to the standard movement rules of the game and will be recognized in doing so. The pieces placed and set in their designated starting positions every game. The pawn may only move two steps forward on first move than one step ( social distancing of sorts ) the bishop may only move diagonally across manufactured battlefield / board .

So If We the People understand the fact that Global powers see our Freedom as an enemy to their power, control. We may see or observe the game in play and further observe that you are in play…. Globalists play geopolitical chess. Today the pieces being set are the Black & Blue lives matter movement game in play, The knights placed in the same starting position as always though with new colors and shapes: with military police flags ( black & white flags with blue stripes ) vowing GOD AND COUNTRY [ a psychological move played on these men since separation of church and state is a principle of Americas Freedom – God and Country is the battle cry of Monarchy – that is why We the People were meant to vigilantly stand on the foundation of our principles of Freedom, such as separation of church and state, and fight for them – We Forgot – though these misguided warriors were convinced they should die for God & Country- they have been played, deceived by the misguided, bribed, brainwashed and by the initial Deceivers that wish to subvert These United States principles of Freedom – God & Country is a pledge of allegiance to divine right – divine right was the anti- freedom belief and power system of monarchy- the vicar of God , God’s representative on earth { according to him and the church ) “DECLARED” the title of “Vicar” gave him dominion over the Earth and all living creatures , OVER YOU, the Vicar being God’s representative- the other part of this con – the Vicar also “DECLARED” that the monarch and his “royal’ blood line was anointed by God to have the same Dominion over the earth , “OVER YOU”. NEVER FORGET… THAT IS WHY &WHAT WE FOUGHT AGAINST IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR – AGAINST THE MONARCHY, DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE, IF YOU PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO GOD AND COUNTRY YOU ARE PLEDGING ALLEGIANCE TO TO RULE OF DIVINE RIGHT NOT FREEDOM – WETHER YOU SERVED IN THE MILITARY OR OR NOT- THAT IS SIMPLY THE FACTS OF THE SITUATION- NOT AN OPINION]

You are being played. They are setting up the Democrat and Republican pieces and the they are redefining the terms – its not a re-start or a new normal it is the Globalist reinstating Divine Right RULE through corporate / government partnership structures and Blue live black lives are the same game and board with the pieces with different colors and shapes being strategically manuevered [PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE ON WE THE PEOPLE ]. The news is no longer there to inform the public – they are professional shit stirrers with great tits ,high cheek bones and double windsor knotted ties and exceptional teleprompter reading skills… – All the news outlets are Corporate conglomerates owned by Globalist… The writing on the wall folks and on your mask wearing faces. The radicals are not on the left – the radicals are in the Health care military managers ( Globalist ) the radicals are those who want to deceive you and frighten you into handing over you freedom so they will protect you… They won’t it’s about control.

The government is not benevolent. It is a mechanism to deal with the fallibility of man. Our forefathers understood the human condition and the Constitution is written in accord to this… Character of a man is his constitution hence a body of individuals would adhere to the inherent natural law principles of an individual. Its natural law. Inalienable rights endowed bye the creator as Declared in the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Equlity, leaders amongst equalls. Separation of powers and checks and balance. That is why George Washington refused to be King and accepted a termed Presidency. This is why “For God and Country” is a direct war cry against separation of Church and State. We have nations such as Israel that considers itself a Jewish State – which is fine and should be respected but they do not adhere to our principles of Separation of church and state. Also Israel is a military state all their citizens are mandated to serve in their country. That is again against our principles of Freedom. We were never intended to have standing armies. Britain and Israel have influenced our nation with the Bethlehem doctrine. A doctrine that established Pre-emptive security as a societal component- It is Un Constitutional and Un American and goes against all principles of Freedom . The patriot act is of the same cloth. We reacted to 911 in an Un constitutional manner and these Global powers have used it to finally destroy FREEDOM THESE UNITED STATES – And you are not only complying you are blindly fighting for them “it” because you have been deceived and convinced Freedom is Servitude to the new King dressed as a global CEO or Government / private homeland security General. ALL UN AMERICAN. ALL UN CONSTITUTIONAL. THAT IS NOT OPINION THAT IS LOGIC. READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE…



“It’s for the best; really it is…”

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“I can’t breath”

George Floyde


Derek Chauven kneeled on this mans neck till dead. There is something not right. Not simply the fact that a man would kill another man in this manner but that he would do it in uniform in public as he did. Neuroweapons and CYBER SECURITY & BIO SECURITY industries. In the old days if you had a store front and your pane glass window was broken, repeatedly, and a gentlemen from the neighborhood approached you and said he was the neighborhood security and for a monthly fee he could protect your store. That man was most likely the guy breaking your window. Also Hegelian dialectic is a strategic tool of controlling both sides of the arguement or controlling both sides of the “war’ , “fight”. Please watch the Dr James Giordano lecture at West Point Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future:

What if Globalist are using Neurological weapons on Americans. There is evidence they are. What if The police officer Derek Chauven was being targeted with Neuroweapons and driven to Murder. At the same time People involved with Antifa or BLM may be targeted. These weapons are real. This is an actual possibility that needs to be addressed or investigated. We have Foreign intelligence agencies like the 8200 operating through corporations on American soil. Saudi companies like PTECH. This is the new way of war fare. Don’t take my word for it listen to the expert Dr James Giordano… They are doing this the question is to what extent???

QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY, sept. 22nd, 2020


“My two completed lifetimes and my third of a third lifetime have found the great majority of “savvy,” well-todo individuals I have met convinced that there exists an inherent inadequacy of life-support on planet Earth, and therefore that their own successful survival as well as that of those whom they cherish depends upon their cleverly learning more and more about how to be legally selfish and thereby to accomplish personal economic advantage by anticipatorily depriving others in directly undetectable ways. These ways are legally and socially accepted practices of deceiving and cheating the public— e.g., by altering the scoring system and the official “game rules” of the accrued monetary equities of other humans through zoning laws, “etc.” x 1010 ways.”

Buckminster Fuller, GRUNCHO GIANTS…


The covid 19 P.R campaign “PANDEMIC” is the next phase of this sugested above. It’s full synthetic “cyber bio – security” bloom being “TECHNOCRACY”…

BLM BLUE live matter are two sides of the same coin to create “Domestic Terrorist” in America so CYBER SECURITY INDUSTRIES & BIO SECURITY INDUSTRIES can reset the WAR ON TERROR financial winfall bonanza into a PRE-EMPTIVE SECURITY WINFALL BONANZA : where you can still maintain the military budget(s )of wartime with out actual war – the fear of an invisible threat [ all UN CONSTITUTIONAL all UNAMERICAN: a disease at the foundation roots of all American Constitution principles. FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG!!! ] FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES ARE THE ENEMY WITHIN. THE BETHLEHEM DOCTRIN [ written by Bethlehem who served for both Netanyahu and Tony Blair ] justifies pre-emptive action all illegal before the prostitution of 911]… Be honest and look around at the state of FREEDOM in THESE UNITED STATES… We the People dropped the ball and many ARM CHAIR PATRIOTS NEED TO PUT DOWN THEIR STIRO FOAM HAND AND FLAG WAVERS TAKE THE TAILGATE BALL SACKS OFF THEIR LUXURY PICK UPS AND ADMIT THEY, WE MADE MISTAKES IN TRUSTING AND ALLOWING THESE PEOPLE IN OUR DOOR. PICK UP AND READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND SHUT THE F*CK UP UNTIL YOU DO BECAUSE YOU FORGOT…

I think the actuall “domestic terrorist” are Cyber security subcontractors funding the left and right on the ground and evidence is Emergin Elite Foreign military intelligence like the 8200 of Israel are using Neuroweapons and after service create private companies- we have many here in NYC.. So we must learn and understand what neuroweapons are. The cop holding his knee on someones neck till death in public isnt rational and it is clear neuroweapons can manipulate rational thinking to escalate an individual anger fear depression, they are doing it all over the world and it is happening in NYC : https://cyber-torture. com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N02SK9yd60s


Go to 7:40 in the timeline of the video I will share below. Now please understand this is not a direct accusation of this CERT organization it is a questioning of the misplaced power of surveillance and possible criminal or domestic terrorism that can have the face of pre emptive security or counter terrorism and be used to target American civilians [ which is happening all over America ] – though when the surveillance infra structure is in place ( unconstitutional ) bad apples may use it when the benevolent volunteers are not aware. Or they can simply put a splitter in the fiber optic cables and hyjack all the surveillance technology as displayed in the small CERT trailer, shown in this video, and possibly broadcast it to all the local’s if they felt so inclined… Say if a group of bad apples in Staten Island targeted a local and stalked and contact traced this target, they could watch the target in their own living room(s) like a reality show. Watch them showering ,having sex using he bathroom in the privacy of their own home as well as follow their every step outside their home 24/7. Sound crazy??? Truth can be crazier than fiction???

You’ll notice in the video they can contact trace every CERT volunteer in real time. Their are people suggesting bad apples are tracking and tracing unsuspecting victims all over the globe but it is a factor in America and in NYC in your local community. This may sound like science fiction but it is not; I’ll put a few links below of actual patents and other factual based links. Think about it? How would an industry test a Global contract trace system being suggested as a pre-emtive tactic in the covid response??? Some are saying people are being chipped when released from prison. Others are suggesting welfare recipients are being unknowingly chipped as a test group. Others suggest that dissenters, political competitors, scorned cyber security contractor lovers are chipping and being chipped. There is a national gangstalking network and it has been suggested it is being run through infra guard, citizen corp and groups like this CERT outfit. It goes further as neuroscientist have the ability to take the biometric code readings, the biometric finger print of an individual human and create a neurolock , which gives the cyber terrorists the ability to dial into a human being, the target, like a cell phone – in which to cyber-torture target, I’ll put in a link to V2K Fact or Fiction??? Roger Tulces and electronics expert, http://bugsweeps.com/info/howard_hughes.html , gives his expert opinion and states: ” it is as easy as getting DNA from a targets personal garbage”. So the major issue is Homeland security has government private partnerships through out the country – Billion dollar Global companies can be operating through these trailers for their own interest undermining the Constitution and the principles of Freedom that IS AMERICA; an attack on We the People and no one would know. What a great way to subvert America??? Pre-emtive security is an Israeli and Brititsh idea, belief system, a way of life in their nations & is Un American & Un Constitutional. also Israeli Cyber Security Industry is working with China which is already subjugating their own people with this technology and surveillance state [ Wu Han China was not simply the place covid started but it IS, TODAY AS YOU READ THIS, THE WORLDS FIRST 5G SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE, SURVEILLANCE, TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE – It is called Technocracy- They wish to scare you into handing over all your rights for your safety and security – That is Un American Un Constitutional. And the Cyber torture and harrassment of targeted Americans IS terrorism in real time happening now, today as you read this and as I write this bye traitors and foriegn nation intelligence/ corporations…





QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY. SEPT. 20th, 2020…


“Dear Friend, If you haven’t already noticed, Technocrats wreck just about everything they touch. When I declared “War on Technocracy” in 2016, few paid attention or saw the need. However, with the COVID-19 global ‘pandemic’, we are now experiencingTechnocracy’s coup d’etat as they try to take over the entire world with fraudulent science and destructive social policies. Do you see what’s happening? Technocrats are wrecking the economy. They are wrecking our health care system. They are wrecking our health and the social stability of tens of millions of our citizens.Are you ready to stand up and throw this back in their face? How about right now?”

Quote from a correspondence , Patrick Wood, Editor and AuthorTechnocracy.News ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. – Edmund Burke ( ok 2 quotes )



What if the enemies of freedom do not want you to know they are subjecting YOU, We the People??? How would they do it??? Recall the days pre American Revolution. When the King’s minion(s) would line up, the nescient indoctrinated pawns, on the field of battle and strategically send each line to face off and kill each other and die “honorably” ( If you have seen the movie BRAVE HEART a high ranking minion of the King orders for the “front line “of Archers to fire at the Scottish terrorist & the King Longshanks replies ” Archers? Send the Irish in; Archers cost money” ) Though the King and company became civilized and realized with the advent of radio the king could maneuver his pieces on a typographical grid. With this technological advancement he could have the many lines of pawns on many fields at the same time. And limit His liability and secure his health by not standing on the field of battle with his men He could delegate orders through radio ( que music “get that pigeon ). So lets point out a couple of key points before moving forward – because the king is playing the same game; though the one green field of battle is now the globe and the pigeon that was the radio is now the internet and the field is global. But the new maneuver is that the psychological indoctrination of the nescient pawns in which they would march down a field and shoot each other dead on- well not simply nescience also the shaming of the pre-indoctrinated local infragaurd and citizen corp of the day. Also the necessity to eat and drink water. Also at the time of Monarchy and the lords and their soldiers enforcers and subjects: If a subject was caught picking up twigs for kindling, to start a fire [in order to not freeze to death or perhaps eat a boiled root] on land he wasn’t indentured to or zoned in, the Lord of the Manor may cut off his hands after raping his daughter or wife ( the raping simply the toll for the Lord having to go out of his way – the price of his time and royal presence, to the indentured servant subjects dwelling to cut off his hands- the Lord must serve his Imperious urge of ego and title at every moment and the indentured servant daughter or wife will do… I may have went on a bit there but here it be … the new move is to set nescient pawns against each other on the field of battle but not have them realize they are set up against each other on the field of battle… Whaaat slow motion left side… How’s your designer mask looking??? Does it match your hand bag??? Does it match your uniform??? Heroes on the “front lines”???

First. the idea that it is honorable to kill a fellow indentured servant ( on the opposing line of the field of battle for the King’s kissing cousins Husband ) was a part of this psychological maneuver, indoctrinization ( my own word ). Also the fact that if one wanted to eat and not have his daughter and wife raped bye the Lord of the manor it be best to comply. Thank God We the People have the Constitution of the United States of America. Right??? Slow motion right side….

… [ the difference between nescience & ignorance : nescience – one not knowing because the information was never available. ignorance – one has an idea that they are unaware of the factors but chooses to remain unaware ; choosing to ignore the unknown factors ] …

The Lord of the manor or his minions could walk into an indentured servant or tenants quarters any time they wanted and sometimes, taking a page out of the lords play book, the head minion would rape the Tenants wife or daughter, as a price for his time, the price of his royal presence… Reminds me a bit of how today, some how, the Global Health government / private partners ( re start new normal ROYALS ) and Global tech companies government / private partners Kings kissing cousins sons ) have found a new way into the “ESSENTIAL WORKERS” homes. Now through a health crisis the government ( public school system for an example) / private ( tech companies and CYBER SECURITY FOREIGN SUBCONTRACTORS ) “partners” can now train your daughters and sons to take orders from their chain of command in YOUR home. Via the internet GOD BLESS AMERICA. Though, obviously this isn’t the old traditional form of rape of subject by master this is the new-normal reset rape. I’m going to add another quote here: to add fact behind that statement of accusation, from an “Elite Essential Expert” Dr. James Giordano : The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future: Neuroweapons So the “rape” now isn’t the traditional form of rape the new norm the new rape reset is of the brain. but don’t take my word for it listen to this “Elite Essential Expert speak to the West Point Cadets ” on the “new normal” battlefield “reset of Neuroscience and “ETHICS” the new battlescape the human brain… [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N02SK9yd60s ]

If neurological scientists have stepped up the psychological indoctrination by going right into the biosphere of the brain, the natural electromagnetism of the brain, your wife’s brain your daughter’s brain ( neurology ). One has to understand thought is actually electricity between synapse carrying info ( not necessarily factual) which we call thought. Now if the King and his minions or the new normal reset Global CEO’s can get into the thought and feeling process via wifi- why waste time lining the nescient pawns on opposing sides of the field of Battle when, as the Expert’s like James Giordano state to the West Point cadets, “The new battlefield IS THE BRAIN” … his word not mine…

… lets take a moment to let that set in… I feel I may have put a lot of information out there in this daily observation and in doing so have not touched on all the points I intended to touch upon. Though “conflict of interest’ is where the “devil in the details’ lie. Example:: the conflict of interest in the corrupted medical industry in America ( perhaps Global ) : The hippocratic oath taken by Drs. to put the health and well being of their patients first before their personal gain comes into direct opposition and conflict of the law that make a corporation’s primary principle to put the monetary gains of their share holders before the ANYTHING ESLE – BEFORE OTHERS HEALTH AND WELL BEING – BY LAW…. Please sit with these facts for yourself – I’ll add a link to a documentary that touches on this in a concise manner below with other links :





Remember when We taught our children what Freedom was or did We Forget. Now the forefathers are terrorist. Why??? Because the British monarchy in which our forefathers fought the Revolutionary War was basically structured like today’s global corporations and it may be the same families who own todays Global cororations. King George the III wore a crown then and now Bill gates wears Spectacles and an expertly worn smile, folded hands and crossed legs pose – Jeff Bezos wears a parrot on his shoulder and a phalic object up his anus ( That may have been a doctored picture so research yourself ) and the real movers and shakers in which we never see or hear their name wear our politicians as ass puppets on some guys hands that they are paying. So who knows what they are wearing but We do know they do not have We the Peoples Freedom or any human on the planets freedom on their mind unless it be a means of leverage to F*ck them ROYALLY.

Simply: Corporate structures do not act from the Principles of our Declaration of Inedpendence and Constitution. The Globalist convinced America that “Capitalism’ IS America and America Is Capitalism vrs against the evil “Communism’ . NO we are a Constitutional Republic that initially used freemarkets as our economy to serve our society. As a component of our freedom centered society in which The enemies of freedom the British Imperialists ( Globalists) manuevered to usurp the the society center of and from the freedom of We the People to “Capitalism”. After this successful manuever the chessgame is in play – The con of the Federal Reserve act which took the control of our currency and gave it to private foreign bankers who continue to F8ck US today as they have you your children and Grandchildren set up for debt slavery. Then to skip many moves to some glaring points the manuever of pulling America into a war on foreign soil, foreign war(s) WWI WWII in which British Intelligence ( created by a corporation The British East India co) was able to corrupt out transparency of government and sovereignty by creating the CIA extending their intelligence virus of freedom in our country, Than creating the P.R campaign of the cold war: the Communist taste great verse Capitalist less filling campaign in which the Globalists were able (with a slight of hand) to fight for Capitalism – which established centralized banking and the “idea” “belief system ” that America was IS a “capitalist country” when in fact We the People are a constitutional Republic. That should and will choose what economic system that serves We the People as a healthy component of our country. But they were good at there BULLSHIT. So now Freedom isn’t Free. Freedom of Speech and Freedom to assemble are crimes. Americans no longer have the sanctuary of privacy in their home – The declaration of Globalist ” new normal ” Is that for the safety of others from a possible invisible threat the health government private partners get to exert authority over Americans and their children in what was once the privacy of their own home by putting the structure of “schooling” or their work place in their living room. But thats not all folks. Foreign CYBER SECURITY contractors are using neuroweapons on American civilians who are being deemed enemies of the state for calling out Foreign corporations and their Homeland security and military partners for robbing tax payers and torturing American civilians. This is happening NOW . The Governor of Georgia was having contractors sign oaths that they will never speak out about Israel if they were to get contractor licences and a University representative attempted to away an American journalists Abbie Martins freedom of speech by having her sign this oath of silence before addressing the students at a lecture she was invited to but refused to sign a oath not to speak about the foreign country Israel. The goal of the globalists seems clearly to have Americans exercising their inalienable rights [ ex. 1st Amendment; Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.] targeted as domestic terrorist.

QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY… SEPT.17th,2020

“Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

Quote : President Ronald Reagan


The terms have been redefined. American cannot conceive of what the Ronald Reagan Quote means. We the People’s inalienable rights have been written off as corporate collateral damage . America’s new Homeland security patriot act of government private corporate partnerships governance. Setting up smart cities as foreign CYBER SECURITY CORPORATIONS ARE torturing and surveilling American citizens as I type this- they would call it research and development. Though they are not American so they need not adhere to our Constitution or our Declaration of Independence or human rights. Look at the apartheid state that is the Gaza and look at the slaughtering of the Tibetans by the Communist Chinese where their “ESSENTIAL WORKERS” / Chinese communist work slaves are jumping out of windows rather than suffer the slavery they are subjugated to and We the People have turned a blind Eye. Do you know Wuhan China is already a social credit score 5g technocratic surveillance state??? No more communism CYBER_SECURITY TOTALITARIANISM HAS BEEN RESET ALREADY THE NEW NORM. CYBER SECURITY BIO SECURITY . Israel’s cyber security tech experts of government corporate military state are and have been working with their new restart BFF China…. And they are our Homeland security Government private BFF partners at the forefront of CYBER SECURITY here on our shores . Do you think they give a F*ck about you or your family – No because all of the debt written that your children will be paying off from their labor is going to all these Homeland security private partners today ( not just Israeli their are plenty of hands up our asses and in American pockets. What was President Reagan saying about government??? Here are some facts and numbers YOU PUT THE DOTS TOGETHER YOURSELF AND THAN GO KICK YOURSELF IN THE BALLS BECAUSE We the People are F*CKED & the principles of Freedom this country stands on are being PAWNED…

Here’s some factors & numbers…

For Fiscal Year 2020 (FY2020), the Department of Defense’s budget authority is approximately $721.5 billion ($721,531,000,000). Approximately $712.6 billion is discretionary spending with approximately $8.9 billion in mandatory spending. The Department of Defense estimates that $689.6 billion ($689,585,000,000) will actually be spent (outlays).[1] Both left-wing and right-wing commentators have advocated for the cutting of military spending.[2][3]

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security

In an age of pandemic malware and network instructions, the Budget requests $1.3 billion for programs such as Federal Network Protection, Proactive Cyber Protection, and Infrastructure Security, which will allow DHS to safeguard the federal government’s civilian information technology systems against cybersecurity risks. It also supports the maturation of the Department’s n



For Elite Israeli Intelligence Alumni, Cybersecurity Is Out and Health Tech Is In

World-famous for their hacking skills, many former members of the IDF’s elite 8200 unit see the convergence of biology and data as Israel’s next hot industry, and want in




Self Defense is not Terrorism. If a person is being attacked by Cyber Security Neuroweapons. Silent Weapons for Silent Wars. Then any act of agression on the targets part is Self Defense. Just as Israel and British elites, along with global power brokers, used 911 to mask an act of aggression to conquer, reset the Middle east ( with central banks and puppet derived leadership) as the first phase of The Great reset before the second phase “covid 19” “PANDEMIC” which is the soft war tactic of conquering the rest of the world. The British and Isaeli’s are great at terrorizing people Secretly ( Palestine is an apartheid state ) and causing chaos by actually terrorizing the people of the land they are occupying and assuyming Iomminemt Domain. Then when the terrorized people – such as those in the middle east – retaliate the Israeli’s and Brits and their War Crime accomplices charge them as terrorist and take your tax dollars to kill them and put the rest to work as slaves in their authoritarian central bank economy. Their would be zero , none , ziltch, nada no f…in refugees if this terrorist branch of the pre emptive security arm of this new global alliance wasn’t occupying and destroying the natural order and lives of the natural inhabitants. https://cyber-torture.com/ So if people protest Homeland security and their Israeli Brit alliance and their fusion centers that are targeting Americans on American soil. It is not ANTI- SEMITISM it is not a HATE CRIME it is NOT DOMESTIC TERRORISM IT IS SELF DEFENSE. So id Israeli Cyber Security are attacking Americans on American soil they will be met with aggression. Hiding behind fusion center walls will not protect them from American who are not complying. Homeland security and their e GAURDIAN secret network ( DEEP STATE) group chat have been targeting Americans for years. Targeting Woman as well as men. Just as renditions took suspected terrorist out of countries that had laws against torure. The Cyber Rendition is when Cyber security firms that have residence in Israel can claim they can cyber torture Americans on American soil because they are not acting within the American jurisdiction. So they have it coming. I am a man that does not believe in acts of violence or aggression as an ends to a means though I know that self defense is a principle and my right our right We the Peoples rights. As for the word “terrorism” the Boston tea party was an act of terrorism against the crown corporation. From the perspective of the British crown the Founding fathers are “terrorist”.


The Modern Trojan Horse

It was once attributed to a central banker this boast ” I care not who sits on the thrown of the Empire in which the sun doesn’t set because it is he who controls the money supply that rules the day and I control the money supply ” an English guy with a fancy hat …

If we take the Fancy mans word how would that apply today ??? … I have a suggestion … It is not the man who sits in the oval office or the world leaders in their capitol buildings that rule the world it is he who controls he digital internet of everything. For example after 911 the blame was put on the lack of communication between intelligence agencies and homeland security was created. Though what is not mentioned is that digital operating systems such as e GAURDIAN: is an information sharing platform. This means that corporations , some foreign, are controlling the information. you can put a classified stamp on anything but if you are having a Spy deliver the message the stamp don’t mean shyeeeiiit … Also seems very curious that the same owners of this information transfer system want to kill cash an have all commerce be traded in the digital operating systems THEY control.

The story goes like this. The English banker with the fancy hat had the faster pigeon carriers in England. This Fancy Sophisticat knew Napoleon lost at Waterloo before the rest of the London Stock exchange… It is said in lore that he went before the exchange as was his ritual and those who would read him for a tip of the day reported that their were signs in his demeanor that expressed that Napoleon had won. So the markets took of on a frenzy based on that inside dope. Though it was a con an later in the day the fancy hat man cornered the market.

eGuardian — FBI

https://www.fbi.gov/resources/law-enforcement/eguardianThe eGuardian system is a sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information-sharing platform hosted by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division as a service on the Law Enforcement…Security Clearances for Law EnforcementIn response to the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001,…iGuardianThe iGuardian portal is an evolution of eGuardian, the platform…