HzB Olivia Braccio East Coast Photographer an American Insight

[ 3-31-22 ]–PHOTO-2ND-EDIT-:f?r=9R3feqaJcSRrxZyUX9neydfuPTBVA365

… Still Photography and writing produced by Olivia Braccio this piece of media is of a compositional form IMPLICATE ABSTRACTION ( composer, tis himself, James Ford HzB ) note Olivia’s photographic production quality is greater than what has been incorporated in this work. IMPLICATE ABSTRACTION is about compositional form as component – in itself – of the communication – as well as improvisation in all aspects of Film production ( or any medium of production derived from compositional principle ) . This piece diminishes the high quality of Olivia’s photo’s & prints…Olivia is on the scene at NY Rallies – though she has other artistic facets if you would like to see some of her work or purchase art prints or wall art take a gander at her site: … ??? …

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