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The Players Theatre Self Production Residency REEL:

STUPEFiED solo performance James Ford in an original composition plays JINGI a Hobo navigating degrees of illusion; some welcomed some not…

… absurdist art using space and object work playing multiple characters in an orchestrated montage – heightening and exploring the every day habituation that we see playing out in our common world experience. Jingi a vagabond finds a spot in an alley to steal away from the world & have a drink with an imaginary friend – though this welcomed diversion is interrupted by unwelcomed delusions which expresses itself in this performance work as 5 scenes : CLANDESTINE PANCAKES – CAPOTE & SAM – FAMILY COFFEE – SUPERMAN LIBERTY – IMPERSONATION OF MODERN WAR all distinctly different stories with the common theme of our conditioning and habituation. We are all human. We are all fallible. We are all responsible. Using a compositional form IMPLICATE ABSTRACTION the form is content- all transitions are fluid and part of this original orchestration. I was introduced to Viola Spolin in the studios of THE PLAYERS THEATER By Hal Pellar – cultivated the depth of character and story through reference practicing long form improv, Playing with one of the greats Jeff Mchalski in your studios. Please consider this performance for The Players Theater Residency.


James Ford