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Amend the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. We The People take back our control over our National currency as it was meant to be as it was first agreed upon and penned in We the Peoples Constitution of These United Stats of America.. Perhaps the Gold Standard. We may still honor the federal reserve old agreements ( perhaps not the frauduelent post 911 and post covid debt but all pensions and current holdings it will simply no longer be our central bank ) we can still deal with the new Global Federal Reserve and their intended digital cashless currency. We simply maintain our sovereignty by trading our own currency of hard cash within our borders…

BABBLE FROM THE RABBLE 17. QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY, BULLSHIT LINE of the DAY… We need “right” THINKing people… [ anything in this conversation that draws your attention to Pres Trump or the upcoming election is secondary – placing principles before personality will be the tag line of the OBSERVATIONS summary ]


‘We need right thinking people.”


To place principles before personality.

pardon production value : digital gremlins with monkee wrenches…


This is the right way the only way to do it.




NYPD motto”Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect” replaces “To Protect and to Serve“… ???



‘Two foriegn actors Iran and Russia took specific action to influence public opinion related to our election…’ FBI SPOKESPERSON

– correction Richard grove was not a soft ware engineer he was a corporate software sales man – please click link below for OBSERVATION –



We need right THINKing people.


QUOTE: Thomas Jefferson – Here is the first two paragraphs from the first draft of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE that Thomas Jefferson wrote in his own hand. He brought this to the founders and they observed it worked on it till they printed final draft.

‘When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a people to advance for that subordination in which they have hitherto remained, & to assume among the powers the equal and present station to which the laws of nature and nature’s god entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind that declare the causes which impel them to change.

We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of life,& liberty & the pursuit of happiness : that to secure these ends, governments are instituted, governments are instituted amongst men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed;


I do not see anything about “protecting” “health” and “wealth” as I heard dr Fauci declare was his duty to America. Click link below for livestream observation…

click this link.


Vera Sharav, renowned champion of human rights and expert in biomedical research ethics, Ms. Sharav offers rare and valuable insights into the public health arena and state of emergency affecting each and every one of our lives.
( interview Stand for Health Freedom:…, )…

QUOTE(s) :

1.’When medicine veer away from the hippocratic oath that promises to respects the individuals right to do no harm to the individual than you are going to harm the community as well because…” [opening of video/ interview]

2. ,,, history has told that story not fully but to a great degree … it’s un heard of that this should happen today in 2020 and this is called a civilized way to deal with a public emergency … I think each one needs to evaluate it themselves , it doesn’t matter whether I link it to Nazis… that’s not the point the point is what was done, what were the policies, what was the rational – they had a similar rational, remember, they wanted to get rid of what they called “worthless eaters”… – there economy was very bad at the time, this was war time, everything was going for the war and civilians didn’t have enough to eat, as well, there were shortages. This was their way of dealing with the folk. Forget the individual… what I am saying is when you eliminate the sanctity of the individual person you are crossing that line – you’re no better… [ 20:00 on video time line]

3. … it makes absolutely no sense in a medical way but if you have contracts and business to worry about I guess it makes sense – these babies are being used … it begins in the public health arena public health is government and that is what happened in Nazi Germany all of medicine ended up being “PUBLIC HEALTH” once you have medicine in partnership with government* there is no individual care the hippocratic oath goes out the window and since you have the government behind you the DR is not responsible for their actions they are working together with the state. THAT’S WHEN MEDICINE BECOMES WEAPONISED…AND WHAT I HAVE DESCRIBED IS WEAPONISED MEDICINE. IF THEY DICTATE WHAT MEDICINE IS GIVEN TO YOUR CHILD AND YOU DON’T HAVE A SAY THAT INVITES ALL KINDS OF SERIOUS VIOLATIONS OF YOUR CHILD AND YOUR ROLE AS THEIR PARENT AND GAURDIAN…[33:03] * (DR JAMES GIORDANO WEAPONIZED NEUROSCIENCE)

4. … the media is very much a part of the business empire that is “RULING” that vaccines are an empire… and now they really want to do a vaccine globally – do you know what kind of a market that is? More than 7 billion people for a vaccine canyou even count the kind of profits no matter what they charge for it – that’s what there goal is thats the whole allure of the covid 19 vaccine. ITS THAT MARKET… BILL GATES SAID IT ON CAMERA RECENTLY ” WHAT’S A FEW BILLION DOLLARS WHEN WE ARE TALKING TRILLIONS”…


Generally in health care our current problem is not covid 19 but the conflict of interest that exists between the * hippocratic oath taken by Drs in which the health of the patient is the priority ( individual rights) and comes before all else and the inherent conflic with law bound corporate priority of putting the corporations profits and share holders before all else * ( your individual rights)


Gatherings: Non-essential gatherings must be limited to 25 people maximum for both indoor and outdoor settings…

*( Mussillini’s definition if fascism is the merge of corporate & government )



* ( the corporation documentry )



QUOTE: Dr. James Giordano, lecture @ Modern War Institute, West Point

… so the idea of the brain as the battlescape is very important and more importantly is this other acronym up there (projection screen) which is W.M.D’squared please get use to this because this is going to be part of an idea of regular warfare and an ongoing “innovation” in your careers. Weapons of mass destruction and disruption. Disruption and influence will be the key to creating peer capabilities and “asymmetrical engagements”… DR. JAMES GIORDANO *[I” put link to video of lecture below with others]


Does “asymmetrical engagements” mean that the target can be hit with out the soldier being present??? Drone? Lap top warfare; laptops wifi satelites 5g 6g Cyber???

The new term is W.M.D’squared . “WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION & MASS DISRUPTION. One tactic of targeting is to hit a target with D.E.W (directed energy weapons) at strategic times. In a 9-5 world the target will be hit at 2:30 in the morning. That means hit with energy – tazed – enough to keep target awake ( = disrupt normal sleep pattern ) to make target uncomfortable “disrupt” normal energy distribution so that target will shake but not be electrocuted to injury in that present moment but the electronic attack will ware at the body incrementally for the long term injury and health damage – Being hit with D.E.W (directed energy weapons) initiates energy at un wanted times so as to “disrupt” natural use of natural energy when needed – “disrupts” cognitive continuity in targets tasks, occupationally “disrupted”, lively hood related obligations “disrupted” . Targets miss dead lines, time sensitive meetings. “Disrupts” targets life with family and friends “disrupts” work relationships. This is done in secrecy – the target doesn’t know these weapons exist ( until now ). Target is unaware they are being systematiclly attacked; The tactic is called DECOMPOSITION a new form of *Zersetzung. These I believe , I may be wrong, are the, so called, non touch torture tactics whispered about in our clandestine( Homeland security???) corridors and they are being used on American civilians. If a Dr can take a cataract off of the cornea of the human eye with a laser and a LRAD mounted Humvee can hit a group of protestors with an ear drum rupturing audio blast to disperse a crowd it is not a far stretch to see that D.E.W (directed energy weapons) can be used to target an individual sleeping in their home or any where else. Do you know what all these wifi devices on lamp posts and buildings do??? Perhaps they have dual uses. Perhaps they do more than simply run youtube video and cable t.v. Is it weaponized as Dr James Giordano suggest in this video??? I say it is – I know it is; because I have been targeted for years BUT never mind me – Is this happening to Americans on American soil??? Watch this and see for yourself. Can you handle the truth???*


Has the Homeland Security model been taken from the STASSI??? Please check the wkipedia link in nest line to compare

BABBLE from the RABBLE EPISODE 11. QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY, BULLSHIT LINE of the DAY… & accompaniment…


‘ What we are here to talk about today is the fact that the brain “IS” and will be the 21 ‘st century battlescape in many ways. End of Story. We can stop it there and I could let you go back to your respected units and think about that for a while but I’m here to tell you, absolutley, as much as there is a big old Tyrolean nose on this face. That you will encounter some form of neurocognitive science “THAT AS BEEN WEAPONIZED” not only in your military career but in your personal and professional lives. Irrespective if those two things coincide or not. So the idea of the brain as a battlefield is very important and more importantly is this acronym up there ( projection screen )WMD D… ( weapons of mass destruction and disruption ) [ please watch full video ] Dr. James Giordano


Personal experience:

This is happening. I was targeted while living in Staten Island NY and have been a target for years. I am a civilian and have never served in any branch of government. ( I’ll put links to neuroweapons patents and DEW – directed energy weapon patents at the footnotes )

General Observation:

These weapons are a crime against humanity. In this lecture to the West Point cadets, Dr Giordano speaks in a manner as if the idea that manipulating the natural organic process of the biochemistry the manipulation of the nature electrical field (s) of the human being is justifiable. It is not, As he states above they have already declared the brain a “battlefeild”. This is unacceptable. It has already been turned on America civilians as well as people all over the globe. Cyber- security is what it is peddled as.


In the past after war there are soldiers who had aquirred skills and tools of war. The hired sword the hired gun. Men became law men, outlaws. showmen. Now in our modern age, in areas like Israel they have an elite cyber – security and hacking unit called the 8200. The once hired guns are the CEO of the Israeli top corporations in cyber security and tech industries and they are Global. They are well established here in the United States and New York city. They have stated “health bio securities as the next market. (* I’ll put link below). It seems homeland security is running on this type of government intelligence corporate intelligence partnership. It seems that these relationships get strategically muddled in the local fusion centers and may act in the shadows through local infra guard and citizen corp groups. Actually where ever the tentacles of this homeland security intelligence artificial mechanism can reach: the homeland security ties with the local police dept, fire dept, hospital and health care units. As long as a unit can be connected with a citizen app or the Homeland security citizen / gov app then they are plugged into the 24 / 7 surveillance grid we are currently living in aaannnddd it can all be weaponized as the good Dr states in the West Point lecture. I’ll put a link to the Staten Island CERT video ( start at 7:30 on the timeline of CERT video.) in which contact tracing and surveillance is being used for a good cause though the implications of what the negative uses are regarding this discussion and the misuse of this technology seem evident. It is very easy for a hacker to hyjack such a system. They can literally hyjack the system and watch those same screens in their own living rooms, if they chose to. Tracking and tracing people who have not volunteered for contact tracing. It has also been suggested that this is being done to parolees and welfare recepients with out their consent. That brings up the issue of bio tech and contact tracing. I’ll put another link below that maps out from the OBAMA ADMINISTRATIONS BRAIN INITIATIVE – I’ll also add link to the new yorker article that speaks on how Israeli Massad and 8200 cyber security companies have targeted American for hire and actually use the fact that they are based in Israel and outside American law as a selling point on their websites.

We must begin to consider that irrational events such as the George Floyde murder may be the result of neuroweapons??? That does not justify the action or the part that racism plays in America. It suggests Global players may use such events to effect the hearts and minds of the American people. It needs to be questioned. It is the point of neuroweapons to strategically manipulate emotions, thoughts, behavior for outcome based actions…


We are all in this together….

Technology patents:


QUOTE: visual reference JP, How Social Distancing Rules Are Created:


All one needs to do is stop for a moment and look at the words our government is using to communicate to us. “SOCIAL DISTANCING”. I first noticed something awry, as it were, ( insert Richard Attenborough impression ) when i saw ( years ago ) the P.R sign for “VISION ZERO”. Take into consideration NYC is the epicenter of the business world ( or was ) . NYC . gov has an a team of public relatiion professionals, lawyers, strategical planners. Every detail is worked out in a think tank or board room systematically before given ” the go” “the ok” by the “boss” before any political campaign is launched whether it be for social good, safety or the subverion of the foundational principles of These United States of America. So there is no mistake in the word choice. No mistake in the syntax. The syllables are measured as a beer commercial OR cereal commercial would be – so it resonates with the public – lingers in the brain- whistling while they work. For example: “Tastes Great – Less Filling” “Glove Doesn’t Fit You Gotta Aquit” . ” The Nag Factor” [ watch this link in regard to manipulating children for the sale ]

“VISION ZERO”. What is that saying??? Zero vision??? Blindness??? This is an ambiguously negative statement. That may sound like a stretch though every time you see those words you are exposed to those words and the references your mind makes in “NANO SECONDS”. Also “GROUNG ZERO” has the same amount of letters and the same syllable structure the exact spacial setting as “VISION ZERO”. If you watched the video above on child advertising you will see how the prostitution of such things is simply a business maneuver. I’m not making a judgement it is simply the fact of the advertising and Public Relations mode of operation [ I may have just did it myself]. Again don’t take my word for it; watch the experts speak for themselves in the video. “VISION ZERO” sound like “GROUND ZERO” so their is a resonance of the political narrative and prostitution of the event. The advertising and P.R teams have Dr’s and Psychologists on their teams with the specific intent of performing these psychologically strategic maneuvers [ i repeat watch video above]. “VISION ZERO” is intended to be a safety governmental mandate to protect walking pedestrians while enforcing driving laws on Drivers [ I am not judging this just pointing out factors ] We have to understand there are climitization factors happening incrementally ( boiling frog syndrome ). We may agree that speeding is irresponsible and for the reasonable safety we create “regulations”, “laws”. We the People must remember: The automobile is the owners property and at one time that was simply the case – you own it your say so- no one else’s business- unless you trespass against another in the operation of your property. Though because of the dangers of automobiles we decided to have people take tests for licenses in order to make sure they were capable of this task. Then car registration was mandated and insurance as well. Is this what we are going to do with the human body??? Is their goal to give every human being a digital registration via a vaccination for virus safety??? As we mandated car regulations and “law” to protect the safety of walking pedestrians from reckless driving are they suggesting we regulate man walking for the safety of walking pedestrians from recklessly walking pedestrians- via the “Cindy has the Sniffles Pandemic??? Take a moment an look at this before you discount this. I don’t need or want to be right & I don’t give a F… what you think of me. This is important, the future of America is at stake. If I’m wrong- I’d be happier than the nay sayer. Principles should be put before personalities here [ if not always ]. The principles of the Constitution. Not my or your political stance or pension plan.


They are playing the same game as stated above. If you have read this far there is no need for me to explain any further. George Orwell termed it “double speak”. I had a friend once call it out simply as “Baffling with Bullshit”. Some one has a white coat on so we must comply to what he and the manicured man on the boob tube sais. Hard working civil servants sent their kids to college to get degrees; to become P.R men, Adverting execs, BULLSHIT ARTIST MD’s so we all must comply; comply dutifully like good soldiers, with out validated or peer reviewed source material or FACTS. FACTS not necessary when we need to feed the pension and health care insurance system ( goddamn illegals adding to the 51 Billion dollar debt we are writing for this years Homeland security budget- how much of that tax payer money is going to Israeli cyber security 8200 companies??? Both here in the U.S and in Israel itself or the Suadi and Afghanistan Pre-emptive security groups, or hell, the whole middle east – all for your safety – goddamn undocumented workers… ). Principles of the Constitution simply words to be forged, words to be debated in competition, to WIN, to show how good a degreed collegiate can debate – win a position win the girl and win to make Mom and Dad proud and show much their college tuition has paid off, how much their parents hard work has paid off, [That’s what it is to be American??? Right???]. Constitution be Damned 1st amendment be damned, hell freedom be damned. Hows my designer mask look??? Does it match my clip board??? “I can’t see it from over here- show it to me when you get your Biotech cyber-security one love vaccination HERO shot…” “TASTE GREAT” vs “LESS FILLING”…