“Covid 19 does not equate contagion.”

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny


We are not in a “PANDEMIC”. If some one gets covid 19 as one gets a cold they will be sick for a couple of days and be well. The death comes from secondary complications in those that are old and already sick with weak immune systems. As it does with every type of illness this is no exception. People it’s part of nature – people get the flu – people get the cold – this is no different except for how the Global power brokers responded to this planned crisis…

We have been conned by the media machine. We have been hit from all sides by a multi faceted P.R campaign with a budget in the high millions if not billions. A GLOBAL Media machine. FOX news the “AMERICAN PATRIOT CHANNEL” is owned by Rubpert Murdoch who owns similar bullshit delivery systems in every country on the planet. CNBC is in the same manure game. ( So people know there is plenty of bullshit being imported and exported to Americans from both sides of the political digital isle) In Australia Rubpert Murdoch headed off the Australian compulsory vaccination campaign: No jab, no play. No tickie No shirtie… Catchie little jingle.. taste great less filling… these colors don’t run [ unless we are standing 6 feet apart and are wearing our compulsory masks ]

“FLATTEN THE CURVE” is the jIngle of the DAY in The Home of the Free Land of the Brave. Great sell. Selling We the People a bunch’ a’ Bullshit. Knut Wittkowski PHD called it out early.*( I’ll add 2 links below.) Knut Wittkowski has over 20 years of experience explains in the videos below that when dealing with a virus such as COVID 19 (any for that matter) what is wanted is a spike in the curve. Everyone who will get it should get it ASAP and go through it as soon as possible [ CHICKEN POX PATIES FOR CHILDREN] ; the old and weak should take extra precaution THOUGH the sooner “HERD IMMUNITY” IS ACHIEVED THROUGH THE SPIKE IN THE CURVE THE SAFER THE OLD AND WEAK WILL BE. WE DID THE OPPOSITE. We didn’t know what the terms being used meant. No one defined the terms for We the People. No one was honest with the public. In a crisis it is responsible to stop all normal behavior in order to asses all the factors of the possible dangerous situation. THOUGH after it is assessed one simply returns, responsibly, to the freedom of their daily lives in – THESE UNITED STATES IT IS CALLED INALIENABLE RIGHTS ENDOWED BY THE CREATOR. We are not being dealt with as fellow Americans. We are being dealt with like the help. You are being handled by middle-managers and handled poorly & lied to. Don’t take my word for it here’s some links to the DR’s & EXPERT: DR SHERRY TENPENNY