EASIER SAID THAN DONE-BUT F’IT: THE POSITIVE SOLUTION TO THE DIGITIZATION AND CASHLESS SOCIETY MOVEMENT.: HERE IT IS: The Federal Reserve is a private bank at its heart with pageantry like connections to the “federal” government (FACT) WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD GO BACK TO COINING OUR OWN CURRENCY AS IT IS DECLARED IN OUR CONSTITUTION. LET THE FED AND ITS INTERNATIONAL NETWORK KEEP ITS DIGITAL MONETARY SYSTENM AND ITS DEBT AND LETS REPEAL THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT AND TAKE CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY. An international banking tycoon once said ” I do not care who sits upon the thrown of the Empire on which the sun never sets. Because it is he who controls the money supply that controls the empire and it is I who controls the money supply.” Lets take back our right to coin our money regain our National sovereignty and tell these F…ERS to go back where they came from. EASIER SAID THAN DONE – VERY EASY THOUGH – ITS LIKE THE VERRAZANO BRIDGE – THEY CONVINCE YOU THEY OWN WHAT IS YOURS- ABRACADABRA

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