If the federal reserve lent $ to foriegn nations after the last economic crash – then it is clear that they are acting in a manner that is outside the the original task given to them ( federal reserve is a private corporation and the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT had to be written in order to take our right of coining of our currency into the hands of the private enterprise of the Bankers running the FEDERAL RESERVE ) – it seems clear they have global interests that do not put our country’s, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , interests first? Also with the digital transfer of $ through the digital air waves where trillions of dollars can be transfered globally through an email, it seems like we need to take some steps to protect America’s sovereignty? A suggestion is that since there are aspects of Washington D.C [federal government- telecommunications act 1996] and the federal reserve that act or function as a corporation ( similar to The City of London) means they are external mechanisms. Our Constitution states we Declare our independence the inalienable rights endowed by the creator ( understanding this is stated with the seperation of church and state in mind) we are living being that take priority over external mechanisms made bye man and that the blood running through our veins is where THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE begins: we are all created equal, there is no divine right ( that was a mechanism of power a leveraging tool of the monarchy ) their isn’t any blood type that gives any human being authority over another human being. We can simply repeal THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT and begin coining our own currency again, backed by gold or some type of non digital tangeable substance. That doesnt mean we dismiss the or not honor the federal reserve notes and the economic holdings of Americans that now exist. It simply means that perhaps a new mode of economic operation (free-markets derived from constitutional principles?) is in scraping this failing mode and simply returning back to the basic principles of our forefathers stated in the constitution which may allow America WE THE PEOPLE maintain our national sovereignty by controlling our money source? It may be that simple. I stand on the first amendment and believe it is my constitutional right and in fact DUTY to ask such questions. WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our power take back our country and we do not need organized police military or political authority to do so WE THE PEOPLE are meant to govern – of the people bye the people. We are far of track if speaking about constitutional rights or acting from our constitutional rights can be deemed suspiscious or terrorist activity.

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