There was a shooting of a police officer. A man was shot. This is wrong it is a crime. A member of one of the police groups tweeted : “Mayor DeBlasio, the members of the NYPD are declaring war on you! We do not respect you, DO NOT visit us in hospitals. You sold the NYPD to the vile creatures, the 1% who hate cops but vote for you. NYPD cops have been assassinated because of you. This isn’t over, Game on!”

Game on. People are getting shot and people are using terms like game on. Perhaps he has some political asperations. Who are the vile creatures he speaks of? the 1 % Is it wall streer? Are all the NYPD’S FDNY’S or all the civil servants pensions vested in wallstreet? Are’t they the 1 % this man is speaking about. He said that the Mayor is embolding criminals. Perhaps its people who hold a position of serving and protecting NY’ers getting the idea that they can DECLARE WAR on Mayors or civilians? Could it be the fact we have been in a WAR on TERROR for 20 FN years and a militerizede police force. I am not a democrat. I believe vision zero is a globalist manuever to subvert individual rights and sovereignty and state sovereignty because its part of an international movement- so I’m no big fan of the Mayor. Becareful if any elected official / servant uses the word IMMENENT THREAT it has been redefined “legally” in the Bethlehem Doctrin to justify pre-emptive action do or from “intelligence rom clandestine think tanks or sources without any checks and balances if threat is an actual immInent basically drop your pants “trust me I’m a gynocolgist ” or “proctologist”. They are banging the drums people and I dont think the man who made this statement lnows what its about- he is a guy that is gets gratifications and breadcrumb rewards for banging it the loudest. PERHAPS THE PEOPLE EMBOLDENING THE CRIMINALS ARE THE OPIOD DEALERS “GYNOCOLOGISTS/ PROCTOLOGISTS ” or the new intelligence contractors targeting individual Americans to illicet a response so that the can take pre-emPtive action? The police are not military – DIVIDE AND CONQUER PEOPLE- IT SEEMS DOME CHAOS IS BEING DRUMMED UP SO THEY CAN IMPLEMENT SOME TYPE OF ‘AUTHORITY” THAT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Or I can be seeing this from a bad perspective? That’s not a crime YET…

https://legal.un.org/counsel/Bethlehem%20-%20Self-Defense%20Article.pdf HERS BETHLEHEM DOCTRIN – DOUBLE CHECK SOURCE I’M NO EXPERT

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