Is it more American ( as in our forefathers as in freedom as in our DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE ) to understand there are evil people in the world that may do bad things that we still walk out our door way bad things occur ( British Monarchy ) if someone threatens us or punches us in the nose or if a crazy person commits a crime and robs a car and runs down a group of people we certainly don’t have street patrol to hold grow men and woman’s hands to help them across the street so the bad men don’t hurt or scare them and although evil men stole 3 planes and killed 3000 people what is of terror ( being afraid) the degree in which we walk away from our principles the constitution or give away our rights so big brother can hold our hands and protect us? More than our police and military did prior to 911 ( i think we had a good record protecting the country in fact we had the info it was the compartmentalising of the “intel ” that allowed it to go full course – they didn’t share info more clandestine groups and compartmentalisation and TAX DEBT is not the answer)_?. Do we put our children and the future children not born yet into debt – slave debt- or a new form of endentured serviTude with a new name ” loans” “taxes” all for trillions of dollars of debt going to homeland security all sort of preemptive security measures as we volunatarily give away future Americans freedom ( CHILDREN UNBORN FREEDOM) so you can feel secure because evil doers robbed 3 planes and killed people 19 years ago? – welcome to the real world the price of freedom is knowing bad things happen and standing up and looking at the sun and sky and say aint it great to be alive. Not look down and hope big brother will hold our hands and makes sure you don’t cross the street against the stop light. I LOVE AMERICA LETS GET BACK THERE

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