Our debt is growing not the economy? The Patriot Act & Homeland Security is the biggest expansion of government spending in the history of the country Trillions of dollars in payroll pensions healthcare and not a single $ of earnings being produced or a product for future earnings being produced just TRILLIONS of $’s of debt for our children and grand children right now in the name of security and prevention so that the boogie man/ terrorist of the day doesn’t hurt us. I think 22 Trillion dollars of debt is an actual threat and the idea that we need to spend Trillions of dollars to prevent some bad thing that may happen is misplaced the terror is that your children and grandchildren’s freedom has been given away with the dismantling of the constitution through the patriot act and the surveillance state never mind the endentured servitude they are being born into with 22 Trillion $ on their back so we can give our terror prevention security gaurds Trillion of dollars for making cowards feel safe – making military companies stocks fly through the roof on the blood of the soldiers – a soldier told me this very day there are soldiers in Afgahnistan asking WTF are we doing here – a 20 year “CRISIS a twenty year “TERROR THREAT” that has made wallstreet earnings rise with the socialistic civil servant jobs pensions tethered to the stock market unintentionally or intentionally complicit – Sacrificing our Freedom and our children’s freedom and economic future in the name of “fighting terrorism” fighting a thing that may happen sometime in the future has become absurd. These are the same people who mock the French for succuming to the German’s occupation. At least their invaders were actually in their country before they bent over. You hand over your constitution to a possible threat of an enemy that doesn’t have an army a Navy – they had to rob one of our planes to attack us. Land of the Free and Brave???

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