If a state representative of WE THE PEOPLE (if the constitution is still being acted from) such as the elected mayor or governor of Georgia who made it “mandatory” for independent contractors making over $ 1000.00 ti 5ooo.ooo???[fill in blank with correct # ] to sign an Oath that they can never speak out against or about Israel a foriegn nation – so they are asked to sign away their 1st Amendment right [ which is a legal slight of hand a con if it is is not derived from the basic principles and inalienable rights endowed by the creator ( with SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IN MIND – REMEMBER GEORGE WASHINGTON AND THOSE GUYS WHO FOUGHT THE AUTHORITY OF THE BRITISH CROWN & DECLARED OUR INDEPENDENCE – FREEDOM OF SPEECH – FREE PRESS – INDEPENDENCE DAY ISN’T ABOUT PARADES BEER BARBEQUES OR ALIEN INVASIONS ) ???

It raises a lot of questions. But first: Abby Martin a independent journalist was asked to speak at a University in Georgia. The topic was journalism – the talk had nothing to do with any other nation it was about a free American expressing themselves through Journalism practicing their 1st amendment right and serving the country as a key component of the foundational checks and balances system meant to serve WE THE PEOPLE as an Independent. A professional talking to people ( college students) seeking to do what she does … Independence is an American virtue the word ” INDEPENDENCE” is in the uhm “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE” ( has everyone drank the coolaide – that means all the big government conservatives too ) She was told she needed to sign an oath not to speak against or about Israel. She responed that she was not there to speak about Israel she was INVITED to speak about JOURNALISM. She was told they were aware of such but the oath was THAT SHE SHOULD NEVER SPEAK ABOUT OR AGAINST ISRAEL intended to be for ever and ever Amen or gazuntight ramennoodle whatever you choose to end such an insane statement with. She said I am a journalist I am not signing an oath that silences my freedom of speech and she was told then that she could not and can never speak at this institution. She is now sueing Georgia – perhaps treason is a crime that should be investigated- to take away an American’s constitutional rights “PRE-EMPTIVELY” to protect the P.R of a foreign nation is criminal, don’t you think?

What are they doing wrong that they don’t want journalists to speak about them???

Has homeland security been having all the citizen corp infragaurd – blah blah blah branches sign these oaths this attack on America??? The reasons soldiers take an oath to protect the”CONSTITUTION AND THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA IIISSS BECAUSE WE ARE THE CONSTITUTION IT IS OUR FREEDOM and PROTECT FROM PHYSICAL TRESSPASSES- INALIENABLE RIGHT ENDOWED BYE THE CREATOR suggests THAT THE LIFE GRANTED TO US IS WHAT GIVES US OUR RIGHTS our FREEDOM – NOT MAN MADE LAW OR RULE OF AUTHORITY- LAW AND RULE PROTECTS WE THE PEOPLES RIGHTS FROM TRESSPASSES – NOT TO BE USED AS A LEVERAGING MECHANISM TO SEIZE THE “FREEDOM” OF AMERICANS -THIS IS AN ATTACK ON AMERICANS THE CONSTITUTION IF THIS IS TRUELY HAPPENING??? An investigation needs to be taken into how pervasive this is regarding Israel and if it is being perpatrated bye any other FORIEGN NATION(S) IRAN OR GUAM Look into:


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