Could the corona virus scare [whether the virus be real or not – and consider 76,000 people died world wide of the common flu last year] be a tactic to enforce or mandate flu shots vaccinations. Could it be another excuse to exert unconstitutional PRE-EMPTIVE action derived from fraudulent legislation such as the Bethlehem Doctrin. As the prohibition of alcohol was an excuse to create the IRS as the patriot act has been used to create a surveillance state and strip away all privacy and continue the dismantling of the constitution similar to how the lone gunman shooting have been cries to take away WE THE PEOPLES guns akin to how politicians of Georgia have wrote legisation that makes it legal to make it mandatory for independent contractors to take oaths not to speak out against ISRAEL , EVER. Could this virus BREAKING NEWS: TWO PEOPLE HAVE THE VIRUS IN NY – 1 PERSON DIES OF CORONA VIRUS – HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED TODAY IN NY DUE TO OPIOD ADDICTION? HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED TODAY IN NY WITH OUT IT BEING BREAIKNG NEWS – STAY TUNED FEAR AT 11??? Could it be a tactic to further scare or coerce WE THE PEOPLE into handing over our rights or rather allowing Authority and law makers and enforcers with their partnership with the private sector ( GLOABAL-LOCAL CORPS. ) with a lab coat and MD in front of their name or whatever other title——– (fill in the blank) allowing them to pave over the INALIENABLE RIGHTS ENDOWED BY THE CREATOR [ understanding the principles of church and state ] expressed and penned bye our forefathers and the CONSTITUTION. Could this be an excuse for them to tresspass against WE THE PEOPLE yet again. But do it in a manner that people request it because they are tired and scared and have been rendered powerless by our governmental private sector GLOBAL ALLIANCE??? Could that be what is happenung???

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