A guy walks 20 miles in a desert without water he gets to the border and he gets a beaten and the Border agent asks: Why do you people do this? and the man responds “Because I want to be an American.” Is this the person who deserves the beating or the health insurance MBA or the hospital business broker or the JP MORGAN bank manager that handles all the tax dollars they take from you and put into EBT and Medicaid accounts so they can give it to the hospital because they are charging illegals and paying their staff with your money. Who deserves the beaten couldn’t the insurance agent and bankers and hospital brokers find a better way to make or earn money than F*cking you out of your taxes. They are educated and experienced innovators can’t they produce something. Though in fact they are not taking your tax dollars. Because your taxes this year are going to pay the interest on the 22 trillion dollars of debt we owe the private central bank we call the FEDERAL RESERVE so we will be borrowing the money as debt to give JP MORGAN and the insurance companies so they can hold all that money in accounts give illegals plastic cards with chips they call medicaide and EBT and transfer your money in between their bank accounts and your children and grandchildren can work it of while they drink martinis bye the pool and you bitch about a wall. Who deserves the beating???

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