Is the Corona virus the new “GLOBAL” “WAR ON TERROR??? Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq??? ( have we found those yet ??? or are they in a quarenteened area???) ( Is this like ” the war on drugs” ??? wars that never end but give authority to misplaced power and puts your $$$ your debt tax into “GLOBAL” CORPORATE POCKETS that takes away your inalienable rights endowed by the creator whick is principle, a natural law akin to gravity that stands before any word derived from the mind of man or men any written word – it stands as is – it is immutable it is not given to us in a CONSTITUTION the constitution is written derived from such inalienable rights so we may protect these rights and the physical security of our fellows – any written law can only be regarded as legitimate if derived from these principles – rule of law derived from mans need to protect economc stances and property that tresspass on our inalienable rights are illegitamate and may be treasonous))???

Here are some of the catchy titles used on the news today : ON THE FRONT LINES OF THE CORONA VIRUS – do I have to explaine this??? Avi Shiffman a teenager is being celebrated for building a “GLOBAL CORONA VIRUS TRACKER” They don’t have enough tests kits but somehow this teenage wizkid has found a way to put a GPS up everyones ass perhaps those not complying to the new technocratic GLOBAL authority – pardon I mean be able to track everyone carrying or possibly carrying Corona virus. Or perhaps it is everyone who doesnt wish to sign an oath or turn over any of their inalienable rights to our new “GLOBAL” technocratic “AUTHORITY” If you Knew anything about the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP one of the main problems was that they were going to set up a “GLOBAL” tribunal ( a corporate “spectrum” of dominance tribunal) that would be given the illusion of power to override national state and individual American sovereignty ( which is really all one sovereign if you understand WE THE PEOPLE ARE “IT”) they a “GLOBAL” corporation would be able to take say Byridge Brooklyn to court- sue them – here’s a fictional example: a “GLOBAL” corporation has bought all the property on each corner of 68st and third avenue and decide they are going to put in a toll booth but the residence of the area go through the local politician and through the legal process and vote down or right legislation against this act- well the “GLOBAL” corporation would be able to take Bayridge to the “GLOBAL” tribunal and overturn the ruling (against our nationa,l state ,individual sovereignty) or sue the pants of Bayridge and drag it out till they bankrupt the area. This was stopped. The world health organization [WHO] is doing the same thing though through a “GLOBAL” health authority. I WANT A SECOND OPINION ( A LOCAL OPINION). Channel 7 today did a report with a group of national gaurds men with food- the scene was set with the reporter interviewing a soldier in uniform who was therE to help those in need- AS IF A F*CKIN DISASTER HAPPENED ALREADY. LOOK INTO THE BETHLEHEM DOCTRIN ITS USE OF THE TERM “IMMINENT THREAT” AND YOU’LL SEE HOW THEY ARE USING FEAR AND MANIPULATION TROUGH THINK TANKS ( MANUFACTURING THEORETICAL THREATS PROJECTED AS ACTUAL THREATS) IN ORDER TO ESTABLISH “GLOBAL” AUTHORITY AND TRESSPASS ON OUR CONSTITUTION. IN A “STATE OF EMERGENCY” OUR CONSTITUTION IS NULL AND VOID – BUT IT IS NOT ACTUALLY SO – BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLY TO THIS – BECAUSE OUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS ARE IMMUTABLE. So the fact that the government and their “GLOBAL” “PARTNERS” are closing our country down happens only because we comply and volunteer. THE FACT IS THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE OUT COME WILL BE – 76 THOUSAND PEOPLE DIED LAST YEAR OF THE FLU WORLD WIDE- IF THIS IS LEGIT IT SEEMS IT WILL HAPPEN REGARDLESS OF THESE PLACEBO QUARINTEENES – THIS IS A PRE-EMPTIVE “GLOBAL” MOVEMENT THAT IN ITS VERY NATURE TRESSPASSES ON INALIENABLE RIGHTS ENDOWED BYE THE CREATOR[ understanding the principle of seperation of church and state] – I watched the CHEETLAN HORSE RACES IN UK TODAY THERE WAS NO WORD ABOUT CORONA VIRUS, THE HOUSE WAS PACKED WITHOUT THE NATIONAL GAURD OR FACE MASKS. Here are the symptoms of the CORONA VIRUS [imagine i used bold red type to emphasise the terror]:

People may experience:

  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing (severe cases)

here is a lesson on how to wash our hands


are we moronic- just a question???

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