Kissinger said :”America does not have friends it ONLY has interests”. We should all understand that whatever your perspective is regarding Kissinger or rather the persona of the Grand world political chess master we have been allowed or presented with. I believe that “HIS” statement rings true and we should apply it to all the nations we now call our “friends” . It seems Allies should be treated as nations with their own agenda ( which is putting their nations people first ) as we should put our people WE THE PEOPLE first. But we must remember how our fore- fathers defined the terms used in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. “inalianable rights endowed bye the creation” not I’ll gladly pay the IMF next tuesday for Detroit today. WE have let international bankers redefine the terms – we are not British Federalists – we are not zionists or Iraelies- if Israel lives in a war zone and needs to address Israel and the middle east with pre-emptive tactics that is their business. I believe in seperation of church and state- I believe all who practice Juhdaism should live their relationship with their spiritual life or religion freely because its none o mine or your FN business. But it seems the Israeli zionist have brought their troubles to are shores. They have aligned with political forces in our government and are participating in the whitewashing or paving over of our natural god given rights. I wish Israel the best. Though we are not “friends” we are not the same nation we are not in continuity with our governments. Homeland security may have a clandestine relationship with the Massad and the British intelligence and they may be playing with people like chess pieces around the world. Always remember this: any law or legislation written that is not derived from constitutional principles is illigitamate. Just as illigitamate as it would be for a governor to write pass legislation that gives every homeland security gaurd or foreign dignitary the right of: The practice of jus primae noctis (“right of the first night”) is, in simplest terms, the right of the local noble to deflower local peasant brides on their wedding night before their newlywed husbands. Or a politician writing in legislation that frees a man or telecom company from being charged with a whitewashed crime rectroactively. They certainly can’t (legitimately)write into law anything that takes away any of our inalienable rights endowed bye the creator. In this time of the corona virus: we must demand a complete investigation into the roots of their “data” if they have us practicing “social distancing” they better have FN evidence that it is necesary- maybe the new property owners from international lands with international $$$ that have monarchies or communist blocks and don’t practice principles of freedom don’t like sharing the side walk with the peasants??? We need to remember Never forget 9-11 was an attack on our physical security and people died. Though that attack could have never altered the immutable rights the “inalienable right endowed bye the creator” (understanding the seperation of church and state) our constitution but we start our alliances with Israeli and our British “friends” and the patriot act and we all “FORGET” the DECLARATION” THE CONSTITUTION we give billions of tax dollars to Israel for their defense – sorry let me correct that – we add billions to our trillion dollar debt – to give a foreign nation $$$ to protect themselves as they put your children and your grandchildren into debt before they start walking. Some say that is wage slavery or a forced endentured servitude. All to protect our “friends” Israel who evidence shows ( Abbie Martin journalist



Have created an Apartheid state in the Gaza Palestine. To add to this insult ; through a barrage of Propaganda 24/7 infomercials zionist, Alec lobbyists that has changed the home of the free and the brave that stood up against THE EMPIRE THAT THE SUN NEVER FELL UPON “GREAT BRITAIN WITH FN HUNTING RIFLES into WE not so free not so brave definately frightened – please protect me and tell me what to do Americans have let Israeli / zionist/ British tactics of “PRE-EMPTIVE” ( Bethlehem Doctrin and its legal redefinition of the term “IMMINENT THREAT” which is akin to we made some shit up cause we want to F… some one or some group up or some nation that is not our nations “friends” and we can’t show you the evidence we made up because it is “National security” which is equated to the action on sh*tting on our…

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