Social distancing: a rational reasonable scientifically proven health related solution to a serious health risk / situation or skull f*ck*ry???

I witness a group of people in a well light top shelf market with a healthy fruit and vegetable section amungst other isles and food & beverage selections. Customers went up to brocalli rabe ( a favorite of mine – just sayin ) lettuce, tomatoes and stood made their choice/selection and reached out their arm and grabbed their item of choice ( I’m going to make the assumption they were breathing as they did such) one person would breath reach out their arm make a selection and move on their way then another customer would stand in , basically, the same spot make a selection and reach out their arm and make a selection. All standing within an arms reach of the item as ( im assuming – aside from the anomaly ex: David Blaine holding his breath through out his shopping spree) the were breathing on or near near all the items within arms reach. Are you following???: they were all standing in front of all of the items at an arms lengths distance – BREATHING-TOUCHING – LIVING (the bastards) and then they go on a line that has tape designated at a distance of 6 feet… Do I need to explain what may not add up here???

Reasonable reaction/soution or skull f*ck$ry???

YOU MAKE THE CALL ??? or roll over and play dead they’ll blow the whistle soon enough or ring the bell and let the students out of detention offer us a prize for good citizenship allow us to walk into Aushwitz’s telecom digital pre- summer camp for your health and recovery from this trying crisis??? Home of the ???? Land of the ?????…

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