I agree we should do all we can to keep people safe and healthy: I’m Questioning if the scientific data we are acting from is valid regarding our courses of action. The hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals are acting from source data that they are receiving – that data needs to be proven valid – espescially if we are to take the actions we are today- it has been made known that Mr Ferguson who wrote the code or did the work on the source studies (regarding covid19) that is the data these professionals are working from was 13 years ago and was never peer reveiwed. So if 1 million professionals are given the wrong data it simply means they are not being given the valid or sound verified data. So I agree – lets go all the way with protecting the people lets have checks and balances a peer review that can be locally verified by local sceintists ( of the people) and proven sound. We can mantain the current precautionary tactics but lets spend some of the Billions the fed is giving to our new Corporate welfare state to professionals to review and prove the data that shows these tactics such as social distancing and quaranteening of We The People is or are a sound and rational decision. STAY FREE…

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