“The pillars of our prosperity are the most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise.” Thomas Jefferson


I spoke with a friend today who is a public school teacher. She has been told to work at home. She owns her home. She now is taking ordrers IN HER HOME from the government via the public school system via a New York executive order via a national CDC agreement with a Global agency the WHOall to prevent a possible invisible threat. Who put that option on the table. Who supposed the government could or a private business could move shop into an Americans home because they are their boss??? The job stays at work how dare they trespass into We the Peoples homes??? All guised as convenience to benifit technological companies communication companies and contractors as the constitution is dismantled to implement pre-emptive Bio & Cyber securities run from subcontractors with allegiances outside of our Constitution.

Another example: I live in NYC and know many independent business owners. Bar and restaurant owner operators amongst other “UNESSENTIAL” INDEPENDENT VENTURES. Many own the buildings that they run their business out of – how is it possible that they are being closed and denied the right to operate their business. The way this is achieved is as mentioned above the local to Global network of misplaced power has turned things on their head and taken away freedom in America and are forcing a fight. They are barring the freedom of travel and to assemble and to free trade. This is a domestic attach this is psychological terrorism and they have successfully ceased our country. We must demand a return to the basic principles of freedom which are our foundational blocks of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. They are inalienable rights endowed by the creator and can never be altered unless we acquiesce to the Global corporate con of covid health mandates and militarized management. Global corporations have CYBER SECURITY MARKETS UP AND RUNNING – Global Bio security DARPA HAARP our Local / national hospital healthcare alliances who have Global CYBER SECURITY Bio security homeland security partnerships are all part of the deep state and have been contact tracing Americans for years and seek to create a crisis and justify this ongoing UN CONSTITUTIONAL UN AMERICAN CYBER BIO SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE – so they are going publicize the contact tracing as if it was rolled out for the principle purpose of addressing a “health pandemic” “covid”. When in fact it has been an ongoing subverison of our Principles of Freedom These United States of America Or maybe I’m wrong. Whether right or wrong in my conclusion basic principles are principles immutable that is why our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND CONSTITUTION ARE BASED ON NATURAL LAW INALIENABLE RIGHTS ENDOWED BY THE CREATOR – THEY ARE SIMPLY SO AS IS GRAVITY – ONLY BULLSHIT LIKE “THE WAR ON COVID” SOCIAL DISTANCING, MASK WEARING AND THE JUSTIFIED COMMANDEERING OF SCHOOL TEACHERS HOMES CAN DISTRACT US FROM THIS SELF EVIDENT “TRUTH”…

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