…‘The standard view of how the system works is at serious odds with reality….

 ‘In this book, we sketch out a ‘propaganda model’ and apply it to the performance of the mass media of the United States . This effort reflects our belief, based on many years of study of the workings of the media, that they serve to mobilize support for the special interests that dominate the state and private activity, and that their choices, emphases, and omissions can often be understood best, and sometimes with striking clarity and insight, by analyzing them in such terms.’ (xi)- ‘The standard view of how the system works is at serious odds with reality.’ (xi)- ‘We do not contend that this is all the mass media do, but we believe the propaganda function to be a very important aspect of their overall service.’ (xi)- ‘Institutional critiques such as we present in this book are commonly dismissed by establishment commentators as ‘conspiracy theories,’ but this is merely an evasion. We do not use any kind of ‘conspiracy’ hypothesis to explain mass-media performance. In fact, our treatment is much closer to a ‘free market’ analysis, with the results largely an outcome of the workings of market forces. Most biased choices in the media arise from the preselection right-thinking people, internalized preconceptions, and the adaptation of personnel to the constraints of ownership, organization, market, and political power. Censorship is largely self-censorship, by reporters and commentators who adjust to the realities of source and media organizational requirements, and by people at higher levels within media organizations who are chosen to implement, and have usually internalized, the constraints imposed by proprietary and other market and governmental centers of power.’ (xii)- ‘The mass media are not a solid monolith on all issues. Where the powerful are in disagreement, there will be a certain diversity of tactical judgments on how to attain generally shared aims, reflected in media debate. But views that challenge fundamental premises or suggest that the observed modes of exercise of state power are based on systemic factors will be excluded from the mass media even when elite controversy over tactics rages freely.’ (xii)- ‘The propagandist naturally cannot reveal the true intentions of the principal for whom he acts….That would be to submit the projects to public discussion, to the scrutiny of public opinion, and thus to prevent their success….Propaganda must serve instead as a veil for such projects, masking true intention.’ Jacques Ellul (xiii)

Noam Chomsky Edward S. Herman, Manufacturing Consent


A Street wise street fighter, fire fighter, small bar business and building owner Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY once said ” they baffle them with BULLSHIT.”

REALITY TELEVISION: Has nothing to do with reality and a whole lot to do with BULLSHIT.

As a person that understands media. I know how its grammar is used. I understand the pre production – production and post production process.

Reality television is propaganda and it a great business model for the media company.

I am currently listening to a show a friend left on the television the content Homicide detectives. I am currently turning it off. Observation: there there are interviews of individual reality show people I noticed the speech patterns of the homicide show I was just listening to is exactly the same as multiple shows I have viewed. I first noticed they were directing the speech patterns for effect years ago when I viewed a reality show about a family customizing motorcycles. I saw the pattern emerge in a series about antique pickers and multiple others. I’ll add to this observation the television competition of independent artistries. Men and woman who make shtuff. Knives food shtuff in their own shops in their own kitchens. This reality television BULLSHIT brings them under the control of the corporation by directing them in this manner.

Also any show that takes place in a court room is a prostitution of our legal system which is intent to be derived from our Constitution but LOOKIE HERE : when it is put on television it is directed and controlled by – you guessed it – or not – the corporation.

Now you have homicide detectives in their sunday best being directed and under the authority od – you guessed it – or not – the corporation.

You have media crew taking a homicide detectives actual experience – having the detective tell the story in his words then coaching him to say it in the new reality TV speaking model- They are controlling the narrative – controlling it to an extent that they are altering the detectives speach patterns- only for entertainment purposes, of course. It reminds me of When Ronald and Nancy Reagan live in General Electrics “house of the future “- on the arm of the company as their representatives – good training for the White House. They are augmenting We the Peoples perception of reality and making it a norm if want of pursued achievement to all be controlled bye the corporation – like an ass puppet- for more shtuff $$$$$$$$$…. Whats your price???

How is it a great business model:

Television does not have to pay writers to create content they can plug into an independent lively hood such as commercial fishing. Media company pays boat owner and captain a fee – hire a camera crew and let the people do what they do.

to be continued…


“What do you have to worry about if your not doing anything wrong?”

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