QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY, BULLSHIT LINE of the DAY… 10-3-20…


2 parts:

“For if you [ the rulers ] suffer our people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first educated disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make theives [outlaws] and then punish them.”

-Sir Thomas More( 1478 -1535 ), Utopia, Book 1

“Would you first break the legs of a lamb and then kick it for not standing?”


A fact. Our system is based on the manufactured restriction of access to a natural process. Eating. Before we became civilized food grew on trees . Hunter and gatherers would forage the land. An example: Man would walk through the woods and find mushrooms growing at the base of trees and apples hanging from branches and other sources of food naturally growing. That which we call nature… People know money does not grow on trees but forget food does. Know this is not a nay or yay OBSERVATION but observations of a progression. So tribes would at times get territorial and fight over water sources and plentiful food areas. Though many would live nomadically and migrate according to seasonal cycles. Hunters wold follow selected animal migrations. In some areas warlords claimed territory and they became kingdoms. Here are examples of initial restrictions of the natural resources granted freely by the creator of the earth. This is not a yay or nay simply a statement of facts. So the Lords of the manor needed to maintain their rule over their territory in doing so they would hire security and enforcers – to enforce their Rule of their territory; If a peasant was caught by one of the land lords security taking twigs off the ground ( peasants had no rights on the Lords land ) say, to start a fire for the need of heat to maintain a living body temperature or perhaps for food. He was considered a theif stealing the land lords property. The Lord would pass judgement. Some areas the Lords enforcement would cut off the peasants hand or hands; depending on the Lords disposition that day [ no balanced trial by a jury of peers]. Another cute story: an Irishman mentioned it was common that tourists would pass old cottages and proudly compliment to the locals of how quaint and charming the tiny windows of the thatched cottages were. In which the local would reply ” Yes, very quaint – the Lords taxed the air so they built the windows as small as possible.” Another interesting tid bit: I was told the traditional past time we Americans share in celebrating with our Irish brethren for Saint Patricks day, the food fare of corn beef and cabbage, had changed a bit when the day was celebrated in NYC. You see in NYC, in the early days, the Jewish community did not deal in ham they dealt with corned beef ( best in the world ) . You see in Ireland they would eat ham and cabbage not corn beef and cabbage. The reason they boiled the ham with the cabbage was if one of the lords security guards came bye the cottage, doing surveillance for the lord, and saw the peasants were eating ham – the the security guard would quickly report to the land lord this fact. The land lord would soon raise their taxes, because if they could afford to eat ham they could pay more tax- and the rat would get a cookie – So the peasants hid the ham under the cabbages as they boiled. God bless the security guards and the enforcement of the manor for keeping the peasants safe … Remind you of anything today ???…………

Though the generational problem becomes that there are to many elite in the population and not enough natural resources to restrict. Like today the elite have gone through a couple of generations of s*cking and f*cking the, Our nation and the Globe dry that they need to manufacture a crisis for their children to be able to restrict some kind of nature source. Though there’s nothing left to s*ck and f*ck dry- so they create crisis to manufacture an another artificial restriction.

-Heeelloooo covid 19.

-911 was prostituted till she can’t pucker Lady Liberties lips any more…

…but the Pre-emptive security industries of lets fight them over there so we don’t have to over here has run its course – no where else to bomb- no more terrorists to create] So we need a new invisible threat – wow a virus – pre-emptive HEALTH security industry- we don’t have to bomb the invisible threat abroad – your neighbor can be carrying the invisible threat, Now the restriction of nature can be you and me We the People. They can scare people into handing over their inalienable right endowed by the creator ( NATURE & NATURAL LAW ) actually restrict the free movement of We the People, for your safety. The don’t answer back to your Father because I said so blind obedience ESSENTIAL HEALTH AUTHORITY now are assuming authority of the biology of the American people. The covid 19 virus has changed the world ??? the principles of individual freedom- the inalienable rights endowed by the creator are now a threat to the “COLLECTIVE HEALTH OF WE THE PEOPLE…THE COLLECTIVE???…HUH… THE CONSTITUTION NEEDS TO BE PUT ASIDE FOR GOOD BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO MAY GET COVID IN THE NEXT 5 MINUTES OR NOW… NO…NOW…NO…NOW…NOW…NO… WELL IT CAN HAPPEN ANY MINUTE AND YOU JUST CAN’T BE TO CARE FULL.— CITIZEN APP —THE GUY CROSSING THE STREET MAY BE A JIHADI WITH COVID 19 — HE DOES NOT HAVE A PENSION OR HEALTH CARE — HE WORK OFF THE BOOKS— SHOOT HIM ON SIGHT —– HE’S AN IMMINENT THREAT — ….LETS TAKE A MOMENT OF SILENCE AND PRAY I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE- MASKS ON PLEASE- The NEW NORM, covid 19 Port , sorry I mean, Health Authority assumes authority over the biology of human being as health experts. A new type of religion where we blindly listen to the Father, the Health Priest or The Father of the CDC parish, the Pastor of blue Cross Blue shed all answering to the Cyber Jesus Bill Gates [I’ll add a a reference to Judaism, Muslim and other religions later to appease…]. Covid 19 nurse contracts for every building in America – American flag printed thermometers for your head and anal thermometers for you to bend over and drop your pants and take it in the ass during the next phase according to the Global health savior baptismal rights. This may hurt a bit. Ok. Thats it were done. That wasn’t so bad was it. On the way out you can send your wife in,, just give me 15 minutes and make an appointment for your daughter first thing in the morning. I.T. contracts for the internet of all covid 19 pre-emptive security devices. Control centers. Bio technicians. Contact tracers. Hand painter designer anal thermometers with matching masks. Phone apps. Digital Healthcare security insurance agents. Neuro cyber security corps policing the thought process, pre-emptively. Behavior modification through cyber securities health divisions to insure the mental health of citizens for the safety of the collective pre-emptively. Continuing the continuity of the war on terror, preventing the invisible threat, business model. Rolling it , seemlessly into the war on covid 19, preventing the invisible threat, business model… Keep the problem going and keep the money flowing ( William Binney, NSA ). Though it is all based on a foundation of fraud and debt…

…We have a Constitution because the founding Fathers understood the human condition. Our constitution is derived from this natural understanding. We are fallible. The character of an individual is developed through trials. One develops through an honest appraisal. Only then can a healthy foundation be stood upon. The economic model that is driving our economy is based on our war on terror economy. We the People are in 27 trillion dollars of Debt. We are repeating the same mistake going into the war on covid 19. They are using the same model. Be honest. It hasn’t worked . It is built on decisions that are not derived from our constitutional principles. The principles of freedom. The fore fathers declared our Independence and penned the Constitution to protect the body of individuals We the people, THESE UNITED STATES- IT GOES AGAINST EVERY FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE TO RESTRICT SOMEONES NATURAL RIGHT TO SECURE THE COLLECTIVE FROM A POSSIBLE INVISIBLE THREAT IN THE FUTURE…


Essential workers are heroes. No they are workers. There is no threat to Americas freedom accept for the restrictions of We the Peoples inalienable rights. A lot of people get sick and die. People in the medical field act heroically every day related to covid 19 or not. They have done so long before an will so long after. Men and Woman of character act according; derived from their principles and do not need politicians, corporate P.R campaigners 24/7 model teleprompter readers to blow smoke up their asses.

Thank you for all my fellow Americans that live their lives and extend themselves to our fellow Americans in the capacity that they can. No CDC or National certificate or NYC needed for approval TO SAY THANK YOU. All the signs and banners are all BULLSHIT by PROFESSIONAL BULLSHIT ARTISTS .MD…

( for a limited time only restrictions may apply )

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