“Know Thy Self”

The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself”, is one of the Delphic maxims and was the first of three maxims inscribed in the pronaos of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi according to the Greek writer Pausanias.


It starts with “humility”. Though We must come to understand “humility”. Humility is not humiliation, as I had once “thought” as I had once learned from others who had mis understood this. Humility may simply be the understanding that what I believe I know to be true may not be accurate. That does not mean it is not, though, if I am to be honest with myself, I may be wrong. The information may no longer balance out with the situation, as the earth rotates around the sun , that which we call life is always growing, moving. I had been stuck myself in a severe manner and a gentleman shared with me an experience that made me aware of my own rigidness in this aspect (“thought”). I was seeking to stop a behavior that, not only, was not serving me but limiting all aspects of growth. There was information being share and I understood the words but the “truth” that it would pertain to, that the words were delivering, made zero sense- did not translate to me. I asked a man who seemed to have an understanding of this non sense. The non sensical suggestion was this:

– that one turn their life and will over to the care of god as one understands him.-

I told this man in asking. “I am not trying to knock this and this may work for you but this doesn’t make any fucking sense to me. How can anyone one give their “will” to any thing or any one never mind a “god” something that does’t exist in my reality. I’m not trying to punch holes in this – it just doesn’t make any sense and seems impossible.”

He responded: ‘ Well… forget about the ‘god’ thing, for a moment, can you accept you’re not the center of the universe???… In which I paused and responded with a measured “sure I can” and made sure He knew I may have a response, not so measured, to the following statement if He was breaking my balls on this matter.’

In which He responded ‘O.K… you might want to look at it like this? : our will is simply the way we “think” & our life is simply that, our life from our birth to now, till this moment that we’re having this conversation.’

I realized that ‘I DID NOT KNOW’. I realized that what he shared with me was no where in my realm of thought at that time. The thing I had thought impossible a moment before had become possible. An understanding.

I have never had or do I have a personified “idea” of “god”. Though I understand that “I” am not the center of the universe. That for me: that which we call ‘life’ is beyond “thought” it simply IS. Like gravity is an immutable natural law and in fact simply IS before We put THE WORD “gravity” on it. You can call gravity apple pie jump off a bridge and no matter what the word is you will fall… Don’t do that… Eat an apple pie instead. And if you can’t afford a piece of pie go outside and stand by a tree – go by the river or the ocean. Nature IS that which IS, WE are IT you are IT. Through observing the false for the false and allowing it to fall away we come upon “truth”= “that which IS”. Know Thy Self.


“That can’t be done.”

humility :

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