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Reject the COVID Mandate! Dear Friend, You and I both know forced vaccines are a bad idea.   You and I both support common-sense exemptions to any vaccine–like exempting those who may have adverse reactions–or those who have pre-existing health conditions where a vaccine may make their health situation worse. There are many thousands more who have religious reasons for avoiding a mandated vaccine.  There are those who are conscientious objectors–and they lean on the right to say no or opt out.   These are all legitimate reasons — and reasons that have always been supported by our U.S. Constitution and understood to protect all citizens from tyranny.  But what if the vaccine itself is unproven.  What if the vaccine itself is hurting people–making them sick, and risking the very lives of those it claims it will save? This is what ICAN is discovering right now. In fact, our legal team led by Aaron Siri, sued the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Moderna to receive a copy of their Covid Vaccine Phase 1 Trial Safety Summary Report and what we found will create an avalanche of opposition to any forced vaccine. In our initial reporting, we discovered that 70% of trial participants reported adverse events–some of which are extremely concerning. As promised, I wanted to make sure that you have a copy of this report yourself–so you can be armed with the truth about the Covid 19 vaccine–the truth that the NIH and Moderna DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE. This is why I do what I do every day. You see, you and I deserve to know what we are putting into our bodies; I want answers, not stonewalling.  And sadly, the FDA, the NIH, Big Pharma, Big Government, the MainStream Media, Silicon Valley, all of them are COVERING UP and CENSORING THE TRUTH!   The only way ICAN and our weekly television program, The HighWire, can survive is with your support.  If you believe in seeking the truth, if you believe in maintaining your liberty and your rights as an American citizen, if you believe in a free and independent press that is unwilling to compromise or cover-up the truth, then I hope you will consider joining our cause today. Please sign up to receive our weekly email; consider contributing a gift of $25, $50, or even $100 or more todayPerhaps you can join our monthly donor supporter program.  Whatever you can do will be a godsend. Our weekly news program takes zero advertising and because we don’t want any corporate control of our content. We do that for one reason and one reason only: ICAN seeks to protect YOU, not our advertisers! Thank you for your consideration. Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Bold!

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