WHY??? WHO??? Do you know who Klaus Shwab is??? Do you know they have declared in the WORLD HEALTH FORUM THAT AMERICA WILL NO LONGER BE A SUPER POWER??? Have you heard the term Technocracy??? Have you heard the term Technopoly??? Do you know that the whole covid response is a “rule” of mandates that are outside our checks and balances and do not adhere to our basic American principles of freedom??? Did you know these guidelines, mandates are illegitimate, Executive orders or not, the government can NOT assume authority over an Americans body, their property, THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL??? Our government cannot take away Our inalienable right(s) to secure anyones security in the future for “safety” – whether the possible threat be a virus or a terrorist or any other figment of imagination ,invisible threat the Bethlehem doctrine round tables and cyber security tech co’s can come up with and brand as an “IMMINENT THREAT”. But beyond this Thom F*ckery do you have any idea what these people actually want to usher in for you, your children and the human race – It is insanity and it is a pre-emptive crime against humanity and it’s all written in Klaus Shwabs Book(s) it is there Declared of the Fourth Industrial Age and THE GREAT RESET??? – Well watch this and get a taste.

you are the virus its about control

This is a Global conquest through military health management a 24 7 weaponized media. and P.R campaign of silent aggression blitz with a smile and a Mister Rogers sweater to have as many global humans comply to arbitrary orders and bio tech vaccines ( a transhumanism roofie ) before they demand compliance through force. They will say those who do not comply are a risk to the collective and that will be the end of the principles of freedom when the “Blue” & the military attack the free men and woman of America to enforce a Global Con enforce a miltary mandate and conquest through Global corporate Health armies. and strategists. That will be the end of These United States of America. This is a new type of war and We the People are under attack NOW…


World Economic Forum 549K subscribers Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Artificially-intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Genetic editing. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. Previous industrial revolutions liberated humankind from animal power, made mass production possible and brought digital capabilities to billions of people. This Fourth Industrial Revolution is, however, fundamentally different. It is characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human. http://www.weforum.org/

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