the telecom companies have made a sweet deal with the seeman recepticles manning the government and can get around any local property rights – it is happening in Houstn NOW – global telecom companies along with the traitors of your OUR CONSTITUTION our sovereignty are now putting up cell towers outside of schools and homes and telling the local government they have no say about it- tear’em down or hang the politicians and telecom employees from the towers they are putting up for treason and attacking the constitution which is treason- this is the real threat being consealed bye impeachment hearings and the pregame election PR. The real threat we are facing is not terrorism from sheep herders in the middle east its the war theses global corporations and their turn coat employees are waging against the constitution and your freedom of speech against the right of you and your local government to decide on what you want implemented in your neighborhood. So they say they can stick a tower in front of your house they can mandate a needle in your childs arm how long till the mandate sticking one in you or your wifes arse- freedom isn’t free – I suppose we should all take one for the team. Is this to harsh for the sensitive – the weak of heart – wake up America- stop waving your flag and pleadging allegiance to the united states of homeland security and read the declaration of independence…

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