MY NON PARTISAN TAKE ON A FRIENDS POST:Serious crime increased in five of seven categories, with only murders and rapes down since the start of the year when compared to the same time period in 2019, according to police data compiled through Sunday. I’m not a democrat and no fan of the mayor I just seemed compelled to call out B…. Sh… I always respect mt friend Tom’s on hand experience but in regard to my reading of this article I.m glad murder and rapes are down I’m sure a lot of the other crimes are due to all the opiod addicts our Drs hospitals and big Pharmalogical co ‘s or the legalized drug dealers have hooked – big pharmacudical distributor giving your local Dr a free trip to Barbado’s for quota meeting product sales. Aren’t we proud of our son the drug dealer I mean Dr.. I have freinds that are police I love them for the people they are most of them became cops because they needed a job – this sounds like the people behind the Black lives Blue lives movement beating the drum or just politics. its all the same sh.. different toilet. I hope all the police and the people out there have a good day and treat each other like fellow Americans and not let the lever pullers behind the media fake or not (its all media production) social media the local shit stirrer put us at each others throats. Have a good day Like · Reply · 1m

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