I may have misplaced or observed and shared some of the details inaccurately but I think the root of it, the stem is anchored in “truth” in regards to the ” civil war” that seems to be in the prossess of being drummed or rolled out. It may not be between conservatives/patriots/capitalists/ram-monstertruck driving – metrosexual rednecks or actual rednecks (which was actually the term used for the coal minners, protestors/terrorists that fought (with hunting rifles) against the coal companies for treating them like slaves – but a clever P.R campaign buried that meaning so that we now understand “Rednecks to be backward ignorant savages in the woods- not so- but ” Hey great P.R.!” ) VERSES ON PRIME TIME T.V OR PAY PERVIEW liberals/hippy/commie-socialist cocksucking gender benders ( this all being said with love to our fellow human beings that Identify themselves with these externalities cultivated by wall street (British leaning Hamiltonians ) P.R and commercial advertisers stemming back to Sigmund Frueds’ Nephew Edward Bernais [ some say the father of P.R.] perhaps the Jewish side of this dialectic coin and Hitler and the Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich on the other side of that genocidal relationship of moderen civilization. It may not be the Black lives matter against the Blue lives matter sponsored bye wacky tabacky “we’ll have you comfortably knumb bye half-time right. It may be this or not : the house divided may be those who understand THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA to be the land of the free because WE DECLARED OUR INDEPENDENCE and penned the CONSTITUTION based on those principles of freedom. Job done. No one gives us our freedom. Soldiers patriots may protect the constitutional rights of their fellow Americans but the rule of law does not give rights Nor can they take rights if one has not tresspassed against anothers. That is what those who claimed DIVINE RIGHT did they would create leverage mechanisms termed “AUTHORITY” or “ENFORCERS to tresspass upon an individuals FREEDOM. THE CONSTITUTION expresses that freedom is the STATE OF BEING FREE and laws should be derived from basic CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES with the intent of protecting individual or a group of individual Americans rights WE THE PEOPLE so that others with leveraging power of capital ( the coal mine owners vrs the terrorist rednecks or the likes of King George III and those aristocrats of Britain vrs the Founding Fathers/ terrorists ) could not tresspass upon a free American or their property ( their body mind and spirit = inalienable rights endowed bye the creator [ understanding the principle of seperation of church and State ] ). When freedom was a STATE of BEING FREE. Basically an America derived from The Constitutional principles of freedom – that society is served bye an economy which is a component of our republic – checks and balances that is governed bye such basic principles. “AND IN THIS CORNER WEARING THE COLORS OF ST. GEORGE THE BRITISH FLAG”… “AUTHORITY” & “ENFORCEMENT” an ancient tool of “DIVIDE & RULE” of empire monarchy back to the days of czars to a time when emporers taught their children to train flees { they would put flees under a glass bowl and the flees would try to jump up and out only to hit “THE GLASS CEILING [ we get the term from this] until their will was broken and they stopped trying to jump-then they would train them to jump through hoops. The principles or rather RULE of HOMELAND SECURITY and the other emerging “ENFORCEMENT” “POLICE” MTA PORT AUTHORITY FREEDOM ISN’T FREE AGENCIES are simply compartalmentalised enforcement groups with different names and uniforms all in a hierarchical ranking militerized structure were one takes orders from their superiors without question take oaths that remove their constitutional rights in order to serve the new UNCONSTITUTIONAL power structure ( which is all behind confidentiality and secret rountables under the label of national or homeland security NY NJ type alliances outside the peoples electoral governance FREE OF CHECKS AND BALANCES OF THE PEOPLE – who’s runnining the show? Its not the elected officials of and by WE THE PEOPLE – its corp/gov selected chairman free of checks and balance behind the opaque wall of National or Homeland security wall street war on terror. Some one may work for the parks department or the nypd – just doing a job under new oaths that they are unaware are unconstitutional. There is a new power structure free of checks and balance clandestine wich can be seen cleary on homeland securities new website ( check for yourself don’t take my word for it ) where they breakdown the intelligence comparmentalization ( diferent names but all under 1 clandestine umbrella – WHOS THE BOSS???- from the FBI CIA DOD DOJ AIRFORCE other military branches local state and city law enforcement PARKS ENFORCEMENT or ” local gov/groups” and “private partners” “civilian corps” “infragard” so the local raccoon lodge can have surveillance and intelligence capabilities – BUUUT- its only to protect their neighborhood and perhaps make it great again ( nothing can go wrong with this “authoritarian surveillance one may say Orwellian state- the Fore fathers made checks and balances the main foundational componant of our republic for just this reason but our local leaders went to college some served in some branch of government or became first responders/military and were given rank and wallstreet tethered pension plans [to big to fail???] or simply the queen and her family are shtill pulling the levers to rescrew the light bulb whatever the sordid details maybe WE THE PEOPLE and the lightbulb seem to be screwed.) The people who have benefited from this post 9-11 – the sky is falling – government subsidy -government pension plan – CORPORATE WELFARE governmental mandating bend the forefathers over a barrell STATE OF FEAR – National DEBT OF 22 TATATATRILLION DOLLAR DEBT BUT DONT CHANGE ANYTHING (not an Obama or Democrat referance) CAUSE THE ECONOMY IS DOING GREAT DELUSION- WECOME TO THE DEBT SLAVES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA THE ONCE GREAT NATION NOW THE OBEDIENT SERVANT STATE OF THE ONE WORLD ECONOMY- PUT ME IN COACH. Or I can just being seeing this askewed. Ewww fancey word I’m shmart or not…

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