I was speaking to a man who owns property in an area that is benefiting from Federal $ “Sandy” $ I mentioned that we need to be careful because taking $ from the Federal gov iTS akin to inviting the Vampire into your home – once he steps over the threshold into your home your F…ed. Though he responded (he’s a conservative) ” the mayor is giving the house away like its free $ so its good the Feds putting some $ back in and got our backs. So the Mayor (Diblasio) is giving away “free money ” ( his words) – which means giving away welfare giving away taxpayer to “them” $ BUT where does he thinks the Federal $ is coming from??? Its crazy. Does he feel since its coming from the National debt it doesnt exist or that the”Negroes” or Mexicans or white Negroes are taking his $ from him or that Diblasio is taking his money from him and giving it to these Jaboogas so000 its ok for the President or the federal government to take $ from other Americans or create Debt to give it back. It doesn’t make sense. Is the Federal $ he is accepting and saying is good the “good” “free” $ and the $ being taken from him and given to the Jaboogas the “bad” ” free” money buuut thats the bad free $ the $ he is getting from the federal government is the good “free” $. It’s very confusing & where did the 2 trillion dollars go that on SEPT 10th 2001 on CSPAN when the American Hero Donald Rumsfeld addressed the Nation and said the biggest enemy the nation faces is the beaurocracey of the DOD that they were MISSING 2 TRILLION $$$$$$$ lotta zeros – it must be next to my keys where ever I left them- Thats good $$$ if you can get it- It must be the Jaboogas fault- they must have the 2 Trillion. Does anyone know if they found it yet. In all the terror we are in or have been (the sky is falling the sky is falling the sky is falling) in for the last 19 years its hard to think straight. We ll find it some where . Maybe it’s next to THE CONSTITUTION HAS ANYONE SEEN THAT LATELY???

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