Who chose what were the essential jobs??? I know 2 school teachers who are working at home during their house arrest – who took a walk to a near bye park yesterday and it was locked. Who chose to lock the park. the public space (We The People???) What are the facts that are driving the decisions to take away those Americans public space and their freedom to move freely around their local living public space. Did We elect them to put into our vocabulary and practice new terms such as”social distancing”. ( Perhaps it is all the international wealth from nations that have monarchies or false democracies anchored in P.R type religion and elite-ism that have servants dress them and serve them from morning to night and don’t like that they speak to them as equals. Or that they use the same elevators. That may have been ok in the buldings they live in and own but it is not ok for the public space OUR AMERICA. Or perhaps this is how they destroy all the small business that are “ESSENTIAL” to “INDEPENDENT” Americans autonomy (Americans that dress themselves and wash their childrens clothing and teach their children to dress themselves and clean up their own rooms before they go out to play ( when they are not under house arrest ). So they can turn everyone into servants of the wall street centered “GLOBAL” pension corporate hospital – health care based “CORPORATE WELFARE STATE” They have taken the beaches the Verizzano bridge , the sidewalks, the parks your freedom to stand and walk freely when you chose to.. They couldn’t bare having people walk freely, without liscence and registration some kind of fee or tax to walk and breath. I think local businesses are “ESSENTIAL” I think Amazon is a non “ESSENTIAL” . I think at this moment of crises all “BILLION” and “TRILLION” $$$ indusrtries and DEBT bail out are “NON ESSENTIAL” actually I see them as being more unhealthy to the United States than the corona virus. I see the “GLOBAL CORPORATE WELFARE STATE” as the corona virus. I believe We should have all these people Quaranteened or deported till We can get rid of the sh*t show they have created – before they suggest their self serving “TECHNOCRATIC” (TECHNOCRACY is the term they are using to replace our almost lost Constitutional Republic-democracy) solution to save us from all the damage they have created in their ” protecting” and “securing” of our safety from it seems the problems they have been creating in order to con us into giving up our inalienable rights. I think “INALIENABLE RIGHTS ARE ESSENTIAL” I think the “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS ESSENTIAL” I don’t think home land security or our friendship with Israel or Britain is “ESSENTIAL” I think they have been disasterous to We The People. They seem to have made an alliance during our “STATE OF EMERGENCY” and believe they can re write our laws through illigitamate legislation such as the “BETHLEHEM DOCTRINE” a cowardly document that goes against anything OUR AMERICAN FOREFATHERS CONSIDERED OUR BASIC PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM. SEND THE BETHLEHEM DOCTRIN BACK TO ISRAEL AND BRITAIN THEY HAVE CAUSED ENOUGH DAMAGE TO OUR REPUBLIC AMERICA- NOT A GLOBAL CORPORATE ALLIANCE. That’s “UN ESSENTIAL” TO FREEDOM. THEY HAVE TAKEN YOUR FREEDOM THROUGH FEAR TACTICS AND THE MEDIA. We are going to start a petition holding our public servants feet to the fire to have all the data regarding the corona virus to validate these restrictions put on American freedoms. Are they telling you to stand in the corner because” Big Daddy” said so or is their valid evidence and data that shows that standing 6 feet apart is a valid response. Just to give an example. That shutting down small “CASH” “OF LINE” “NON DIGITAL” BUSINESSES. We will start a petition and exercise our civic duty and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK… UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SERVANTS OF THE GLOBAL CORPORATE WELFARE STATE OR WHATEVER ITS IS CALLED TO BE SERVANTS OF A GLOBAL AUTHORITY AND GIVE UP BEING AN AMERICAN BY UNDECLARING YOUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS TO STAND IN THE CORNER WHEN TOLD TO DO SO. TO HARSH??? TO UNSENSITIVE FOR ALL THE ROUGH AND TOUGH AMERICANS(???) OUT THERE. ITS A DISGRACE. THE FOREFATHER ARE ROLLING OVER IN THEIR GRAVES AND KICKING THEMSELVES IN THE BALLS. MAKE SURE YOU PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG BEFORE YOU STAND IN THE CORNER AND FOLLOW YOUR ORDERS LIKE A GOOD GLOBAL CITIZEN/SERVANT…

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