You once owned and operated your vehicle- now you need a liscence to drive that thing you own – You own you body and you can move freely … ??? You must register your vehicle – IS taking a COVID 19 test a new way of registering your body so they can regulate your travels- if you step within 6 feet of another person will you get a ticket- if you too walk fast will you now get a ticket??? Does taking a Covid 19 test do anything to stop the current spread of it??? You once went to work and left the business and its stresses their so you can spend time with your family- IS / HAS your work life INVADED your home ???DOES YOUR job or a SCHOOL have any place in your home???- Have you been CON (EDISON) ED INTO ALLOWING THEIR AUTHORITY INTO YOUR HOME??? ON YOUR HOME??? IN YOUR WALLET??? Do you want to have your child use a device to interact with the world- DONT answer that because they have given you NO CHOICE- DO you understand now why they where parroting FREEDOM ISN’T FREE??? So now bang your pots and SAY THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER [ ALLA TINY TIM WELCOME BACK MONARCHY AND AUTHORITARIANISM ISN’T IT GRAND AREN’T WE BRAVE AND FREE NOW ALL TOGETHER BANG THE POTS THREE TIMES BUT PUT ON YOUR GLOVES FIRST AND TAKE TEN STEPS AWAY FROM YOUR LOVE ONES AND PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE HOMELAND SECURITY FLAG GOD BLESS whatever they haverenamed this shitshow We are in… Everyone loves a parade ” ok now on three…

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