If you weren’t aware the nypd as a part of their HOMELAND SECURITY alliance has a group of civilians on the payroll- they are parollees other types of street workers in which they give credit cards or EBT type cards in which the police/homeland security secret police dept have bank accounts filled with your tax dollars to pay them as/for what is termed “gangstalking ( here’s a couple of links)—cities.html

How much a year do you think they are putting in these guys accounts aside from all the money being paid to the retired pensioners on these team crews??? If ICE (homeland security) alone is being funded 8.8 billion dollars a year ( thats alot of Mexicans ) We don’t have this money homeland security doesn’t create any monetary gaines they syphon money from the taxpayers simply writing this $ into debt. Adding it to the 22 Trillion $’s of debt We have and now your Grandchildren have .Not including the health care and pension plans of all the Homeland security gaurds- the vehicles- the gas- guns- walls- but lets put that aside – how much $$$ is being put on the nypd’s / homeland securities gangstalking squads expense account. Who makes the decisions as to how much of the American tax dollars are spent on these or put in these EBT/direct deposit type accounts??? Anyone know??? Not to mention the expense of all the phones they are given and the IT guys and techs in the NY fusion centers that have 24/7 crews surveilling our neighborhoods using all the top military tech tax payer dollars have bought. Not to mention the expense of running V2k type psy ops on targets – since NYPD/Homeland security has a branch of is its own intelligence agency. Does any one know the $$$ numbers. Watch the next video from Dr Duncan (MIT MILITARY RESEARCH DEVELOPER) for an Idea of the technology the new NYPD MILITARY MERGER IS UTILIZING – DR DUNCAN SUGGEST UTILIZING AGAINST U.S CITIZENS BECAUSE DISSENTERS CAN BE DEEMED AS THREATS AND WARRANT PRE-EMPTIVE ACTION- BUT HERE IT FROM HIM….


You once owned and operated your vehicle- now you need a liscence to drive that thing you own – You own you body and you can move freely … ??? You must register your vehicle – IS taking a COVID 19 test a new way of registering your body so they can regulate your travels- if you step within 6 feet of another person will you get a ticket- if you too walk fast will you now get a ticket??? Does taking a Covid 19 test do anything to stop the current spread of it??? You once went to work and left the business and its stresses their so you can spend time with your family- IS / HAS your work life INVADED your home ???DOES YOUR job or a SCHOOL have any place in your home???- Have you been CON (EDISON) ED INTO ALLOWING THEIR AUTHORITY INTO YOUR HOME??? ON YOUR HOME??? IN YOUR WALLET??? Do you want to have your child use a device to interact with the world- DONT answer that because they have given you NO CHOICE- DO you understand now why they where parroting FREEDOM ISN’T FREE??? So now bang your pots and SAY THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER [ ALLA TINY TIM WELCOME BACK MONARCHY AND AUTHORITARIANISM ISN’T IT GRAND AREN’T WE BRAVE AND FREE NOW ALL TOGETHER BANG THE POTS THREE TIMES BUT PUT ON YOUR GLOVES FIRST AND TAKE TEN STEPS AWAY FROM YOUR LOVE ONES AND PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE HOMELAND SECURITY FLAG GOD BLESS whatever they haverenamed this shitshow We are in… Everyone loves a parade ” ok now on three…

The Bunker : debt??? or freedom???




Perhaps WE THE PEOPLE put aside BERNIE VS TRUMP CAPITALISM SOCIALISM COMMUNISM COMPETITIONISM MONARCHYISM I HATE THEM ISM ALL THE ISMs perhaps they are all secondary to the principles of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND THE DERIVED CONSTITUTION … Perhaps at the outset we never sorted out the conflicts of interest between inalienable rights of the individual as declared and our economic mode of operation. It economic mode is/should secondary and in service too and promote the FREEDOM and enhance life liberty and the pusuit of happyness – not shackle the / WE THE EMPLOYEES I MEAN PEOPLE. If I am correct any word ending in “-ism” defines a belief – our inalienable rights and declaration of INDEPENDENCE (FREEDOM) has nothing to do with BELIEF or AUTHORITY it IS an immutable law of nature such as that which we call “gravity”. Perhaps it is not Trump Sanders or who ever; perhaps it is us, WE THE PEOPLE remembering, never forgetting our rights Declared in our CONSTITUTION never forget we fought the AUTHORITY of the PORT during THE BOSTON TEA PARTY never forget we fought the tyranny of the british empire and their economic leverage ENFORCED by their rule of law and its ENFORCERS. Perhaps we simply get rid of all the security and clandestine agencies that are tethered to other nations and GLOBAL corporations and get back to basic principles. The current technological push makes it easy to send digital messages in NANO seconds which makes it easier for multinational power structures to suck money assetts resources out of local economies. How much has it done for your local small businessess BE HONEST WITH IT ?WHAT HAS THIS TECH BOOM DONE FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS OR AMERICA? DO WE STILL HAVE A CONSTITUTION OR HAS HOMELAND SECURITY ISRAELI BRITISH AMERICAN ALLIANCE RE WRITTEN IT TO MAKE MONARCHY /AUTHORITY GREAT AGAIN????