BLM BLUE live matter are two sides of the same coin to create “Domestic Terrorist” in America so CYBER SECURITY INDUSTRIES & BIO SECURITY INDUSTRIES can reset the WAR ON TERROR financial winfall bonanza into a PRE-EMPTIVE SECURITY WINFALL BONANZA : where you can still maintain the military budget(s )of wartime with out actual war – the fear of an invisible threat [ all UN CONSTITUTIONAL all UNAMERICAN: a disease at the foundation roots of all American Constitution principles. FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG!!! ] FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES ARE THE ENEMY WITHIN. THE BETHLEHEM DOCTRIN [ written by Bethlehem who served for both Netanyahu and Tony Blair ] justifies pre-emptive action all illegal before the prostitution of 911]… Be honest and look around at the state of FREEDOM in THESE UNITED STATES… We the People dropped the ball and many ARM CHAIR PATRIOTS NEED TO PUT DOWN THEIR STIRO FOAM HAND AND FLAG WAVERS TAKE THE TAILGATE BALL SACKS OFF THEIR LUXURY PICK UPS AND ADMIT THEY, WE MADE MISTAKES IN TRUSTING AND ALLOWING THESE PEOPLE IN OUR DOOR. PICK UP AND READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND SHUT THE F*CK UP UNTIL YOU DO BECAUSE YOU FORGOT…

I think the actuall “domestic terrorist” are Cyber security subcontractors funding the left and right on the ground and evidence is Emergin Elite Foreign military intelligence like the 8200 of Israel are using Neuroweapons and after service create private companies- we have many here in NYC.. So we must learn and understand what neuroweapons are. The cop holding his knee on someones neck till death in public isnt rational and it is clear neuroweapons can manipulate rational thinking to escalate an individual anger fear depression, they are doing it all over the world and it is happening in NYC : https://cyber-torture. com/

QUOTE of the DAY, OBSERVATION of the DAY. SEPT. 20th, 2020…


“Dear Friend, If you haven’t already noticed, Technocrats wreck just about everything they touch. When I declared “War on Technocracy” in 2016, few paid attention or saw the need. However, with the COVID-19 global ‘pandemic’, we are now experiencingTechnocracy’s coup d’etat as they try to take over the entire world with fraudulent science and destructive social policies. Do you see what’s happening? Technocrats are wrecking the economy. They are wrecking our health care system. They are wrecking our health and the social stability of tens of millions of our citizens.Are you ready to stand up and throw this back in their face? How about right now?”

Quote from a correspondence , Patrick Wood, Editor and AuthorTechnocracy.News ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. – Edmund Burke ( ok 2 quotes )


What if the enemies of freedom do not want you to know they are subjecting YOU, We the People??? How would they do it??? Recall the days pre American Revolution. When the King’s minion(s) would line up, the nescient indoctrinated pawns, on the field of battle and strategically send each line to face off and kill each other and die “honorably” ( If you have seen the movie BRAVE HEART a high ranking minion of the King orders for the “front line “of Archers to fire at the Scottish terrorist & the King Longshanks replies ” Archers? Send the Irish in; Archers cost money” ) Though the King and company became civilized and realized with the advent of radio the king could maneuver his pieces on a typographical grid. With this technological advancement he could have the many lines of pawns on many fields at the same time. And limit His liability and secure his health by not standing on the field of battle with his men He could delegate orders through radio ( que music “get that pigeon ). So lets point out a couple of key points before moving forward – because the king is playing the same game; though the one green field of battle is now the globe and the pigeon that was the radio is now the internet and the field is global. But the new maneuver is that the psychological indoctrination of the nescient pawns in which they would march down a field and shoot each other dead on- well not simply nescience also the shaming of the pre-indoctrinated local infragaurd and citizen corp of the day. Also the necessity to eat and drink water. Also at the time of Monarchy and the lords and their soldiers enforcers and subjects: If a subject was caught picking up twigs for kindling, to start a fire [in order to not freeze to death or perhaps eat a boiled root] on land he wasn’t indentured to or zoned in, the Lord of the Manor may cut off his hands after raping his daughter or wife ( the raping simply the toll for the Lord having to go out of his way – the price of his time and royal presence, to the indentured servant subjects dwelling to cut off his hands- the Lord must serve his Imperious urge of ego and title at every moment and the indentured servant daughter or wife will do… I may have went on a bit there but here it be … the new move is to set nescient pawns against each other on the field of battle but not have them realize they are set up against each other on the field of battle… Whaaat slow motion left side… How’s your designer mask looking??? Does it match your hand bag??? Does it match your uniform??? Heroes on the “front lines”???

First. the idea that it is honorable to kill a fellow indentured servant ( on the opposing line of the field of battle for the King’s kissing cousins Husband ) was a part of this psychological maneuver, indoctrinization ( my own word ). Also the fact that if one wanted to eat and not have his daughter and wife raped bye the Lord of the manor it be best to comply. Thank God We the People have the Constitution of the United States of America. Right??? Slow motion right side….

… [ the difference between nescience & ignorance : nescience – one not knowing because the information was never available. ignorance – one has an idea that they are unaware of the factors but chooses to remain unaware ; choosing to ignore the unknown factors ] …

The Lord of the manor or his minions could walk into an indentured servant or tenants quarters any time they wanted and sometimes, taking a page out of the lords play book, the head minion would rape the Tenants wife or daughter, as a price for his time, the price of his royal presence… Reminds me a bit of how today, some how, the Global Health government / private partners ( re start new normal ROYALS ) and Global tech companies government / private partners Kings kissing cousins sons ) have found a new way into the “ESSENTIAL WORKERS” homes. Now through a health crisis the government ( public school system for an example) / private ( tech companies and CYBER SECURITY FOREIGN SUBCONTRACTORS ) “partners” can now train your daughters and sons to take orders from their chain of command in YOUR home. Via the internet GOD BLESS AMERICA. Though, obviously this isn’t the old traditional form of rape of subject by master this is the new-normal reset rape. I’m going to add another quote here: to add fact behind that statement of accusation, from an “Elite Essential Expert” Dr. James Giordano : The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future: Neuroweapons So the “rape” now isn’t the traditional form of rape the new norm the new rape reset is of the brain. but don’t take my word for it listen to this “Elite Essential Expert speak to the West Point Cadets ” on the “new normal” battlefield “reset of Neuroscience and “ETHICS” the new battlescape the human brain… [ ]

If neurological scientists have stepped up the psychological indoctrination by going right into the biosphere of the brain, the natural electromagnetism of the brain, your wife’s brain your daughter’s brain ( neurology ). One has to understand thought is actually electricity between synapse carrying info ( not necessarily factual) which we call thought. Now if the King and his minions or the new normal reset Global CEO’s can get into the thought and feeling process via wifi- why waste time lining the nescient pawns on opposing sides of the field of Battle when, as the Expert’s like James Giordano state to the West Point cadets, “The new battlefield IS THE BRAIN” … his word not mine…

… lets take a moment to let that set in… I feel I may have put a lot of information out there in this daily observation and in doing so have not touched on all the points I intended to touch upon. Though “conflict of interest’ is where the “devil in the details’ lie. Example:: the conflict of interest in the corrupted medical industry in America ( perhaps Global ) : The hippocratic oath taken by Drs. to put the health and well being of their patients first before their personal gain comes into direct opposition and conflict of the law that make a corporation’s primary principle to put the monetary gains of their share holders before the ANYTHING ESLE – BEFORE OTHERS HEALTH AND WELL BEING – BY LAW…. Please sit with these facts for yourself – I’ll add a link to a documentary that touches on this in a concise manner below with other links :’s technical … ( being hacked by cyber bastards ) … difficulties temporary daily media page:


Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”


I say this with respect and in honoring those who were murdered on 911 and those still dying of respiratory disease multiple forms of cancer from the complications of being at ground zero with out respirators.

They would have you believe the world changed after 911. It had not. The sun still shines the Earth still rotates around the sun daily, 365 days a year and principles of natural law remain principles , immutable. Gravity, the attacks of 911 did not alter the natural laws of gravity – this may seem ridiculous but it is not if you understand our principles of FREEDOM our inalienable rights are of natural law and immutable. Our forefathers DECLARED OUR INDEPENDENCE because We were under the subjagation of the rule of man [ King George III GREAT BRITAIN ]. Our inalienable rights are endowed by the creator [ with the understanding of the principle of separation of church and state ] were / ARE of natural law and like gravity as long as the earth rotates around the sun cannot be altered . Unless the rule of man is allowed [ once again ] to subjagate , restrict , bind the inalienable rights the freedom of man.

When We the People were physically attacked on 911 – 3000 American lives stolen – a crime against humanity – though please understand that no matter how many lives are lost in such an attack THE CONSTITUTION OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COULD NEVER BE PHYSICALLY ALTERED BY THE FORCE OF AN ENEMY. THEY CAN’T BE ALTERED – AS GRAVITY CANNOT BE – AS OUR FOREFATHER DECLARED THEY ARE INALIENABLE RIGHTS ENDOWED BY THE CREATOR – So the only way to alter such is to write into legislation man made rule that restricts or binds our natural freedoms. So the attacks of 911 murdered Americans but they could never taKe our freedom(s). We have been conned or frightened into abdicating our responsibility of freedom and handing it over to “SECURITY GAURDS” HOMELAND SECURITY THIS IS NOT OPINION THESE ARE SIMPLE FACTS.

I will put a link to a video below that expresses this in a concise manner with the facts. Before let me express some of the negative aspects of the next phase of the War on Terror expressed as the War on Covid in CYBER-SECURITY and BIO-SECURITY.


Walking the dog. Cyber – security and bio security technologies are the weapons of what Dr James Giordanno calls the new Battlescape(*). As in the old west, say after the civil war, there where men who had mastered their tool the fire arm. Today those tools are neuroweapons. They have been tried and tested. Though as any tool or weapon they can be used for ill means. WALKING THE DOG… a term used by those using cyber / bio weapons to work a human into a servile state of subjagation. A combination of tactics are used. The intelligence community used the tactic called “DECOMPOSITION” [ taken from the STASI Zersetzung (*)] This old tactic of cutting off the” TARGETED INDIVIDUAL’S ” social connections through slander tactics and destroy financial connections, livelyhood, stealthly pick away at life. Decomposition means just that, the goal is to drive the target to suicide, homelessness or into institution(s). Now neuroweapons are added to these tactics. If you know what a tazer is (electronic weapon) this is the military upgrade DEW [ directed energy weapons] DEW can taze a target 24/7. It is used to create sleep deprivation. The target isn’t aware they are being hit by this invisible attacker. From a hand held device, a drone, a cell tower or through a a kitchen appliance like a microwave. All from a military contractor or private contractor with a laptop screen and wifi connection. V2k is another cyber bio tech tool / weapon in which the contractor can bounce (DEW) directed energy waves off the “TARGETED INDIVIDUALS” skull ( heterodyning ) or more precisely the cochlea of the ear. Vibrations occur inside of the ear canal or skull so that ONLY the”TARGETED INDIVIDUAL” hears or has an auditory experience. Augmenting, manipulating perception : ex. car engines, loud jarring sounds when one is sleeping or to distract concentration to the extent of torturous voices. In Iraq it was called “the voice of god weapon” because they were on a hill and as “the enemy” approached with fire arms / weapons they were targeted and hit with the voice/weapon ” these were the words” This is allah put down your weapons and go home” and they did so. Though imagine , if in the wrong hands, what this could do to an innocent American who has no idea these weapons exist. I will put a link below to the expert Dr James Gioradanno in his lecture to West Point military academy. I’ll get to WALKING THE DOG… there are foreign contractors (perhaps homeland security government private “partners”) for hire that use this these tactics to turn people into “their dogs”. They can attach a woman with these devices and tactics- it is a silent attack – so for as long as it takes and the money is flowing they will torture the “TARGETED INDIVIDUAL” into compliance and a new form of rape- through consent after being silently tortured with these cyber, bio neuroweapons. They will do this to grown men to render them helpless. They’ll put the “TARGETED INDIVIDUAL”through the ringer, decomposition than use the v2k to further compromise the “TARGETED INDIVIDUAL” and than when the “TARGETED INDIVIDUAL ‘S spirit is broke or all means of feeding or sheltering one’s self has been intentionally destroyed they begin to order the “TARGETED INDIVIDUAL” as a slave “their dog”. It sound like sifi but it is happening. Please search the links below. Do not take my word for it – look at the technology the facts and come to your own conclusions. It has been called CYBER-TORTURE and it is happening all over the world. It is happening in THESE UNITED STATES. It is a crime against humanity, Though as troubling as the negative use of this CYBER BIO technology / NEUROWEAPONDRY IS THE supposed positive use of this technoLogy , CYBER-SECURITY BIO-SECURITY , COMING FULL CIRCLE TO BENJAMIN FRANKLIN’S QUOTE, IS SIMPLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL UN-AMERICAN AND MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE FREEDOM IS USURPED AGAIN…. Pre-emptive security IS UN CONSTITUTIONAL ONE’S INALIENABLE RIGHTS CANNOT BE BARRED TO SECURE ANOTHER FROM A “POSSIBLE” INVISIBLE THREAT IN THE FUTURE. UN AMERICAN AGAINST ALL THE PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM…

*- COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

*- here is link to Dr James Giordanno’s West Point lecture regarding Neuroweapons as the new battlescape …

* –