Perhaps WE THE PEOPLE put aside BERNIE VS TRUMP CAPITALISM SOCIALISM COMMUNISM COMPETITIONISM MONARCHYISM I HATE THEM ISM ALL THE ISMs perhaps they are all secondary to the principles of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND THE DERIVED CONSTITUTION … Perhaps at the outset we never sorted out the conflicts of interest between inalienable rights of the individual as declared and our economic mode of operation. It economic mode is/should secondary and in service too and promote the FREEDOM and enhance life liberty and the pusuit of happyness – not shackle the / WE THE EMPLOYEES I MEAN PEOPLE. If I am correct any word ending in “-ism” defines a belief – our inalienable rights and declaration of INDEPENDENCE (FREEDOM) has nothing to do with BELIEF or AUTHORITY it IS an immutable law of nature such as that which we call “gravity”. Perhaps it is not Trump Sanders or who ever; perhaps it is us, WE THE PEOPLE remembering, never forgetting our rights Declared in our CONSTITUTION never forget we fought the AUTHORITY of the PORT during THE BOSTON TEA PARTY never forget we fought the tyranny of the british empire and their economic leverage ENFORCED by their rule of law and its ENFORCERS. Perhaps we simply get rid of all the security and clandestine agencies that are tethered to other nations and GLOBAL corporations and get back to basic principles. The current technological push makes it easy to send digital messages in NANO seconds which makes it easier for multinational power structures to suck money assetts resources out of local economies. How much has it done for your local small businessess BE HONEST WITH IT ?WHAT HAS THIS TECH BOOM DONE FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS OR AMERICA? DO WE STILL HAVE A CONSTITUTION OR HAS HOMELAND SECURITY ISRAELI BRITISH AMERICAN ALLIANCE RE WRITTEN IT TO MAKE MONARCHY /AUTHORITY GREAT AGAIN????

HITTING THE BRICKS: 2nd interview/ conversation, Kevin & Happy, NYC, Union Square





 Fear poisons the waters of the moment
 You can not swim freely in spiritual waters if fear be a force of

 To kiss the girl
 To ask the one
 To embrace the lady

 To tell them to stop picking at the wounded and the cold
 To speak out    about the known crime
 To sit in silence with a smile

 To not act

 The notion that informs one not to act

 Reactive habitual action

 Reactive habitual non-action

 Reactive habitual No action

 Not to speak out    about the known crime
 Not to tell them to stop picking at the wounded and the cold

 Not to embrace the Lady
 Not to ask the one
 Not to kiss the girl

To sit in silence with a smile

dirty old blog#6 ode to American forefathers