Pardon,hitting the brick for these current technical difficulties. Some cuntry western singer cut the power cables to both my macs and my external drives so until I get a new power cord I wont be posting. I took a video of cut cables and will post when I get new power cord to charge laptop. We live in a “PRE-EMPTIVE” culture and anyone with a voice that may be contrary to the mainstream corporate narrative (Republican & Democrat) are seen as threat and can be targeted. I am not special 1.5 million are said to be targeted. I am a targeted Individual and the more I speak out the more I’ve been hit. So be it. I had spoken about it years ago after being “gaslighted” but then I realized it would be better to put principles before personality – which at the moment is important because We the People’s inalienable rights are being tresspassed upon and the Constitution dismissed. So I’ll put some links if you are interested in understanding what targeted individuals is???

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