IF the British East India company organized and used opium addicts (Thugges*) to terrorize India in the British Crown’s subjagation of that Land, India.( *Thuggees – its where we get the term thug – i haven’t an issue with thugs in the arena of hard ball free-markets THOUGH when they are unwittingly used to undermined the foundational principles of freedom via DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE & the derived Constitution its a problem ) Is it possible that global money interests have been using this same tactic with other unwitting players during the “WAR ON TERROR” & is it possible they are using the same tactics here on our shores to create domestic terrorist brands like Antifa – to :1 create a P.R campaign to Divide & Rule , 2. to create a new lucrative “pre-emptive strike” “security market on American soil – as its been a trillion dollar business implimented on/in the middle east? As an aside another double jab or shock and awe tactic We are currently experiencing is the COVID 19 “pre-emptive GLOBALLY ALIGNED GUIDLINES/MANDATES- is it possible this “pre-emptive strike (Bethlehem Doctrin) tactic and the accompanying P.R campaign tech and healthcare market plans in play in this”pandemic” are intended to create “pre-emtive” military managed global Pre-emptive health markets in the same manner. At every step an afront a tresspass upon inalienable rights endowed by the creator (seperation of church and state being understood. please read the Declaration of Independence) They are laying illegitamate “rule of law” over the fellowship of individual sovereignty and inalienable rights Declared bye our fore fathers in which We dropped the ball in being vigilant in protecting- We bought the lie that wallstreet based pensions had something to do with being American mistaken that they were somehow derived from our declaration of indepenedence and Constitution- I’m sorry to tell you pensions, title have always been a leveraging tool of the Crown. This may be why people are standing 6 feet apart and wearing masks. Your new bosses who were intended payed servants of We the people – leaders amongst equals ( politicians/militaty intelligence/healthcare global company alliances) are not protecting the constitution or the people as the Oaths they have taken state. How could We ask an American to stand 6 feet apart with a mask on- the mask that the American has no idea of its source of origin- the American is being mandated to put material on their face in which the American has no idea who, what where it comes from – if it has been shipped in a trailer or cargo container arriving from Wuhan china??? How the F..k am I suppose to take this serious. We have masks coming in from all over the word with all types of bacteria on them – food coming in WITH UNKNOWN ORIGINS from all over the world that American’s eat daily – And I’m suppose to take social distancing as a serious pre emptive measure as a logical human being- They are calling you there NEW subjects (this is the NEW NORMAL) – there employess- “ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES” I SAY YOU ARE NOT – YOU ARE AMERICANS THAT HAVE THE BREATH OF LIFE IN YOU ENDOWED BY THE CREATOR-INALIENABLE RIGHTS- THEY ARE (OR HAVE) TURING (ED) AMERICANS (BACK) INTO SUBJECTS WITH NEW TERMS LIKE ESSENTIAL WORKERS, BLACK LIVES MATTER ,BLUE LIVES MATTER, ALL COLLECTIVES – TEAMS DEVOID OF INDIVIDUAL DESTINCTIONS HENCE DEVOID OF INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY DEVOID OF INALIENABLE RIGHTS- BEING VIGILANT WASN’T MEANT TO MEAN RATTING ON YOUR FELLOWS IT MEANT TO BE AWARE AND FIGHT TO PROTECT YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS INALIENABLE RIGHTS – BECAUSE IN DOING SO YOU ARE PROTECTING YOURS- IF YOU FIGHT TO TAKE AWAY AN AMERICANS RIGHTS BECAUSE YOU ARE PROTECTING YOUR PENSION YOU ARE A SERVANT OF THE CROWN AND YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE THE CONSTITUTION – GEORGE WASHINGTON – THE FORE FATHERS ALL THE SOLDIERS THAT DIED DURING THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND IF YOU TAKE AWAY TRESSPASS UPON AN AMERICAN’S RIGHTS TO ,SUPPOSEDLY, FIGHT THE “WAR ON TERROR” YOU ARE MISTAKEN- IF YOU TRESPASS ON AN AMERICANS RIGHTS (WETHER A REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT) YOU ARE THE SECOND OR THIRD PHASE OF THE BIN LADIN AL QUEDA ATTACK ON AMERICA- THIS IS NOT AN OPINION IT IS THE FACTORS OF THE SITUATION REGARDING BASIC PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM. IS IT YOUR PENSION OR THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND THE CONSTITUTION??? THE LOOK OF THINGS YOU ALL MADE YOUR CHOICE ALREADY- BUT EVERY MOMENT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE 1 STEP IN AN OTHER DIRECTION. We have to take a serious look at how Wall street has leveraged the state and country through pensions & healthcare. Or not- BUT remember to wipe off your knees after genuflecting before the queen. I apologise to those that are in a situation of leverage- many people have to take care of families and such and its hard to look at these things- THOUGH the train is barreling down the tracks and from my point of view YOU YOUR FAMILY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRACKS AND ITS A COMIN- I DON’T MEAN ANY DISRESPECT. Its coming at us from all directions and it does not seem to be a coincidence. I was in a room with An NYU educator and lawyer another gentlemen that are fighting such new tresspasses – they literally sais to a group meeting in a church in Bayridge Brooklyn Ny that ” They are after your children” this was in regards to the vaccine Gardisil – another symptom of this appahrent Global problem that has come home to your front door or rather in your livingrooms VIA ZOOM/

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