Thomas Paine ( in the divine right’s ass ) ” The more perfect a civilization is the less they will need a form of government.” We do not need a “New Norm” We need to remember, Never Forget, that the United States of America is the (Our) Declaration of Independence , Inalienable rights endowed bye the creator, (understanding the principle of separation of church and state) in which Our fore fathers wrote the Constitution in order to protect Our inherent freedom, these inherent principles. All of our law is derived from principles of freedom. If a law is written against our individual principles of freedom they are Illegitimate[Unites States]. Any oath taken bye Homeland Security that goes against the constitution IS illegitimate. If any person of power coerces American’s into taking oaths [ as tolls to financial avenues]that go against their constitutional rights those oaths are illegitimate in regards to the United States of America and the public servant or politician should be investigated and charged with treason if Guilty. If globalists have taken over our land financially or through deceptive political maneuvering We can simply use imminent domain take back our lands and deport these globalist. If our economy is being hyjacked by a global economy through global banking and corporation (IMF WHO ect)(*) in which a digital currency is being shoved down our peoples throats through leverage & technology. We the people can make an Amendment to the Federal Reserve act. Respectfully, so since the Federal Reserve has breached its social contract with America as our central bank and has globalized; it seems reasonable for the sake of National sovereignty that We the People take back our Constitutional right of coining our own currency. That doesn’t mean We do not honor the Federal Reserve note in circulation or the pensions and other established financial structures savings and economical ties to the old Federal Reserve central bank of America -that has chosen to go Global and changed the normal mode of operation in which We initially serviced her. We the People in the sake of protecting our freedom so that We may interact FREELY in our society – the United States of America in accord with our principles of freedom (not the dictates of a Global economic order.)The private bank The Federal Reserve has chosen a global path that simply creates a conflict of interest with our principles of freedom. So perhaps it is time We no longer do business as We once had and part ways. Again respecting the savings and pensions connected to the Federal Reserve and Wall street but creating or returning to our natural state of economy before the Federal Reserve act. The Federal Reserve economic markets may still engage with our United States of America National monetary system and like wise (here’s an idea : perhaps returning to the gold standard- in which notes or coins will be used simply for commerce – it will be illegal to create any type of financial market derived of or off our currency [ The Global Federal Reserve may maintain those mechanism as they please] Our monetary National currency will be simply used for transaction of goods and services and that will eliminate inflation. Monetary leveraging will be illegal (within this national system) In rememberance of our foundings it will have to be made clear that the United States of America are united sovereign states that protection of and bye the constitution of and bye the people of each state , each local place and the freedom of each individual. We, America stand as a Free people. If global people choose to use our principles of freedom in their nation or land they will be free as well. Our government was formed for the primary principle of protecting freedom. THAT IS IT. All economic and social structures are in service of that principle. Globalists have turned this on its head. We are NOT meant to be servants of the economic structure. We can do something about it. Nothing is new under the sun. If we stopped all work tomorrow. The sun will still shine and give life to the entire Earth. The Earth will still rotate around the sun. All food grows out of the earth naturally. Everything We need to live exists inherently in our sphere of life We call Earth. So. We may have to kick the f*cks off our farms and take our food- take our water back. It is all there inherently, naturally folks. They worked us into a corner and bent us over a barrel with a digital carrot app. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER. Start getting out of your comfort zones. Put down your digital shackles for 5 minutes and get outside. walk in nature with out an agenda for 10 minutes. Take a walk with your wife in the woods – hide behind a tree and play grab ass for 2 or 3 minutes ( but perhaps work on yer time). WE HAVE THE POWER. We are the People of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. You don’t need to wear a uniform, a red hat or a rainbow peace symbol – inalienable rights endowed bye the creator IS LIFE the mysterious source that inherently pumps the oxygen in blood through your veins giving life. Do not let them mandate a vaccine in which they put a digital synthetic blood additive that connects you with wifi to a centralized digital technocratic economic Global order in which YOU ARE NOT FREE. FORGET COMMUNISM, FORGET SOCIALISM – THEY HAVE TERMED IT TECHNOCRACY – CHINA IS NOT A COMMUNIST COUNTRY IT IS A TECHNOCRACY- WUHAN CHINA IS A FULLY OPERATIONAL SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE TECHNOCRACY- 5G- STATEN ISLAND IS FULL 5G( I WAS TOLD THIS BY A FIBER OPTIC CONTRACTOR- (the plans of Technocracy are documented as early as 1930 and they have been working towards it since – Zbigniew Brzezinski has written of it extensively if you need a none tinfoil hat reference )LOOK IT UP…


Where is all the U’S GOLD???????????????

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