Vera Sharav, renowned champion of human rights and expert in biomedical research ethics, Ms. Sharav offers rare and valuable insights into the public health arena and state of emergency affecting each and every one of our lives.
( interview Stand for Health Freedom:…, )…

QUOTE(s) :

1.’When medicine veer away from the hippocratic oath that promises to respects the individuals right to do no harm to the individual than you are going to harm the community as well because…” [opening of video/ interview]

2. ,,, history has told that story not fully but to a great degree … it’s un heard of that this should happen today in 2020 and this is called a civilized way to deal with a public emergency … I think each one needs to evaluate it themselves , it doesn’t matter whether I link it to Nazis… that’s not the point the point is what was done, what were the policies, what was the rational – they had a similar rational, remember, they wanted to get rid of what they called “worthless eaters”… – there economy was very bad at the time, this was war time, everything was going for the war and civilians didn’t have enough to eat, as well, there were shortages. This was their way of dealing with the folk. Forget the individual… what I am saying is when you eliminate the sanctity of the individual person you are crossing that line – you’re no better… [ 20:00 on video time line]

3. … it makes absolutely no sense in a medical way but if you have contracts and business to worry about I guess it makes sense – these babies are being used … it begins in the public health arena public health is government and that is what happened in Nazi Germany all of medicine ended up being “PUBLIC HEALTH” once you have medicine in partnership with government* there is no individual care the hippocratic oath goes out the window and since you have the government behind you the DR is not responsible for their actions they are working together with the state. THAT’S WHEN MEDICINE BECOMES WEAPONISED…AND WHAT I HAVE DESCRIBED IS WEAPONISED MEDICINE. IF THEY DICTATE WHAT MEDICINE IS GIVEN TO YOUR CHILD AND YOU DON’T HAVE A SAY THAT INVITES ALL KINDS OF SERIOUS VIOLATIONS OF YOUR CHILD AND YOUR ROLE AS THEIR PARENT AND GAURDIAN…[33:03] * (DR JAMES GIORDANO WEAPONIZED NEUROSCIENCE)

4. … the media is very much a part of the business empire that is “RULING” that vaccines are an empire… and now they really want to do a vaccine globally – do you know what kind of a market that is? More than 7 billion people for a vaccine canyou even count the kind of profits no matter what they charge for it – that’s what there goal is thats the whole allure of the covid 19 vaccine. ITS THAT MARKET… BILL GATES SAID IT ON CAMERA RECENTLY ” WHAT’S A FEW BILLION DOLLARS WHEN WE ARE TALKING TRILLIONS”…


Generally in health care our current problem is not covid 19 but the conflict of interest that exists between the * hippocratic oath taken by Drs in which the health of the patient is the priority ( individual rights) and comes before all else and the inherent conflic with law bound corporate priority of putting the corporations profits and share holders before all else * ( your individual rights)


Gatherings: Non-essential gatherings must be limited to 25 people maximum for both indoor and outdoor settings…

*( Mussillini’s definition if fascism is the merge of corporate & government )



* ( the corporation documentry )


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