MEET KLAUS SHUAB & his LITTLE BIRDIE in performance below, an introduction to the KLAUS & z BOYz series .. TO SUPPORT such WORK, through DONATIONS… PLEASE leave your CONTACT INFO BELOW… If you would like to talk 1 on 1 send me an email and we can set up a chat: …for donation and mail box info look under performance screen, and if you choose to send donation please send an email so we can verify it arrives. For more INDEPENDENT MEDIA go to the bottom of this page hit previous & also browse the menu in the side Bar and THANK YOU…

… Truth Today and JINGI productions is an Independent Media source. The 1st Amendment in action. Freedom of Speech and of late an address of grievances from We The People. The site has been completely self supported with out any commercial funding and seeks to produce media free of leverage in service to the principles of Freedom Declared in the Declaration of Independence – Inalienable rights endowed by the creator ( understanding the principle of separation of church and state )…

… Due to digital gremlins: currently Truth Today cannot receive donations through digital means so please send a money order or check to James Ford box # 152, 7304 5th ave Brooklyn NY, 11209, United States of America. Other avenues of donations will be open soon. UPDATE currently using paypal – subscriptions coming soon with more media content / art…

… Thank you…

… Subscriptions will be available as new Media is produced. PRINCIPLES BEFORE PERSONALITY… The principles of freedom shall not be trespassed upon if we understand those principles of freedom. As we protect our fellow Americans from such trsspass We are honoring and protecting our own… We protect the weak and the weary… We have forgotten…

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