The Modern Trojan Horse

It was once attributed to a central banker this boast ” I care not who sits on the thrown of the Empire in which the sun doesn’t set because it is he who controls the money supply that rules the day and I control the money supply ” an English guy with a fancy hat …

If we take the Fancy mans word how would that apply today ??? … I have a suggestion … It is not the man who sits in the oval office or the world leaders in their capitol buildings that rule the world it is he who controls he digital internet of everything. For example after 911 the blame was put on the lack of communication between intelligence agencies and homeland security was created. Though what is not mentioned is that digital operating systems such as e GAURDIAN: is an information sharing platform. This means that corporations , some foreign, are controlling the information. you can put a classified stamp on anything but if you are having a Spy deliver the message the stamp don’t mean shyeeeiiit … Also seems very curious that the same owners of this information transfer system want to kill cash an have all commerce be traded in the digital operating systems THEY control.

The story goes like this. The English banker with the fancy hat had the faster pigeon carriers in England. This Fancy Sophisticat knew Napoleon lost at Waterloo before the rest of the London Stock exchange… It is said in lore that he went before the exchange as was his ritual and those who would read him for a tip of the day reported that their were signs in his demeanor that expressed that Napoleon had won. So the markets took of on a frenzy based on that inside dope. Though it was a con an later in the day the fancy hat man cornered the market.

eGuardian — FBI eGuardian system is a sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information-sharing platform hosted by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division as a service on the Law Enforcement…Security Clearances for Law EnforcementIn response to the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001,…iGuardianThe iGuardian portal is an evolution of eGuardian, the platform…

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