Self Defense is not Terrorism. If a person is being attacked by Cyber Security Neuroweapons. Silent Weapons for Silent Wars. Then any act of agression on the targets part is Self Defense. Just as Israel and British elites, along with global power brokers, used 911 to mask an act of aggression to conquer, reset the Middle east ( with central banks and puppet derived leadership) as the first phase of The Great reset before the second phase “covid 19” “PANDEMIC” which is the soft war tactic of conquering the rest of the world. The British and Isaeli’s are great at terrorizing people Secretly ( Palestine is an apartheid state ) and causing chaos by actually terrorizing the people of the land they are occupying and assuyming Iomminemt Domain. Then when the terrorized people – such as those in the middle east – retaliate the Israeli’s and Brits and their War Crime accomplices charge them as terrorist and take your tax dollars to kill them and put the rest to work as slaves in their authoritarian central bank economy. Their would be zero , none , ziltch, nada no f…in refugees if this terrorist branch of the pre emptive security arm of this new global alliance wasn’t occupying and destroying the natural order and lives of the natural inhabitants. https://cyber-torture.com/ So if people protest Homeland security and their Israeli Brit alliance and their fusion centers that are targeting Americans on American soil. It is not ANTI- SEMITISM it is not a HATE CRIME it is NOT DOMESTIC TERRORISM IT IS SELF DEFENSE. So id Israeli Cyber Security are attacking Americans on American soil they will be met with aggression. Hiding behind fusion center walls will not protect them from American who are not complying. Homeland security and their e GAURDIAN secret network ( DEEP STATE) group chat have been targeting Americans for years. Targeting Woman as well as men. Just as renditions took suspected terrorist out of countries that had laws against torure. The Cyber Rendition is when Cyber security firms that have residence in Israel can claim they can cyber torture Americans on American soil because they are not acting within the American jurisdiction. So they have it coming. I am a man that does not believe in acts of violence or aggression as an ends to a means though I know that self defense is a principle and my right our right We the Peoples rights. As for the word “terrorism” the Boston tea party was an act of terrorism against the crown corporation. From the perspective of the British crown the Founding fathers are “terrorist”.


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