D..O’B… #9: do we know how any of this digital world we live in works? what happens when the convenience becomes restriction?





 Fear poisons the waters of the moment
 You can not swim freely in spiritual waters if fear be a force of

 To kiss the girl
 To ask the one
 To embrace the lady

 To tell them to stop picking at the wounded and the cold
 To speak out    about the known crime
 To sit in silence with a smile

 To not act

 The notion that informs one not to act

 Reactive habitual action

 Reactive habitual non-action

 Reactive habitual No action

 Not to speak out    about the known crime
 Not to tell them to stop picking at the wounded and the cold

 Not to embrace the Lady
 Not to ask the one
 Not to kiss the girl

To sit in silence with a smile


American delusion: the people chanting no more big government are the same people who have given the federal govt. the control of the country – no more state sovereignty no more inalienable rights – the patriot act dismantles the Constitution our forefathers fought for and died for. 9/11 is the new fourth of July and we are a Nation of victims rather than freedom fighters who faced and conquered the British Empire and declared our freedom and the Constitution. All that was asked of us wass to be vigilant in protecting and serving the Constitution and the individuals of America. Authoritarian lawmakers and order followers now are enforcers of man made law removed from the root of creator endowed inalienable rights. Now if patriotic Americans become whistleblowers put it all on the line ( exposing the BIG GOVT.) to be HONEST COURAGEOUS they are destroyed rather than honored. Good job America way to betray the fore fathers and give the country back to the TYRANTs/ monarchy. ”