HzB Health Dept NYC young Freedom fighter, Shaman & I speak in front of the captured agency regarding the assembly bill 8416 & evidence of global coup d’etat feb. 3rd 2022 …


… hear speakers and see charts and visual evidence of coup d’etat … NYC feb. 3rd…

HzB Oct. 25th a conversation with Curtis Sliwa at NYC workers Rally & March over the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall … ??? …


HzB Oct 12th NYC a conversation with Kaoru activist of New York Freedom Rally


Sophie Scholl

German resistance fighter during the Nazi regime, member of the White Rose

Sophia Magdalena Scholl was a German student and anti-Nazi political activist, active within the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany. en.wikipedia.org

HzB speaks with Del BigTree of The HighWire prior to speaking at this New York Freedom Rally organized 1st amendment action Foley Square NYC 9-13-21