PEDOPHILIA IN the CHURCH – suppressed factors of 911 – MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS & You, We the People 5-27-23

I mis spoke @ the end (18:40 on time line) I did not intend to say the economy is meant to be a form of government – what I meant to share is that the economy is intended to serve the people as a component of our society as means to exchange value NOT as governmental lever – also pardon if the use of the word “phenomena” does not sit well regarding the fact of pedophilia in the church – the intent is to state that it is an actuality – an unfortunate reality‚Ķ

EUGENICS PROM-NIGHT RETIREMENT PLANS & indentured servants vs slaves Bacon’s Rebellion 1-31-22

Pardon the repetition in topic and my misnaming of event regarding rebellion – I was speaking upon or referring to Bacon’s Rebellion not Shay’s Rebellion as for the repetition at different locations – bear with me talk does open to different areas of discussion regarding this vast area of focus…

… Meet Itzia a mother and local NYC Freedom Fighter. This publication is a conversation we had in January 2021 at a Gracie Mansion Rally. Itzia predicts that the vaccines will become mandates as they are today. Not because she is an expert but because she thinks for herself & uses her own COMMON SENSE. Join Itzia New York Freedom Rally and others protesting the Orwellian mandates being used as justification for a New Norm Segregation white washing the New Jim Crow laws a mechanism of strategized social stratification in a time when the perceived “Elite” need to propagandize and fabricate social barriers due to the fact distinctions cannot be actualized through actual merit or actions in or upon the material world. They are week and they are cowards, basically a new global aristocracy. Join the movement today, time & place information and the conversation with Itzia below: