WHETHER BENIGN OR MALIGNANT INTENT [ to use the new health framing of language related to thought or more important to the mystery of that which we call “INSIGHT” ] here are examples where truelly “IGNORANT PEOPLE” are creating computer brain interface and speak regarding “INSIGHT” and the nature of thought based decision making and seek to create “PATHWAYS” in which to initiate “INSIGHT” and decision making… whether a benign or malignant incorrect supposition it is a faulty foundation to stand upon. “INTUITION” is a mystery & has NO pathway… true men of genius know well that most of the sparks of invention emerge freely out of the mystery, ether, blah blah blah or a FUCKIN MISTAKE… These limited human beings seek to eliminate that free space where the unpersonified “GOD” exists… “TRUTH IS A PATHLESS LAND” and the intuition that is at times termed “IMAGINATION” cannot be controlled or synthesized by stupefied men… here are examples of such: Data mining innovator Shyam Sankar explains [@ 2:45 on time line] “… foresaw computers doing all the routinizinal work to prepare the way for “INSIGHT” and decision making…” for people who do not “access” their imagination this may not register… for those who do and perhaps understand the nature of thought and honor the gift of intuition this is an attack on the essence of “LIFE”.




In multitasking computer operating systems, a daemon is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user. Wikipedia

Daemon – Greek Mythology | Mythology.net


Nov 27, 2016 · A Daemon is a semi-divine spirit, usually created when a noble person or a hero dies. These beings act as a go-between for gods and mortals, delivering divine messages and blessings to mortals or reporting bad behavior to the gods. Characteristics Physical Description Daemons are described as both air and earth spirits.

… THIS DOPEY CUNTRY WESTERN SINGER PROMPTLY RECITES [ 10:04 IN TIME LINE ] “ the recent conversation up until now has been regarding the freedom of speech … once we can “ACCESS” peoples thoughts and “ACCESS” peoples emotions … WE have to CREATE a space that “ENABLES” people to think freely …

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