“IMMINENT THREAT” the term redefined through the Bethlehem Doctrin to justify Pre-emptive action – common folk would hear imminent threat and think there is an actual threat that has factual evidence : time place people intending harm- the Bethlehem Doctrin defines imminent threat as – any intel / information from a think tank or intelligence agency (with all their clandestine classification) alliances – (which means with out checks and balances to verify before someone is killed in We the Peoples name) It can be that a percieved threat to a parties agenda can be seen as an imminent threat or actually anything they come up with behind closed doors. It UN-American…

Also this IMMINENT THREAT Bethlehem Doctin aproach is being used in the management of Covid !9. Note Bethlehem who wrote the Doctrin worked for Netenyahu and Tony Blair- lotta dots coming together alot of foriegn interests in this clandestine think tanks writing checks your children have to back with DEBT and on the Battle field with blood…

Look up Bethlehem Doctrin YOURSELF… I suggest James Corbett report – good source

I am approaching this from a non partisan POV – here’s a clip from NY Times :

Details are sought on attack against general
The Trump administration offered new justifications but few details on Tuesday for the killing of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, citing threats to the American Embassy in Baghdad and intelligence suggesting imminent attacks against U.S. personnel.
President Trump said General Suleimani had been “planning a very big attack,” but the administration’s formal notification to Congress, which remains classified, cited only past attacks, officials who have read it told The Times.
Go deeper: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo argued forcefully for the killing, though its aftermath has made his diplomatic work more difficult.

The government cannot make Permanent changes to the government when they are acting as if in a time of crisis- we have been at war since 9-11 and our legislators actually all the gov branches have acted outside of our already blurry boundries of our Constitution. You can not make permanent changes that alter foundational priciples as a response to a Crisis or emergency. All law enforcement or laws that are derived from such are illegitimate and the policy makers must be tried as such. Home land security is a “security’ branch that has now blanketed all of the government branches as an “ENFORCEMENT” agency with classified relations with all the international intelligence agencies and corporations if they are not one in the same. Acting without any actual checks and balancing. Homeland security IS National Socialism. It has and is funded by a annual debt that comes from the taxpayers and generates 0 revenue. Those are simply facts. The gov has taken all the public spaces over – they no longer act as security but enforcers- this whole corona virus military management was the physical take over of the country. Hence military officers standing gaurd at beaches so Americans can’t go in the sea… and rangers enforcing social distancing for hikers on the Appalachian trail. It is illigitamate and unconstitutional UN AMERICAN. They have betrayed their oath to protect the constitution and the people of America. I suspect that homeland security has probably made up a new oath that disregaurds our constitution. But I am not sure.