a https://nypost.com/2020/11/12/sound-beaming-technology-will-play-music-directly-to-your-head/ + https://cyber-torture.com/ DUAL CITIZENS-DUAL TECHNOLOGIES-THE WEAPONIZATION OF TECHNOLOGY-THE WEAPONIZATION OF NEUROSCIENCE- THE REAL ATTACK ON AMERICA: Americans are being attacked through there oxygen levels. LINKS below to an inventer of this technology and an academic neuroscientist MD. The new tech being put in the ground and in the hardware of our street lights can be harnessed to direct energy hence DEW (directed energy weapons) oxygen cells obsorbs 60 hz and fiber optic cables use light to transfer all the information coming through your screen- they can send information through light- that is how your though process operates. We, humans are a series of electric magnetic fields. There is an on going experiment or simply a completely organized attack on Americans and it is aparrent that it is happening globally. This may sound far fetched but it is happening. They are interfering with human beings natural electromagnetic fields. The tech/weapon ( dual use weapons) can interfere with a human’s heart center because it is as much of a electric center as it is the pump of blood and the natural distributor of oxygen in our bodies. I will not speculate who is behind this but it is being done via technology so it is the companies implementing and the operators and order givers who are doing it. Wuhan China is under a complete technological tyrany and if you look at the images of the technology being used to subjugate the Chinese people we have that same exact technology hanging right on the utility poles outside our houses. It is more frightening than you may imagine these devices can be weaponized to target individuals and alter the persons/targets thoughts mood by beaming directed energy directly into the humans brain – the whole body is saturated – it is the same as the new cars; they become the reciever of the phone call through you cars receptors – if you have noticed the entire automobile reverberates with “voice”- the same thing is happening to the human body – also all of your audio commands have digital replications of your own voice and they can beem your own voice pattern back into your own brain – (look up NY post article :MUSIC IN OUR HEADS BEEMED RIGHT IN-they are sneeking it in to justify it comercially to cover their tracks – they have been using it on citizends for years – just as Covid 19 reponse is; as bio tech is being justified – Israeli industry and 8200 companies are behind these dual and unconstitutional inhumane weaponized technologies as well ) think of the implications of that-thoughts or frequencies we recognize as thought can be manipulated in real time in our brain through out our entire body. They have hacked the human brain and phsysiology through the electromagnetic feild. This is a crime against humanity. This sounds far fetched. American people are being targeted as are Human beings all over the world. Look at the George Floyde murder. It seems wrong that a man would do that out in the open. Mind control through the manipulation of thoughts and emotions may have played a part. It needs to be investigated if the WMDsquared tactics of disruption are being used to manipulate human beings mind to aggravate emotions and thought patterns to the degree of driving a human to kill. They can drive a human to suicide. These are tactics of pschological warfare. Please look at the Dr James Giordanno video below. This is mind control. It may be China, Israel but it is the tech and bio tech companies and the hospitals alliances with military and public private partnerships via homeland security, HAARP, DAARPA that are working with and implementing this technology as weapons. Its happening. If you are not feeling strong and have loss of your wind your breathing capacity and strength try the free Wim Hof’s breathing exercise below. I’m not selling you anything they are attaching our oxygen levels to impliment this type of subjugation. Israeli tech read the NY POST article MUSIC IN OUR HEADS,beemed right in: directing energy into your brain so only you can hear your music. What if that is hacked??? Music into you brain as entertainment think about the ramifications if that technology can be weaponized. Get outside away from the wifi. We naturally filter out oxygen while exercizing breathing and it frees our electric magnetic field of these manipulated waves. It sounds crazy but this is happening. Americans are being and have terrorized with V2k – voice to skull or the voice of God weapon for years. https://cyber-torture.com/ Look at audio spot light for a commercial use of this duel use technology. Vzk along with the directed energy weapons is a modern type of shock therapy. Modern behavior modification. At one time these Nazi type experiments were being done in asylums such as Willowbrook of Staten Island NY. They are experimenting on Americans via this modern digital technology as the targets sleep in their beds unaware. I’ll put a link to a past example of Willowbrook. I’ll put a link to the Wim Hof exercise for yourself and facts of the technology and patents below.. Also a link from Dr Duncan and his presentation to MIT as well as Dr Giordano’s lecture at West Point military academy. It is a reality it is happening today. Israeli tech companies which is their 8200 military intelligence branch is preying on American citizens attaching Americans this is an act of war. Also Look at the NY POSTS article Nov-11-2020- MUSIC IN OUR HEADS …audio technology developed in Israel. Dual technology is being weaponized and Israel is not America’s friend they are an individual nation with their own interests and priorities. I believe in the seperation of church and state and that all who practice Judaism should do so in peace. We have to consider that Covid 19 is a tactic of soft war on our soil to implement Bethlehem doctrine pre-emtive measures that coerces Americans into handing over their freedom under economic duress to manufacture security guards (homeland) and health authorities outside our checks and balance system of and by WE THE PEOPLE not the Dr from Guam because he has a degree or the WHO secretary not the the Isreali 8200 intelligence officer CEO of Microsoft – those who seek a new norm rule that to be stategically implemented by and through Global organizations, round tables, agencies outside our seperation of powers of government – an abohrence to our principles of the Constitution and the natural law, inalienable rights our forefather Declared in a our Declaration of independence. It is a worse attach than the the attach on the towers on 911 and it is most likely part of that same campaign to conquer America – AMERICA IS THE CONSTITUTION AND THE PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM. NOT WALLSTREET – NOT YOUR PENSION PLAN AND NOT YOUR POLITICAL PARTY AND DEFINITELY NOT ISRAEL OR THEIR INTELLIGENCE OR THEIR CYBER SECURITY AND HEALTH INDUSTRY. OR CHINA’S AND DEFINITELY NOT BRITAINS – NEVER FORGET THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION HAPPENED BEFORE 911…






Go to 7:40 in the timeline of the video I will share below. Now please understand this is not a direct accusation of this CERT organization it is a questioning of the misplaced power of surveillance and possible criminal or domestic terrorism that can have the face of pre emptive security or counter terrorism and be used to target American civilians [ which is happening all over America ] – though when the surveillance infra structure is in place ( unconstitutional ) bad apples may use it when the benevolent volunteers are not aware. Or they can simply put a splitter in the fiber optic cables and hyjack all the surveillance technology as displayed in the small CERT trailer, shown in this video, and possibly broadcast it to all the local’s if they felt so inclined… Say if a group of bad apples in Staten Island targeted a local and stalked and contact traced this target, they could watch the target in their own living room(s) like a reality show. Watch them showering ,having sex using he bathroom in the privacy of their own home as well as follow their every step outside their home 24/7. Sound crazy??? Truth can be crazier than fiction???

You’ll notice in the video they can contact trace every CERT volunteer in real time. Their are people suggesting bad apples are tracking and tracing unsuspecting victims all over the globe but it is a factor in America and in NYC in your local community. This may sound like science fiction but it is not; I’ll put a few links below of actual patents and other factual based links. Think about it? How would an industry test a Global contract trace system being suggested as a pre-emtive tactic in the covid response??? Some are saying people are being chipped when released from prison. Others are suggesting welfare recipients are being unknowingly chipped as a test group. Others suggest that dissenters, political competitors, scorned cyber security contractor lovers are chipping and being chipped. There is a national gangstalking network and it has been suggested it is being run through infra guard, citizen corp and groups like this CERT outfit. It goes further as neuroscientist have the ability to take the biometric code readings, the biometric finger print of an individual human and create a neurolock , which gives the cyber terrorists the ability to dial into a human being, the target, like a cell phone – in which to cyber-torture target, I’ll put in a link to V2K Fact or Fiction??? Roger Tulces and electronics expert, http://bugsweeps.com/info/howard_hughes.html , gives his expert opinion and states: ” it is as easy as getting DNA from a targets personal garbage”. So the major issue is Homeland security has government private partnerships through out the country – Billion dollar Global companies can be operating through these trailers for their own interest undermining the Constitution and the principles of Freedom that IS AMERICA; an attack on We the People and no one would know. What a great way to subvert America??? Pre-emtive security is an Israeli and Brititsh idea, belief system, a way of life in their nations & is Un American & Un Constitutional. also Israeli Cyber Security Industry is working with China which is already subjugating their own people with this technology and surveillance state [ Wu Han China was not simply the place covid started but it IS, TODAY AS YOU READ THIS, THE WORLDS FIRST 5G SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE, SURVEILLANCE, TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE – It is called Technocracy- They wish to scare you into handing over all your rights for your safety and security – That is Un American Un Constitutional. And the Cyber torture and harrassment of targeted Americans IS terrorism in real time happening now, today as you read this and as I write this bye traitors and foriegn nation intelligence/ corporations…