HzB the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM exposed NAZI roots at this 1st amendment action MARCH 2022 NYC [part 2 OUTSIDE WEF OFFICES] THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION [a re edit of part 1 @ City Hall republished on this page as well]

Klaus Schwab’s family company, Escher Wyss, exploited slave labor & Allied POWs, made key nuclear bomb-making technologies for Adolf Hitler & South Africa, …

part 2 outside WEF NYC offices
http://HzB the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM exposed NAZI roots 1st amendment action MARCH 2022 NYC CITY HALL [ new edit part 1 ] THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION
part 1 outside CITY HALL NYC

… the publications of TRUTH TODAY @ the bunker are an uncategorized form of mixed media more of an artistic communication of media [ IMPLICATE ABSTRACTION ] all of this media references the diligent work of some of the top Independent Journalists in the world. In my push to get the “word ” out i sometimes forget to reference these people and their vigilant works … so TIP OF D OL’HAT TO RICHARD GROVE AUTONOMY UNLIMITED & GTF where i was first introduce to Klaus…[ https://odysee.com/@GrandTheftWorld:9/Grand-Theft-World-Podcast-003:a?r=9R3feqaJcSRrxZyUX9neydfuPTBVA365 ]

Johnny Vedmore… [ https://muckrack.com/johnny-vedmore/articles ] also UNLIMITED HANGOUT with Whitney Webb… [ https://unlimitedhangout.com/?s=carbine+911+Webb ]

… Iain Davis … [ https://in-this-together.com/what-is-the-global-public-private-partnership/ ] …

… AS z FARMER SAID TO THE MONK ” Put on your waders this BULLSHIT IS DEEP … ”