HzB Jesus Crown Heights, Brooklyn a NY Freedom Fighter…

… not Jesus The Christ who’s trial Pontius Pilate presided over in which, in being spurred by the Pharisees, the mad mob, an early “phase” of MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS, was given a taste great less filling choice by Pontius and chose to crucify Jesus The Christ over Barabbass for the Sunday afternoon Crucifixion, no half time show. The orders then given by Pontius Pilate and carried out by the Roman military police – the order followers carried out the orders – tortured Jesus nailed him to 2 planks of wood in the shape of a cross and watched him die hanging in the hot sun while crows pecked out his eye balls. The Roman soldiers had plenty of booze to ride out the hanging and lament the scorning sun. Not that one. Our modern day New York Freedom fighter Jesus …

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